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1.0 XBox Crashed During Modchip Bios Flash.

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Hi I'm after a bit of help; my Xbox 1.0 just crashed during a bios flash (I was using HeXen 2018)

My Xbox will no longer boot (HD Error 05) and I don't have the adapter to flash my modchip on my PC.

Unfortunately I can't even recall what my modchip is, and I've long since lost the PC (Parallel?) adaptor it came with.

I've included a picture of the modchip, in case anyone remembers what it is.

Should I buy a new modchip? My soldering skills are not great so if there is any way of salvaging this solderers chip I'd be grateful.



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Was it working befroe you tried to reflash it?

And why and what did you flash to it?

There is 10 points to solder with a new mod chip the hardest would be the D0 point.

You have nothing to lose try changing the switches 1 at a time and have the DVD and Hard Disk pluged in and try and reboot.



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10 points eh? Thanks for the intel. I'm hoping i can find a way of reprogramming the chip via the port, the chip is a Xodus matrix.

It was partially working; it was reporting the size of the F drive differently depending on whether i was in XBMC or the HeXen application.  I thought a bios update might help. 

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No I get error 5 as I've got a new 1TB drive in it that I was in the middle of setting up, I don't have the original 8gb drive... If I could lock the new drive would it theoretically boot? ...I don't have they lock code either though... Got myself into a pickle here!

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This is where it gets harder a new mod chip($5 Ebay Alddin chip) could be held in place to get the xbox to boot from a DVD in order to softmod it.

You could try asking your local electronics repair place if they could solder the chip in for you.

Once you have the device booting from a hard drive without the chip you could then reflash the BIOS using conductive paint to link the flash enable points.

Then the xbox will not boot because you have the softmoded hard disk but boot from the DVD and do a new full install.

With the BIOS flashed you don't have to worry about locking the drive and it will boot to your dash with either the eject or power button.

The software was no reporting the correct size of the drive because the bios did not support drives bigger than 137gb.

Even if you did find the programing adaptor finding a PC with a printer port and running XP.

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Yeah that's what I figured about the bios, thanks for the help. I was hoping I could jury rig something to update the modchip however that's seeming remote. I've ordered a new modchip in case I can't find a way forward. I am thinking I may get another unmodded xbox and soft mod it then I can potentially reflash? (I'm building this machine for someone else and so far I've really enjoyed working with it so I may want one for myself)

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