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  1. It's simple skin but thank you .
  2. it's doing it again today Too me an hour to get a Proper IP
  3. Okay I tried some of the other dashes really don't care for them But I think I might have found the problem if I do a quick reset The IP address will boot into a 10. Something something something If I do a turn off completely and then start then I get a proper IP address At least right now it working with full reboot who knows if that will change It's kind of weird
  4. is there a way to try them without deleting my current Dash Setup
  5. What Dash would you suggest what is the most top to date one I really like unleash X
  6. I went to original Xbox dashboard turn around the settings Been Rebooted now it's giving me a proper IP I just have to change the FTP to match hopefully it holds I'm afraid to shut off the Xbox now
  7. The settings are correct In fact if I don't go to the network settings of the Xbox It shows the proper IP Put on the skin it does not and one trying to login with the FTP it will not login Without the FTP server I can't add games Or continue making skins
  8. Unleash X Going to unplug the xbox for an hour see if that fixes it
  9. Nope it DHCP I don't have a static IP Mind you if set it static he gose back to Normal but then I can't FTP IN to the Xbox It always been a DHCP Address
  10. My Xbox keeps giving me a bogus IP address I've been able to reset it going into system then miscellaneous Advanced Network stopping the FTP server will reset network restart Now that isn't working I've tried changing ports on my router it still gives me a bogus IP Is there any way to fix this
  11. Thanks for the Tip I want to start to learn to live video on these but my initial Endeavors have been less than fruitful The video pixelates and it really doesn't look that great
  12. Thunder is my favourite character from Futurama So here's a skin to celebrate his shiny metal ass Futurama Bender.zip
  13. here is a Doom 3 skin Enjoy Doom3.zip
  14. Here's my Gears of War skin Yes I know the game never made it to the original Xbox But there are okras timeless so I thought I'd make a skin for it Gears Of War.zip

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