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  1. M8Plus with dvd check unticked and changed boot paths. boots to home screen in 18 secionds. ebay cheap sata to ide and 1 tb drive.
  2. zipped and unzipped. .nes gba etc. I just gave up on it.
  3. has anyone tryed to test the adapters in a pc running a harddrive speed test or benchmark tools?
  4. tryed 4 or 5 different emualtors downloaded from xbmc4gamers and xbmc emulationstation. and yes there are .cbe. roms in xbmcemulation station works but as soon as i open the rom menu pressing the right thumb button it shows the options but then it freezes.
  5. first time trying the emulators. yes have tryed loading emulators from file explorer. tryed with and without roms. yes they are in a folder called emulators. tryed on g and f and e partition. I just gave up on the emulators. Will stick to the rp3.
  6. vers 1.3 xbox . tsop with evo-m8. xbmc for gamers dashboar on e.
  7. Hello. Having a problem with my emulators freezing in the menu section. Tyed it on a few different emulators with different roms and it just freezes and nothing works have to manually restart the xbox. Any ideas?
  8. did the limit jump ? been reading its 15 now.
  9. I did a fan swap. Put the stock back in. Better cooling with the stock one. Around 54 ido with 80mm. 50 with stock. Speed set on 20. Didn't hear a difference in sound. 80mm fan was a f8 arctic.
  10. If i flash a bios with the skip dvd check will i still be able to boot from dvd on a blank harddrive?
  11. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kykOVhsizkx0Zk2sw44oAwMjQeGJskXg found a bunch but thanks.
  12. Thanks for the links

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