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Devkit & Recovery Collection

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Thanks to einsteinx2 over at ObscureGamers for upping original scene releases of some XDKs & recoveries, I've put those together with some other ones I've collected over the years, you can find them at Please login or register to see this link.

Collection includes:


3146.3 - Dec. 2000 (Alpha recovery ISO)
3223.1 - Feb. 2001 (Alpha recovery ISO)
3424.1 - April 2001 (Alpha SDK & recovery ISO)
3521.1 - May 2001 (Alpha SDK & recovery ISO)
3911.1 - Aug. 2001 (recovery ISO)
4361 - Mar. 2002 (SDK)
4627 - June 2002 (SDK & dash files)
5344 - Feb. 2003 (extracted SDK)
5558 - June 2003 (SDK, recovery & ISO + 5558.2 SDK)
5788 - Nov. 2003 (SDK, recovery & ISO)
5849 - Dec. 2003 (SDK, recovery & ISO)
5933.1 - Feb. 2004 (SDK & recovery)
5849.15 - Feb. 2005 (SDK + 5849.6 recovery & ISO)

Still lots of XDKs that were released that are missing though, hopefully they'll show up one day :)

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34 minutes ago, OGXbox Admin said:

So 5933 came out BEFORE 5849.15?

Yep it looks that way, I Please login or register to see this link. about some comparisons I did, but it looks like 5849.15 does have all the things that 5933 added + a few more things missing from it, very strange!

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Added 3823.1 recovery thanks to Titox on ObscureGamers, AFAIK this is the August 2001 release for beta kits (DVT3 and older)

I think that's the final recovery for those kits, unless there was a 3911.1 release for them too.. haven't seen any evidence of that though.

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