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  1. You have any 1.0 or 1.1 boards left?
  2. Is the drive locked or unlocked? I don’t believe that FATXplorer will work with locked drives. You might be able to unlock drive with your eeprom backup and xboxhdm, then mount the drive with FATXplorer copy your truck load of stuff over, unmount the drive and re-lock it (if needed). Copying via FATXplorer is much, much, much faster than ftp. Disc cloner is even faster one you have your original HDD sorted.
  3. I’m diggin it. So much faster and more reliable than FTP. I will be picking up a license for this. Thanks for the share!
  4. Soft mod or TSOP/hard mod? If TSOP or hard mod what bios are you running? What dash does your console boot in to?
  5. I use WinSCP, don’t know if it’s any better or worse than FileZilla.
  6. I couldn’t say for sure, you can try it but you might have better luck with a drive that is smaller. I’ve had success with an old PNY that is 128mb, and I’ve also had some luck with a promotional 64mb drive I got a couple of years ago. I didn’t have much luck with hamburger shaped usb drive that was 1gb, or a memorex drive that was 256mb. If you have a card reader and a smaller SD card you could try that. Basically you have 2 hurdles: 1. The Xbox needs to recognize the drive and format it, 2. The Xplorer360 software needs to be able to copy the save files to the drive from the pc.
  7. Red wire was the culprit in one of my busted controllers as well.
  8. Confirmed that the Xbox One wireless adapter will not work out of box. The Hyperkin Duke for Xbox One/Windows will work but it isn’t wireless.
  9. I wasn’t able to get that XBox One controller adapter to work with my OGX360 setup. I’ll double check again in a bit, it is possible that I may have had it cabled up incorrectly. I suspect the OGX360 might need a different firmware (possibly non-existant firmware) to work. Can’t say for sure, as I haven’t had time to fully investigate this yet, as the OGX360 is a new add on for me as well.
  10. I guess a better poll question would have been: What is worst DVD drive variant?
  11. Thanks for all the input, much appreciated! Agreed, I do try not to use the dvd drive too often on any of my consoles. It just makes much more sense to load games of of the hdd, they load faster and saves wear and tear on the DVD drive. I have given my Thomson drive lens a dab of alcohol, as well as the mirror underneath the deck as well. Think I will leave the pot alone until things get exponentially worse (no discs are detected). I’m abstaining from voting as well. Sounds like Samsung would be king of it wasn’t for long term reliability issues. I suspect that my DVD-R burns that don’t read may likely be from lack of dummy files.
  12. Any opinions on which DVD drive variant is the best? I know they are all getting old and lacking in reliability now. I’ve got a Thomson in my OG 1.0 and a Philips in my OG1.1 and a Philips in a 1.6. I know my Thompson drive is very finicky about reading burned cds and some burned dvds (especially if only a small amount of data is written to it). It still reads official discs well enough when I’m not playing off of the HDD. The Phillips in my 1.1 seems to be much more forgiving when it comes to burned dvd media, and cd media. I can’t comment on the Philips in 1.6 As it is a recent addition, the seller said that it refused to open. When the system arrived I powered it up and was greeted to a copy of Manhunt (that probably needs to be resurfaced). What about blank media, any opinions out there? I typically use RiData for DVD media and Imation for CD media.
  13. Nice! Where/when did you source the Wii2HDMI? I hear there are some variances in quality amongst these adapters.
  14. Nice video. I referenced it when I was building up the nerve to TSOP my 1.0 and 1.1
  15. Thanks for the detailed guide. My soldering skills are weak but I managed to successfully bridge the points with out destroying the board to enable writable TSOP on my original 1.0 Xbox and on a 1.1 Xbox as well.

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