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  1. hello, Ive been trying to reply all morning, sorry for the delay. I have the og Xbox xdk recoveries you want. if you cant find them let me know.
  2. hello, I built an frankenalpha recently and I was wondering if you would be interested in selling your case. this would really complete the look of my working dev kit. please let me know if your interested. thanks
  3. There is a compatability list but I think there is like 5 total that are perfectly functional where there are 20 that work poorly and another 30 that dont work at all. If you want I can send you the link.
  4. Thank you for the links, I dont think the top link will be much use at the moment since i cant get a video signal to view any of the error codes. As for the bottom link, some of the posts were made by CodeASM and he is helping me fix my alpha so anything he wrote I can get directly from him if he seems it necessary to my issues. Thanks for your help anyway.
  5. Ok, so this means that it sould automatically, detect the processor without the need to flip any jumper setting, then it may be I had a bad processor. I ordered the original model I had before so I can see if the mobo still works.
  6. I understand, thanks.bplease keep me posted.
  7. Yes pleas let me know your progress, I'm having issues getting mine to work. Btw, when you put you 733mhz p3 slot 1 processor, did you have to set any jumpers or did it work imediately after connecting it to the motherboard? I bought a 733mhz processor upgrading my board from the 533eb processor it came with and when I connected it, I got no video. Did you have this issue?
  8. I couldn't find the files on my computer but here is a place that should have it. It's the most complete collection of xbox original recoveries available. https://www.obscuregamers.com/threads/xbox-xdk-collection-re-upload.713/
  9. yes i did, xboxsergeon helped me fix my kit. it turned out my first kit had a broken dvd drive and my second kit needs to be directly connected to a router for XBN to Work so i got an old router and connected between my dev kit and my computer and it worked fine, the router didnt need to even be connected to the internet.
  10. I may have it on my computer but I'll have to check when I able to get back on it..
  11. I bought one of these around last august, there is not as high of a demand as it use to be. He will ship to Canada as he is located in Germany, but it may be delayed due to COVID19. The cost he charged me was 50 EUROS.
  12. Hello, I recently decided to mess with my recently purchase Xbox 360 development kit and i am having some trouble. I would like to get it set up to Xbox neighborhood and play debug games on it but Xbox neighborhood cant seem to find my system. If possible, could some one walk me through how to set up Xbox neighborhood, how to use it, and finally how to load debug games to it. just to clarify, my system is not a JTAG or RGH, it is an official dev kit so i dont know if the process between the two is much different. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Aidan
  13. You should be able to find those early on google, that's where I found my photos, just make sure the photos are able to be clear at 1080i resolution.
  14. That's really cool, maybe you could make one about the video game sly cooper or ratchet and clank, possibly even uncharted.

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