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Devkit & Recovery Collection

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Thanks to einsteinx2 over at ObscureGamers for upping original scene releases of some XDKs & recoveries, I've put those together with some other ones I've collected over the years, you can find them at https://mega.nz/#F!tL4HDI7J!FN6cLvccOSvXkomVrcyDhQ

Collection includes:


3146.3 - Dec. 2000 (Alpha recovery ISO)
3223.1 - Feb. 2001 (Alpha recovery ISO)
3424.1 - April 2001 (Alpha SDK & recovery ISO)
3521.1 - May 2001 (Alpha SDK & recovery ISO)
3911.1 - Aug. 2001 (recovery ISO)
4361 - Mar. 2002 (SDK)
4627 - June 2002 (SDK & dash files)
5344 - Feb. 2003 (extracted SDK)
5558 - June 2003 (SDK, recovery & ISO + 5558.2 SDK)
5788 - Nov. 2003 (SDK, recovery & ISO)
5849 - Dec. 2003 (SDK, recovery & ISO)
5933.1 - Feb. 2004 (SDK & recovery)
5849.15 - Feb. 2005 (SDK + 5849.6 recovery & ISO)

Still lots of XDKs that were released that are missing though, hopefully they'll show up one day :)

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Added 3823.1 recovery thanks to Titox on ObscureGamers, AFAIK this is the August 2001 release for beta kits (DVT3 and older)

I think that's the final recovery for those kits, unless there was a 3911.1 release for them too.. haven't seen any evidence of that though.

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Huh got no idea why all the files got nuked, weird.

https://archive.org/details/xbox-sdks should have pretty much everything that was there, if you notice anything missing let me know and I'll try checking if I still have it anywhere.

BTW a small request, last year over christmas some big things leaked out, mostly X360/Xbone things, but in all the confusion there were also two extremely early alpha-kit ISOs released (earlier than anything on that archive.org link IIRC) - I had them downloaded, but then foolishly deleted them when I needed to clear space, assuming the link for them would stay up, sadly the link was removed due to the boring non-XboxOG stuff though ;_;

Well it's been 10+ months since then and I still haven't seen them reappear anywhere, if anyone knows the ISOs I'm talking about it'd be great if you could upload them, really hope someone out there managed to save them...

(E: I think XDK_RECOVERY_OCT/XboxSDKOCT2000 were the filenames for one version, pretty sure there was another version leaked too - if anyone has these an upload would be appreciated!)

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Ah might have found the alpha SDKs I mentioned, thanks to SomeRandomGuyIdk on archive.org uploading the Oct2000 SDK/recovery & the June 2000 recovery: https://archive.org/details/xbox-sdkoct-2000_202109 & https://archive.org/details/xdkrecovery-may-26-2000-alpha-x-build-0526

Not entirely sure if those were the only things that leaked over christmas though, might have been other versions too but can't really recall now.

The xbox-sdks archive.org page has been updated with those two, seems those are both extremely close to Win2000, but couldn't actually find an obvious build number for them anywhere (other than the filename from whoever ripped it), if anyone does figure them out please let us know!

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    • By SamRohod
      Hello everyone,
      I want to store my game collection in the most authentic way possible (matching Redump) but that takes a lot of storage. So, I did a little bit of research and now I have few questions (and few requests) that I hope someone could help me with.
      It seems to me that there are three main formats for storing a retail OG Xbox disc: (1) Redump ISO   (2) XISO  (3) Extracted files/Game Folder
      I did some testing with:
      Halo - Combat Evolved (USA) (Rev 2) {crc="013986d0"}
      JSRF - Jet Set Radio Future (USA) {crc="b2a882df"}
      Mortal Kombat - Deception (USA) {crc="007bcbcc"}
      In the Xemu documentation it is mentioned that you can create an emulator-compatible .iso file by using either of the commands:

      -with dd:
      dd.exe if={redump_game_name}.iso of={output_game_name}.iso skip=387 bs=1M

      -with extract-xiso:
      extract-xiso.exe -r {redump_game_name}.iso

      But these two methods produce different .iso files. The one created with dd.exe is much bigger.
      A1- Are these two different forms of XISO or is the .iso file created with dd.exe just a trimming hack and not a proper XISO?
      A2- Is what is trimmed with dd.exe the same for every retail disc (meaning we can just keep one copy to rebuild every disc with it)?
      A3- What is the effect of using the two commands together?
      A4- In this post JayFoxRox says that we can separate the video and game partitions and recombine them later. Also he says that the video partition is the same for most retail games. Is that true? What games have special video partition? How to separate the two partitions and recombine them to give the original Redump CRC?
      If the video partition is the same for all/most games, that would mean that we can keep one copy of that partition to recreate the Redump ISO from any XISO file (saving a lot of space). The exception being the random padding that we need to find a way to recreate.


