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Ssd On a XBox ?

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Hi Onkight

Never tried to lock a SSD but why would you want to.

I can't see the point in locking a drive anyway.

I did try a SSD once but the boot and game load times where not any better than a 7200rpm drive with a small amount of cache as you are still limited by the ATA66 cable speed.


SS dave

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I'm afraid there is no straight answer for this. Disk locking is part of an optional security specification, most hard drives have it, some (very) old ones don't. With SSDs it is a different story. All consumer-market SSDs I have ever come across support locking fine- even cheap generic ones such as Colorful and Drevo. However when it comes to enterprise drives customised for different OEMs, things are little complicated. In my experience, several Intel, Samsung and Micron SSD models that have customised firmware do not have the optional security specification to allow locking- IF that is, they have been produced specifically for certain hardware manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo for use in servers. It is easy to get suckered into these because well-used enterprise OEM SSDs tend to end up on eBay when large companies get liquidated and go for cheaper than the market price, and so end up in the hands of ordinary consumers anyway.
The best way to avoid this issue is to either check whether an SSD you are interested in is a consumer SSD, or to check that the part number is not one listed at a PC manufacturer (google it) but is instead a generic one listed on an SSD producer's website (eg. Samsung, Micron, Crucial, etc). I have come across several Samsung 1.92TB PM863 SSDs that support locking, and one with an HP Part number that does not! The HP version is VK1920GFDKL, whereas the generic one is MZ-7KM1T9N and has a different label!

CAN be locked:


CANNOT be locked:

This does of course make this situation a bit hit-and-miss, and this is just one example!
I personally prefer ones that can be locked as there is the option of ATA Secure Erase to instantly wipe an SSD to restore most of its performance when re-purposing it. I can only speculate that the reason for this feature being omitted from some enterprise-targeted SSDs is to do with the fact that many offer self-encryption. Implementing this comes at a cost, so it makes sense to disable this feature entirely if an SSD is to be marketed somewhere where data sensitivity is not an issue. I know this doesn't really help, but I hope it does highlight what you need to look for. Of course if you are only thinking for Xbox use, just use a modchip or flash your TSOP with a BIOS that does not require locking... I can understand for a v1.6 though so I guess needs must if you don't want to solder in a modchip to that one.

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