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  1. Ah might have found the alpha SDKs I mentioned, thanks to SomeRandomGuyIdk on archive.org uploading the Oct2000 SDK/recovery & the June 2000 recovery: https://archive.org/details/xbox-sdkoct-2000_202109 & https://archive.org/details/xdkrecovery-may-26-2000-alpha-x-build-0526 Not entirely sure if those were the only things that leaked over christmas though, might have been other versions too but can't really recall now. The xbox-sdks archive.org page has been updated with those two, seems those are both extremely close to Win2000, but couldn't actually find an obvious build number for them anywhere (other than the filename from whoever ripped it), if anyone does figure them out please let us know!
  2. Huh got no idea why all the files got nuked, weird. https://archive.org/details/xbox-sdks should have pretty much everything that was there, if you notice anything missing let me know and I'll try checking if I still have it anywhere. BTW a small request, last year over christmas some big things leaked out, mostly X360/Xbone things, but in all the confusion there were also two extremely early alpha-kit ISOs released (earlier than anything on that archive.org link IIRC) - I had them downloaded, but then foolishly deleted them when I needed to clear space, assuming the link for them would stay up, sadly the link was removed due to the boring non-XboxOG stuff though ;_; Well it's been 10+ months since then and I still haven't seen them reappear anywhere, if anyone knows the ISOs I'm talking about it'd be great if you could upload them, really hope someone out there managed to save them... (E: I think XDK_RECOVERY_OCT/XboxSDKOCT2000 were the filenames for one version, pretty sure there was another version leaked too - if anyone has these an upload would be appreciated!)
  3. Added 3823.1 recovery thanks to Titox on ObscureGamers, AFAIK this is the August 2001 release for beta kits (DVT3 and older) I think that's the final recovery for those kits, unless there was a 3911.1 release for them too.. haven't seen any evidence of that though.
  4. Yep it looks that way, I posted on OG about some comparisons I did, but it looks like 5849.15 does have all the things that 5933 added + a few more things missing from it, very strange!
  5. Thanks to einsteinx2 over at ObscureGamers for upping original scene releases of some XDKs & recoveries, I've put those together with some other ones I've collected over the years, you can find them at https://mega.nz/#F!tL4HDI7J!FN6cLvccOSvXkomVrcyDhQ Collection includes: Still lots of XDKs that were released that are missing though, hopefully they'll show up one day

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