      Extracting the files from a Redump ISO with with extract-xiso
      extract-xiso.exe -x {redump_game_name}.iso
      then generating a .iso with them
      extract-xiso.exe -c {Folder_with_all_the_files}

      gives a .iso file with a different CRC32 to the .iso file that is created from
      extract-xiso.exe -r {redump_game_name}.iso
      I tried to use IsoBuster 4.8 (free) on a Redump ISO. It worked for listing the LBA for the files and for extracting the game files.

      IsoBuster always showed 4 partitions for the Redump ISOs:

      and two partitions for the XISO created with extract-xiso:
      -        {it's just a dash}

      The files didn't change (I extracted again and compared) but I noticed that the some LBA for the files is different. Maybe there is something else that is different as well?
      B1- Is there a program that can create/edit ISO files based on LBA information (maybe like PS3 ISO Rebuilder with IRD files)?
      B2- Does this mean that we need to create files like IRD files for the PS3 (Layout files?) to be able to recreate an XISO file from extracted files?
      B3- Anyone knows a program that can do that for XISO files? For Redump ISO files? (similar to Redump2IRD)

      Note: I tried IsoBuster 4.7 and didn't work for me. In their release notes for 4.8 they mention {better XISO support}.

      General Questions:
      1- Do you think we should start a database for the random blocks seeds using the tools in HERE? (even though we can't do it for all discs right now)
      2- Can anyone provide the attachments from this thread?
      3- Can anyone provide a compiled version of this program?
    • By bigsoulja
      Hey guys I got lucky recently and scored an Alpha II from an e-waste recycler.
      Unfortunately the HDD was taken out, I've got a new one in there but I'm not sure if there's any full-recovery available.
      I found N64 freak's build log so I'm feeling a bit dumb - but I don't think that the full recovery could be only 13MB right? Anyway, I guess what I'm asking is if anyone has any disk images they could share :).
      Here's some pics from the seller, it has a different front panel(with lots of masking tape residue), but it's definitely real.

    • By XTA
      Hey, So I have been a lurker on here for the past 3 months, Often its been alot of you guys that have helped me diagnose issues and fix them(Reading post with the same problems etc haha), So I thought I would make my first post today showing my consoles, I am going to be taking my pictures that I posted on Instagram of my consoles and explaining them, One thing is that I have tried to avoid very very rare consoles under ~1000 made since I will be moving from here in Australia to the US so I can't spend that type of money often so I don't really want to be shipping some $3000 console half way across the world haha. I keep my collection going by fixing, modifying and selling original xbox's. 

      I apologize for the horrible quality, I wish I knew what I did with the original photo, but this is my Halo 2 Asia, I purchased the console from Taiwan, The seller very generously gave me PRG2 NTSC-J Sealed (The Chinese version) which is my first sealed game (I don't really care for sealed games but I am not going to open one). Ever since I got mine I haven't seen one for sale again, The motherboard revision is 1.6A, It came with a Hitachi DVD drive (According to the last owner he replaced the DVD drive) 
      My Dead or Alive Ultimate Original Xbox, I purchased this console kind of on a whim, I wanted to buy a mountain dew and I ended up seeing this and buying it instead because I decided to wait the 2 years until I am in the US so I don't have to pay somewhere around $175 to import one (That's shipping plus GST and other random taxes) , I found this console for sale much cheaper than the other ones for sale, I am so thankful I did, Ever since I received it I have done some tasteful upgrades, First it is now TSOP flashed, I personally think flashing these consoles is a good thing as it makes preserving the console easier and also I don't ever plan on selling my consoles so I don't care if it affects value (Which I am pretty sure it doesn't). I have alot of access to Xbox hardware since I sell a lot of Xbox's so I upgraded the DVD drive in the console to a Hitachi drive (from the original Thompson). I have a 2TB to install in it so I can rip my games to it. Believe it or not, The mfg date is in 2004 but it has got a 1.0 motherboard.

