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  1. Hi Noomi! Well, not really. I've just kind of accepted that it's part of the deal to power cycle and move forward. I've tried fresh installs on v1.0 and v1.4 consoles with several types of HDDs, including the modern WD Blue 2TB HDD, but each setup poses this same issue. It's not that power cycling to get back to UnleashX is a big deal, but it's more convenient to get there from the controller and probably a bit less wear and tear on the Xbox if it doesn't have to be power cycled. Not like they're getting any younger. You know, like me.
  2. Thanks everyone! Good call on the green drive. I'm going the 2TB route shortly and I'll be sure to use the WD Black or Blue route. The Green was a donor drive from a friend to allow me to get the HDD swap process mastered. It'll head over to a PS2 to live life there. It seems to perform just fine in the PS2 as I've installed a smaller but same Green series drive in one with a SATA adapter and it rolls right along. Yeah, I know PS2 is a four-letter word here, so I'm back on track on the OG. Thanks!
  3. Hello, fellow OGers! That thermal compound from the factory is failing in our beloved consoles. It can lead to rising temps and possible chip failure. It's s pretty straightforward process to replace it, and I've put together a tutorial video to help you out if you haven't done it yet. Enjoy, and please share any comments you have. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Been fighting these stupid sinus allergies for a few days, but back at it. I was able to get UnleashX to see the newly added games by power off / power on cycling the Xbox. Good call, y'all! Still can't get the LTrig-Start-Blk-RTrg combo to behave right. Whether I exit from a game that way, or even reboot the Xbox through the menu system, still get the 07 error. I've attached a screenshot with the details of the hard drive. It's a WD Green 1TB SATA. Using this SATA-to-IDE Adapter from Amazon, which seems to be working great: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002SZDOM6/ref=crt_ewc_title_oth_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Something in the config must be off. Any ideas? Thanks! - Blaine
  5. Hello everyone! Hoping to get a bit of help with two small issues. Using UnleashX with the green block theme, but having the same issues without regard to the skin selected. First is that if I use the two triggers and the far left / far right buttons (back and something else) to return from a game to the main menu, the XBOX crashes with error 07. Power off and power on cycle sets thing right, but strange that it crashes just because I try to go back to the menu from inside a game. Second is that loaded games don't automatically show up in the "XBOX Games" menu. For example, I've burned a disc over to the HDD and also copied one through FTP. In both instances, I had to go into the game through File Explorer, start the .xbe file, and then go back to the menu to see the game in the games list. Any ideas? Thanks everyone! Blaine
  6. Hi everyone! I TSOP flashed my Original XBOX 1.0 and everything went great. I put together a video about it to share my experience and help you out with it if it's something you want to do to your XBOX 1.0 or 1.1. Enjoy!
  7. Hi everyone! What started out as a "simple fix" for an Xbox I won at SEGE last month has turned into a full passion for getting the most our of it. To that end, I decided to up my game out of the back of the console by going the HDMI route. I invested in the Pound Technologies Xbox HDMI HD Link Cable, and I am thrilled to report that the results are great! I think you'll be pleased with it, especially if you're still connecting to an HDTV through composite. Here's my complete unboxing, setup, and comparison of the original Xbox composite cable and the new HDMI Pound cable. Enjoy, and please share your thoughts on it. Thanks! Blaine I
  8. Yes, 7z is just another type of .zip file. In the video, I used Keka on Mac OS. It's a $2 app from the App Store that handles a high number of compression types quite gracefully on Mac. Does both compression and extraction well.
  9. Hi K-9! It sure does. FileZilla is free for both Win10 and Mac and will FTP over to the XBOX in exactly the same way. I have both Win10 PCs and Macs and both connect with ease. This is a super easy setup for softmodded XBOX consoles and really adds to the fun factor and ease of use in the long run. -Blaine
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyfbxuMgI4M&t=480sHello everyone! First post, and happy to be here. I want to share something that will add value to the community. I've put together a video tutorial on how you can install games directly to the XBOX HDD through the internet and FTP. All you'll need is your softmodded XBOX, an Ethernet cable, and the HDD Ready games you want on the HDD. You'll be up and running with it in no time. Full how-to video is below. Please let me know if this video helps you so that I can make XBOX content that makes your gaming experience more enjoyable. Thanks, Blaine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyfbxuMgI4M&t=480s

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