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I was playing with a different 007 Agent Under Fire game save hack and while flashing a new BIOS on a version 1.0 Xbox I flashed a 256k BIOS(STUPID I know).
Yep it was FRAGing afterwards now you can either fit a mod chip and be done with it or do a 3 wire flash recovery by following the instructions that can be found by working the Google on the interweb.

The instructions say 1 wire soldered to ground and the  other 2 get soldered to points on the bottom of the mother board(pain in the butt as you now have to remove the PCB again), Me been lazy and not wanting to remove the PCB again found an easy way to do the 3 wire trick. {pic 1}

You need a test lead with alligator clips both ends and a pin. {pic 2}

Clip the pin in one end and the other on the metal shield(you did leave the metal shield in didn't you)and the point of the pin is gently held on pin 1 and 2 of the TSOP chip. {pic 3}

Power on the Xbox and if all goes well your Xbox boots.

Remove the pin that's shorting the 2 pins to ground.

Now flash the correct 1024k (1 meg) BIOS.

If you don't like the idea of shorting the pins on the TSOP IC the points in the pic below show the same points on the top of the PCB and the bottom of the PCB. {pic 4}

1011399074_pic1.png.f134d34f24dd4db57f74efd3c7eb9930.png Please login or register to see this attachment.  850334645_pic3.jpg.26d3ec640130f038367144097c1731dc.jpg Please login or register to see this attachment.

                    1                                                                   2                                                                                 3                                                             4

Inside the box on lower right of pic 4 are the same points as in pic 1


On side note I did try a mod chip and with some BIOS's the Xbox booted but with no video out but the Xbox was still showing on my home network and I was still able to network in to the box.


SS Dave



Those who can hard-mod, Those who can’t soft-mod. 

Ps If you like it don't forget to say thanks and please give me any feedback good or bad!

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