      My 3 crystals, Which seems a bit excessive but I actually have an explanation for, One of them (The one up front) is a Crystal Limited Edition, Which I paid the same price as any normal crystal for, The 2 up back are normal crystals, One is a 1.4 which is TSOP flashed with iND 5.3k and has a 160GB HDD I stole from my PowerMac G4 and the 2nd is a 1.6 ModChipped console, The 1.6 is to go to my girlfriend when we move in together after I finish my Diploma, The 1.4 was a console that I restored, I got it completely rusted out with busted cap's but I got my hands on new RF shielding and replaced them caps and now she works and ofc being an Australian I need the Australian Xbox (Crystal LE) .
      My Debug Kit, I have always wanted one of these consoles, MVG made me want one so you best believe when I got my chance for a decent deal (In Australia for one) I got it, I forked out somewhere around $350USD for this console, It was my first expensive collectable xbox, Luckily for me some Aussie bloke owned it and was selling it, I don't need to go over the differences cause you all probably know them, Its my favourite console, Now I think the best looking is the DoA but this is my favourite console out of all the ones I own. Its has DoAXBV on it so I really need to find my IDE HDD adaptor so I can dump the contents and compare them but I believe it may be a retail copy since the last owner said he replaced the HDD, Also funny memory with this one, the seller chucked it in one big Aus Post box put some bubble wrap on top and put another box on top and tapped it over but hey it came in one piece so I can't complain. 

      My Skeleton Black consoles, Unlike the crystal's I don't have a good reason for owning 2, I just saw 2 for good deals (Really one was a steal and one was meh), I think they look amazing, When I move however one will be going to my brother, I wanted to own 2 but my brother really wants one but he can't afford one right now, So I've told him I will give him a steal on one when I move, Bottom one is flashed with iND 5.3k and I upgraded the DVD drive to a Philips, They are both 1.0.

      My Halo Special Edition, This console probably means the most to me, Since it was the first one, It was the one to start it all, Me and my brother got ours at the same time, A mate gave him one for free and I paid $200AUD for mine (Look at eBay prices now, Pretty good deal if you ask me), The controller on the console didn't come with it, I brought that controller myself, The console has a WD 500GB SATA Drive in it to hold my games, The Motherboard is a 1.2, It is TSOP flashed, It has a x2 BIOS on it that pretty much doesn't let you do anything haha (Probably a very early one, The original owner lifted both pads for enabling write on the TOSP, I have been planning to just run a jumper wire but I have been busy. 
      My Chinese version of Mech Assault, I am a simple man, I collect Original Xbox consoles and that's it, I own around 70 games but they are just games I have got along the way (I own my favourites ofc , This is the first very rare game I went looking for, Lucky me I found the game for sale on Yahoo Auctions and brought it through Sendico (Not a bad service just expect to pay when it comes to shipping) Obvs I have talked about TSOPing NTSC-J Consoles on this post and this is how, I understand swapping the HDD to a PC during error screens and modchips etc but I wanted the game, I just want a reliable way to mod NTSC-J consoles, Yes this game works, I have softmodded 2 NTSC-J consoles no problem with this game, I payed an arm and a leg for the game but I think its worth it.
      I also own maybe 7 black original xbox's but they will be sold soon so they aren't really a part of my collection and I think everyone here has a seen a black original xbox, The only console I would say I am after right now is a mountain dew but as I said earlier I am in no rush to get one, As for how these consoles get stored, I have a shelf in my room with the Crystals but the rest are stacked on my desk next to me, I play all of my consoles (Expect the Debug Kit haha). If you have any question's I don't mind answering them although I am not big on the how much did you pay for this etc just because I hate feeling like I am fLeXing my consoles haha, I don't know if listing my Instagram is against the rules here so I won't but umm its in every picture hahaha, I watermark my pictures so they don't get stolen by other people since I know all about that on Instagram. Also big thanks to thePiratePimp for being the first person to follow me on Instagram and now twitter and for reminding me to post here and stop being a damm lurker hahaha, Also yes these pictures were taken in my mother's garden before anyone mentions it .

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