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XBox Hdmi Solution - Pound Technologies Hd Link Cable - Full Unboxing, Setup, & Comparison

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Hi everyone!

What started out as a "simple fix" for an Xbox I won at SEGE last month has turned into a full passion for getting the most our of it. To that end, I decided to up my game out of the back of the console by going the HDMI route. I invested in the Pound Technologies Xbox HDMI HD Link Cable, and I am thrilled to report that the results are great! I think you'll be pleased with it, especially if you're still connecting to an HDTV through composite.

Here's my complete unboxing, setup, and comparison of the original Xbox composite cable and the new HDMI Pound cable. Enjoy, and please share your thoughts on it.






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I got one of the pound Cables it very quickly wound up in the bottom of the JUNK BOX as I think it's a piece of Shite!!  along with the one from Aliexpress.

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I've never seen one, but if they're actually as bad as you say for that price then that sucks. I expected them to be really cheap since they're called "pound".

I know those cheap thin crappy component cables from ebay are absolutely crap. They have highly visible noise and artifacts all over the screen and the audio buzzes louder as the screen gets brighter. They have no shielding whatsoever.

I'm in the process of making a component cable with a 360 cable, but I'd like to try out a HDMI solution. The OSSC does make component look nice on modern sets though, 480p x2 makes it look pretty sharp.

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The Problem with the pound cable was the sound was studdering and the picture would freeze up That was on version 1.2.

I tested the pound cable on a version 1.1 with same sort of  results the same xbox with a cheap component to HDMI and a Compete to HDMI converter left it for dead so dose N64's HDMI Kit same games same TV.


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