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  1. Slightly non-related but I do remember that the Muppet-X chip used to have a website at the domain "muppetchip.com" very briefly. (see http://web.archive.org/web/20050205015147/http://www.muppetchip.com/ from 2005 advertising a PS2 version, followed by an Xbox version here a couple of months later: http://web.archive.org/web/20050420041329/http://www.muppetchip.com/ ) A WHOIS lookup reveals that that domain is now owned by Disney, presumably because there is a Muppet called Chip from The Muppets. I reckon Disney complained and the modchip manufacturers handed the domain over. That might explain why these particular modchips don't turn up very often! It doesn't help that entering the site shows a Muppet character as the logo!
  2. That's the part that got me confused whether it was a 1MB or 256k chip... again
  3. Just thought I'd mention this from what I've read so far: it sounds like whoever modded this Xbox might have cut a trace leading to the Xyclops chip, containing the original Xbox BIOS. Can you check the traces near this onboard IC? If this is the case, it is impossible to boot from the original onboard BIOS. You must use a modchip to use the console at all, or repair the trace. If the console cannot find a BIOS to boot from, it always tries three times then FRAGs. I DO have a copy of the original MuppetX BIOS, I dumped it before reprogramming it manually when I first got it. I can't attach it as it exceeds this forum's file size limit, so I'll post a link for anyone who wants it. https://gargoyle.acns.pns.edu/xbox/MUPPETXBIOS.BIN I also have a link to another forum (in foreign language) where someone described how to make a CD with the correct filename for overwriting the BIOS via the Xbox itself (with the modchip in) https://gueux-forum.net/index.php?/topic/193810-resoluflasher-sa-muppet-x/ I hope this helps! EDIT: I thought I'd mention, the MuppetX BIOS is simply a Cromwell-like loader used for reflashing whatever other BIOS you want to put on the modchip. It cannot by itself boot any Xbox programs. It's use was simply to avoid selling chips containing modified Microsoft copyrighted code, to leave the end user to find this for themselves.
  4. That helps a lot! So... the mystery has been solved. The OP's chip is a Xenochip Lite, a clone of the Aladdin XT without the pinheaders! It also looks like someone else had the same problem a couple of years ago: https://assemblergames.com/threads/what-modchip-is-this-and-how-to-remove-write-protection.65562/ In that thread, the OP never did manage to flash from the Xbox, they had to resort to an external programmer as I probably would have done. So you are very lucky that XBlast now exists! Apparently the reason yours is white is because a select few were made as Christmas specials in 2004- read through the AssemblerGames thread I linked to and KaosEngineer's post confirms this.
  5. Excellent! To remove the EVO-X logo you've now got there, you'd first need to open the BIOS file with EVTool and untick "EvoX Logo" then save and upload the modified BIOS file and flash again. Make sure you leave "Ignore hard drive partition table" UNTICKED and leave it as "Partition 6 takes rest of drive"! It does not matter that you'll have two partitions extra when using a 2TB, it will still work just fine. Just to be sure you're onto a winner, drop in a 2TB HDD if you have one and check all the partitions work. Here's how I end up having to do it: Use XBPartitioner 1.3. To get the F&G partitions to equal size, scroll down to one of them and press B. Then press start to create the extra partitions and table. Sometimes, despite setting up the partition table, the G partition will show as 0 size, and the F partition will have a wrong size. To correct this: go back into UnleashX and enter the administration menu to format the partitions (you'll need to use the password "Xbox" without quotes). It will warn about formatting partitions larger than it can handle, just choose yes anyway. When you've done both F and G, go back into XBPartitioner and you will see that the last two partitions are marked ERR. Press the white button on your controller until "format selected partition" appears. Highlight and format the last two partitions again. This ensures that the sector size is correct and will avoid data corruption. I know it's strange having to format effectively three times but it does work. UnleashX will show a slightly higher size for both partitions but as long as both are equal before uploading anything, and the sector size is correct, it should be fine.
  6. Upload "XBlast OS.XBE" from the zip to anywhere on your Xbox HDD via FTP, along with the chosen BIOS file. Then you can use "File Manager" from within UnleashX (in this case, HEXEN uses UnleashX as it's main menu) to browse to the XBE and run it.
  7. https://bitbucket.org/psyko_chewbacca/lpcmod_os/downloads/XBlast_OS_v0.56.zip
  8. Ah, good point! I've just checked and mine indeed has 1MB rather than 256KB of flash. Good spot! From that image above, HEXEN has loaded the EvoX Dashboard program, since that includes inbuilt support for flashing BIOSes. Because it does not support *every* flash chip, there is one of two possible problems: 1: the flash chip is not supported, thus it is coming up with the manufacturer's ID as FF and device ID 00 . 2: It is possible your mod PCB is wired in such a way to avoid the flash being writable. As documentation is lacking for this PCB you'd need to take the flash chip itself out (labeled 49LF020A) and reprogram it externally if this is the case. That's why I suggest running XblastOS to try flashing with that first, since it supports more chips than EvoX-Dashboard.
