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Tsop Flash V.12 Worked Once Now Frag's

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As the title suggests i successfully tsopd a 1.2 motherboard with a hynix chip, the flash finished and the box switched off. i powered back up and removed my hexen disc. The bios booted fine and i got to Unleash no problems.  This particular hdd did not have any MS dash installed on it, i wanted to install it so put in rockys extras disc as i know it has a stock MS dash on it, clicked launch dvd and the disc started to boot as normal. All of a sudden i lost all output to my TV and the power led went orange. I left it for a few minutes and nothing changed so i powered it off. Upon powering up again i get the 3 reboots and a FRAG!!! 


Any ideas as to why this has happened? 

I have installed a known working X3 modchip and still get exactly the same result, seems that this box will not boot a bios form either the tsop or the chip. 

How can the tsop get fucked from just booting a disc??? Could it be an EEPROM issue? Would that cause a frag??


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Hello, do you use original HDD or a SATA HDD with an ide to SATA adapter ? If yes, do you use a 80 pins ide Ribbon ?

Can you check if your cpu capacitors are fine ? Can you check if the 5volts outgoing power supply is at least 5v, a 5.1v is a good value.


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It wont boot anything, just get 3 reboots and a frag, didnt get a chance to remove the softmod as the fragging started before i could.  Its still the original hdd as i hadnt got to changing it yet.

Although both of those things would not effect the bios booting. If it was a hdd issue or a softmod clashing with the tsop issue, i would at least get the "Loading Ind Bios" screen before either of thse 2 things caused an error. 

I GET NOTHING EXCEPT 3 REBOOTS AND A FRAG!!! The Tsop flash worked as i was able to boot to Unleash upon rebooting, it was only when i tried to run rockys disc to remove the softod and install a copy of the MS dash that this fragging started. The disc got halfway through booting and crashed, lost video output to my tv and power led went orange. 

Upon reboot i then got the 3x reboot and frag.

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yep thats what that 1.1 does that i got/ tsopped,  more or less same thing.

softmodded working fine, did the tsop  worked fine played mashed on it for a few hours, then put in the hexen disc removed the softmod installed m$ dash+audio rebooted fine with evox logo deleted the clean up files cleared the cache rebooted to frag, spent 3 weeks rebuilding power supply but couldn't get voltages right.

found a new sfx power supply modified it to fit, correct voltages on correct pins still frag, install aladdin so i could boot that to then reflash a different bios still frags.

so no way am i going to mess this nice 1.4 that i painted orange up,, i am convinced that the hex disc i have loads the wrong bios when flashing, i know some wont accept that, but its my professional opinion, its the only common denominator.

luckily i have a chip programmer that will program the rom chip on the aladdin to whatever i want, so i'm going to get the bios i want on the aladdin that way then fit it to the 1.4 and leave the stock tsop alone, screw the tsop.

maybe someone good with code could go into the hexen 2019 disc and check it loads the correct file, another piece of evidence for what i say is on one of these threads someone said the evox logo is on the left side on boot on a 1.6, but mine is a 1.1 and the flasher said it was flashing m8+  for 1.0-1.5, but my evox logo was on the left(as was mr mario 2011's after tsop).


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Bit strange. It sound's like you have 2 problems 1st a video then a drive problem.As mentioned before check your power supply and the caps. 

I got a crystal box last week and it had no video because the AV connector was full of dirt a good clean with isopropyl alcohol and stiff brush.

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But it all worked perfectly only minutes before. It only cocked up when booting Rockys Extras disc. I have used this very disc many times before and had no issues... I’m stumped. I’m gonna strip the whole thing down again later and inspect everything, rebuild and see what goes down...

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Right I stripped this box down completely. Checked everything, Even redid the thermal paste for a second time but still it drags. It will not boot from the tsop or any installed chip!!

I am well and truly stuck for ideas now!! 

I actually have 2 boxes in this state now.  

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its going to be a tough sell to some users here but i'm convinced that for what ever reason this software has a bug that effects certain boxes.

what version was yours mine is 1.1 1mb tsop, something else i found was check your eeprom chip apparently a corrupted eeprom can cause the  behaviour we have seen.


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hi, i'm posting this here as its relevant to the nikeymikey thread and so he sees it, dumped the eeprom on my 1.1 tsop that i flashed which then fragged, and couldn't see anything wrong, so i flashed it with a zeroed eeprom file from xbins anyway and put in a clean harddrive with a zeroed key.

it booted! woo hoo then put its tested original supply back in, nothing sounded like i could hear a sort of tick or click but no boot, so i rebuilt the xbox with the good supply and it booted again and does consistently.

so the only thing i can think of is the dodgy supply knackered the eeprom, and as there were 2 faults i was going round in circles, tomorrow i'm going to build an unleashx hdd with hexen and call it done.

so nikey, dump your eeprom it might be worth a try.

thanks to all for ideas and tips.

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On 10/16/2019 at 9:39 AM, nikeymikey said:

I will dump the eeproms of all 3 xboxs i have that frag as soon as i get a new RPi as mine has died recently :(

Just curious as to why you use a  raspberry Pi to read the eeprom?


SS Dave


Those who can hard-mod, Those who can’t soft-mod.

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This is about $3 in parts most of which I had laying around and a USB to serial converter or a PC with a serial port.

The reg is a 3 volt out to power the eeprom via the LPC port. 

That way the main board need not be power up by the power supply.

This is version 1.2


A program called ponyprog read/writes the eeprom then liveinfo beta edits it.

I used the same device to repair a WRX cluster before as well as other eeprom reflashes.

I have read 3 version 1.6 boards 2 version 1.0 and a version 1.2 with that.

The version 1.2 main board has the CPU caps bulging and no RAM on board as it was pinched for a  version 1.1 upgrade so it's dead

I have a little bit more refining to go but I am 75% happy then I will build a neater looking one.



SS Dave


Those who can hard-mod, Those who can’t soft-mod.


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Defiantly cheaper than a Pi.

I have some minor changes to do then I will draw a diagram. that looks bad but it's really simple . it can be as simple as a 9 pin serial plug 2 resistors and 2 zener diodes with a total of 3 wire plus the 3.3 volt power. So all up it's 4 wires Power pin 15, Ground pin 2, SDA pin 14, SCL pin 13 on the LPC port. Simples eh.

As I haven't used a Pi for reading a eeprom,When you read a version 1.6 that powered up on it own power supply is there any problems.

When I tried to read a 1.6 that was running if I was to slow reading the eeprom after connecting the device the fan would run full speed then the box would shut down shorty after and not sure if that happens with a Pi?

If I read the eeprom not having the Xbox running and powered via the 3.3 volt pin on the LPC it was no probs and as I said the 1.2 board has no ram and dud cap's and was able to read and get the HDD lock code.


SS Dave

Those who can hard-mod, Those who can’t soft-mod.



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I never got to reading a 1.6 with my pi as it died before i had the need to. I did successfully read and write to 1.0/1.1/1.2 and i think a 1.4 too. I try to keep away from 1.6's if i can, although i have 2 of them here at the moment. Going to have to attempt my first lpc rebuild :(

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