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  1. Yeah that's what I figured about the bios, thanks for the help. I was hoping I could jury rig something to update the modchip however that's seeming remote. I've ordered a new modchip in case I can't find a way forward. I am thinking I may get another unmodded xbox and soft mod it then I can potentially reflash? (I'm building this machine for someone else and so far I've really enjoyed working with it so I may want one for myself)
  2. No I get error 5 as I've got a new 1TB drive in it that I was in the middle of setting up, I don't have the original 8gb drive... If I could lock the new drive would it theoretically boot? ...I don't have they lock code either though... Got myself into a pickle here!
  3. Yeah I did, the lights on the chip still change hopefully indicating it still works however the xbox won't boot to run anything useful to allow me to update/fix the modchip.
  4. 10 points eh? Thanks for the intel. I'm hoping i can find a way of reprogramming the chip via the port, the chip is a Xodus matrix. It was partially working; it was reporting the size of the F drive differently depending on whether i was in XBMC or the HeXen application. I thought a bios update might help.
  5. OK thanks, I'm not great at soldering; is there a lot of soldering required for an Aladin on a Xbox 1.0?
  6. Hi I'm after a bit of help; my Xbox 1.0 just crashed during a bios flash (I was using HeXen 2018) My Xbox will no longer boot (HD Error 05) and I don't have the adapter to flash my modchip on my PC. Unfortunately I can't even recall what my modchip is, and I've long since lost the PC (Parallel?) adaptor it came with. I've included a picture of the modchip, in case anyone remembers what it is. Should I buy a new modchip? My soldering skills are not great so if there is any way of salvaging this solderers chip I'd be grateful.

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