  9. From the colour of the PCB I would guess it's a Muppet-X, I have one of these: https://www.xbox-hq.com/html/article1692.html . Yours appears to be missing a switch and socket however, so it might be a clone. Firstly I'd try flashing with XBlastOS, as that supports the widest range of chips. Just upload the BIOS file you want along with the XBE, open the XBE on your Xbox and browse to select the BIOS to attempt a flash. If not, you'd probably have better luck carefully removing the 49LF020A chip from the PCB with a needle and plugging it into an external flash programmer to do it from PC. As your Xbox is a 1.6 your options are limited, so M8+ is probably best, make sure it is the 1.6 variety with LBA48 support. I always remove the logo personally- you can do this using EVTool. Just open your chosen BIOS file and untick "Evox Logo" and save.
  10. These proof of concept videos are quite impressive, I have heard that 480i timings are difficult though. I imagine this mod would be very difficult to get full compatibility, to do so requires almost re-inventing the wheel. From my understanding the Xbox GPU normally feeds it's digital output to a video encoder. https://xboxdevwiki.net/Video_Encoder The video encoder does several jobs including scaling, filtering, and overscan compensation. Different Xbox revisions have different video encoders, in fact if you attempt to use an older BIOS on an Xbox with a newer video encoder, it will refuse to boot (I know from experience). The video encoder has no digital output at all. Therefore the functions it carries out would have to be re-implemented, with signals from the board carefully monitored to check for requests to carry out such functions and emulate them. I know that one of them is Macrovision enforcement if you use the original DVD playback kit from the original MS dashboard. You'd have to trick the Xbox into believing the feature is enabled somehow. I could be very wrong but that's the impression I've got. Kudos to anyone attempting such a thing! If you do manage to pull it off it would be an awesome engineering feat! In the meantime I think having an analog to digital conversion soldered as close as possible to the component output is a good compromise, provided that the mainboard is in good enough condition. The filtering capacitors on the mainboard can make a difference here, it may be worth replacing them to get a cleaner output.
  11. It is quite likely at least part of the circuitry of your chip is burnt out. I would buy some more aladdin XT chips if I were you, then plug one into the LPC pins and test for continuity with each pin before turning it on again (I've broken three in my lifetime through incorrect installation). If possible could you show some photos of the LPC area on the top and bottom please? Sam
  12. Temporarily using a modchip is indeed on the right lines! The retail BIOS requires the HDD to be locked, but it does not have to be the factory HDD it came with. The issue is getting it to be locked to the unique EEPROM of your Xbox. Install a mod chip and blank HDD, boot a HEXEN DVD and install a softmod and follow the prompts to lock the HDD. Then remove the modchip, solder the TSOP points to allow flashing and go from there. Then use the HEXEN DVD to clean up the HDD to remove the softmod. Also unlock the HDD if you wish, since it can then be interchangeable between flashed Xboxes. Or, if you do not have a modchip, you will need some form of way to get the EEPROM data from the Xbox and set up a fresh HDD with the softmod files from a PC. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Xbox-EEPROM-Reader-Writer-Repair-Faulty-Console-or-HDD/140521532676?hash=item20b7bc6d04:g:2AoAAOSwjvJZVPE9 Never tried this adapter myself but this should allow you to get your EEPROM data. Then you can use XboxHDM: https://www.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/wiki/xboxhdm to install the softmod files and lock your HDD, then place it your Xbox. The softmod should then allow you to boot a HEXEN DVD.These days USB-ATA bridge adapters are very hit and miss so to do this reliably you would probably need an older PC with IDE connectors. As for modern PCs I have only been able to find one USB-ATA bridge that works purely by trial and error (copying files is fine, it's the disk lock commands that are finicky). Good luck! Personally, I think the temporary modchip solution is the easiest!
  13. I have now got bare PCBs too but I haven't got them assembled yet. A couple of SMD components I have yet to obtain and I've had a lot to do IRL this last month. Sorry for the delay. Sam
  14. What Xbox DVD drive do you have? Some really do not handle DVD-RW well and you may need to try a different kind of disc to burn to: a DVD-R or a standard CD-R. It can be hit and miss, especially with Thomson and Philips DVD drives. If you have a Hitachi DVD drive, you're best with DVD-R, since they tend not to read CD-R without internal modifications. Probably slightly off topic but it's worth noting here that although winrar cannot open standard xbox disc images, some programs can, as they are usually technically not in a strict ISO format. This includes Hexen. Notably MagicISO and PowerISO can be used to open and extract *most* Xbox images. Note that both of these tend to require payment after awhile. In my experience they don't always handle "Redump" Xbox images well, since these full dumps contain two partitions- a standard DVD partition for if an Xbox disc is placed in an ordinary DVD player with a short video to tell the poor victim that they need to put it in a real Xbox if they want to play the game. The second (hidden) partition contains the game data. XDVDMulleter can successfully extract from these and pretty much any OG Xbox disc image I've thrown at it. Just thought I'd mention this in case the OP wants to extract some Xbox images to play straight from the HDD at some stage.
  15. The PCBs were due to arrive today but Fedex has experienced a delay for some unexplained reason, so it probably won't be till Monday that I can even start getting anything assembled Glad to see you need the the same kind of PCB I'm attempting to make as I hate throwing away completely working surplus materials! Could you please PM me with specifics such as your location?

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