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  1. Ok, so I gave this a go, having never soldered before, I bought a practice board and did a few tests first. However I tried doing this by eye, and the wire kept moving, and for now I gave up, the 19 hole has solder in it, so I need to remove that. Silly question, does the wire go in the whole, or just has to touch the outer ring, and could I tape it instead?
  2. I could never get gentoox to load off the disc, I will try and reprogram the TSOP, and specific programmer I should use?
  3. I tried to flash with Xblast OS Net Flash, as soon as I click upload to console that was when it shut down, I accidently picked the 256k version, instead of the 1mb.
  4. The problem is it will not start at all now. Just on/off 3 times and flashes red/green.
  5. The only thing I had installed on the xbox was XBMC4Gamers dashboard.
  6. thanks for the replies, but do not think it matters now. turned out I had not done the point underneath, so I did that, the xbox started fine, I Loaded Xblast OS, chose net flash, choose the bios clicked upload. The xbox turned off, and now it just starts and turns off 3 times, and then just flashes red/green. I tried unplugging everything and removing the solder, there was no brideging. However now it will just not start so think it died.
  7. Hi I have been trying this for a few days and nothing. I used to have a softmod, but wish to install cerbios to my TSOP. I put in a new 3tb drive that i set up with fatxplorer. I installed the bootanimations folder to c drive, placed the cerbios.ini on the c drive also, and placed the bios in a folder named Bios on c. I loaded the hexen disc and bios checker they still work fine. I have an ST chip, and joined the connections fine, as I used to run the softmod and hexen still loads. If I use XblastOS (tried from hard drive and from some Xbox flash programs that run off disc) to flash, if I pick net flash I upload the bios and it does nothing on the xbox. I tried a 256k, 512 and 1mb version of cerbios. If i put the files on the drive and select HDD it finds the bios, I get a message about holding LT+RT+START+WHITE to start the process, is not easy but when it works it just goes back to the bios select screen. If I try gentoox from any loader disc, the program loads but then come up about invalid boot disc and shuts the xbox down. I have not found a gentoox to run from hdd yet. I have tried a few times now and nothing, was able to install some dashboards, but just having trouble flashing the tsop. I can not find an OpenXemium to buy that is not used or expensive, and all the aladin ones seem to be unflashable now. Anybody got any ideas of what I may be doing wriong, or suggest a dashboard I may be able to flash cerbios to the tsop, current cerbios is 2.0.2. Thanks for any assidtance you may be able to offer.

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