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UnleashX Skin Most Identical To Msdash

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Not sure there's really one that looks that way.

From what I recall, thc is a hacked/modded MS Dash.

UnleashX's default skin is probably the closest.

P.S. Got a triple posting of this message.  sometimes the website doesn't seem to accept a post and you click Submit over and over. :) With each click of it actually posting your message. :(



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Oh yeah the default is blue not green.

How about True MsDash 2 Green by Peter PL


vs Athloni Green MSDash


Both of these are in my Top 10 UnleashX Skins pack available here in the ogXbox downloads section


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Awesome skins there, True MsDash 2 is looks better IMO in terms of clarity, but Athloni Green is more authentic.

Surprised why the default dash isn't green in the first place, would be basically True MsDash 2 then. 

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I know it's not UnleashX but I always used UIX (User Interface X) I used it because it's the closest to the Original Xbox and looks more professional.

I just digged up a crappy ass video from YouTube but you'll get the idea Please login or register to see this link. .

I also found a link of the latest version but I haven't tested this one myself Please login or register to see this link.

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      Hi All, 
      Just discovered softmodding while on a mission to preserve my back catalogue of original xbox games. I started using unleashX as I only really want the game functionality but wanted a clean xbox themed skin whilst showing some key system details. 
      Figured since this forum had helped me get this far i would share the skin in case anyone wants to use it. Preview is a bit squashed since i made the theme for widescreen. 
      all images are PNG and un-flattened so  you can edit anything you want to change.
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      looking for a unleashx skin that looks like msdash green

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