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  1. I do not have any personal recommendations for a 2 TB drive which can be locked, as I only have huge hard drives like that in my hardmodded consoles. You can check out some user confirmed drives here: https://xboxdrives.x-pec.com/?p=list
  2. Not to get too off topic, but can the firmware be extracted, or do we need it officially released/leaked?
  3. Hey dude! Replying on here since you sent this over Twitter to me. If your new HDD suddenly started throwing tons of errors and wouldn't unlock, despite previously doing so and working, it certainly could have died in the midst of you using it. I had a friend of mine have something similar happen, but he was using flash storage in his hardmodded console. He had swapped it in, set it up, all was well, etc. After several hours of transferring games over FTP the transfers came to a standstill and tons of errors were produced. Upon restarting the console, he couldn't successfully boot up. Det
  4. This guy here? If so, awesome! https://www.xbox-hq.com/html/article3783.html
  5. Here goes @Ryzee119 again absolutely smashing the OG Xbox hardware scene. Thank you so much for your effort, dude!
  6. I gave this a shot, this mod is fantastic! A lot of really great quality of life updates here.
  7. Has anyone given this a spin yet? The concept is neat, but the game itself is definitely rough and I can imagine this wouldn't have sold gangbusters if it got a full retail release. Either way, I'm all for this releasing! I love stories like this, reminds me of Geist Force finally releasing for the Dreamcast.
  8. I'll be switching over to MX-4 once I exhaust this AS5! I've heard great things about MX-4. AS5 isn't bad, it just does the job, and it does it well enough to last and not make the system hotter.
  9. I went through my stack of Xbox consoles recently to get them all cleaned up, modified, refurbished, and of course replaced the old thermal paste with new Arctic Silver 5. I was curious as to what average temperatures you all see on your consoles, and under what conditions? While going through so many consoles this week, I noticed my 1.6 consoles in general run a few degrees Celsius hotter than the rest of my consoles. In general under normal use and load I'll see my consoles hover at around 55-57°C, while as the 1.6 consoles I have run maybe 3-5°C hotter. Getting new thermal paste on cou
  10. Interesting project, what are your temps like now?
  11. True MsDash 2 Green looks awesome, thanks for the share!
  12. ImgBurn for burning, slowest speed possible. Normally that's anywhere from 2x-4x depending on the disc and burner. I've generally noticed that ironically enough, Sony discs work the best across my Xbox consoles! True Sony discs, not the rebranded CMC Magnetics discs which are labelled as Sony. The issue with that is you really can't walk into a store any buy them anymore. DVD-R selection in stores is limited enough as is due to optical burning media not selling nearly as much as it used to, and most branded media is just low quality rebranded stuff. I've personally lucked out occasionally
  13. Awesome idea. I know many of these discs also had custom saves and such on them, so it would be cool to get a hold of those.
  14. I use it, it works well enough. I have noticed that it's a bit darker than what is intended, but you can bump up brightness. I've only had compatibility issues on my 128 MB RAM modded 1.4, and that's been known from the designers that 1.4 consoles could be hit or miss.
  15. Since your consoles are chipped you should be able to use standard desktop drive cloning software which will do a full bit by bit image of the drive, since the file format can't be natively recognized. In theory, using something such as HDD Raw Copy or using a cloning station should be no issue between drives of the same size. I've been able to fully set up and build out a drive to my liking on one hardmodded console, then take that drive out and drop it into another hardmodded console with no additional setup. Nothing console specific needs to be tied to the drives, so they should work a
  16. I appreciate the promo, but that tutorial won't answer OP's question OP - what you're looking for will be something like this. I believe I used this guide years ago, it is terribly outdated, requires a hard drive hotswap, and an old IDE PC.... But it will let you softmod without a game. https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-softmod-your-xbox...for-FREE/
  17. Definitely overpriced. It seems that this is a TSOP flashed console, so it is a complete setup and not only the XTENDER, but still overpriced.
  18. I'd really suggest talking if you're doing a video tutorial. An uneducated user will look at this and essentially get out of it "Alright, here's a Xbox booting up, and here's a dashboard, now here's this weird program on a PC. What?"
  19. A decent amount of research, recording, money, and fun went into making this video! Haven't done one in this style before, but it seems to be getting an overwhelmingly positive reception. It might not be perfect, but I figured it would be fitting to post here. Enjoy~
  20. I have this exact same problem on a 1.4 using the Pound cable. I've chalked it up to that as I know Pound had trouble with 1.4 consoles, but it's interesting OP has this happening with all cables.
  21. Not a PDF, but I could not find the Xapt3r install document until I nabbed it from the original TX site using the Wayback Machine. Photo is attached to this post. The doc for the Xapt3r 1.6 can be found on this site, in this thread:
  22. I believe in one of the videos I saw from Rocky that he mentioned his build of Chimp has a few minor tweaks to it in regards to option selection and controls. I have not done a MD5 as I'm not in front of the consoles right now, but it wouldn't surprise me if Rocky's build has anything additional which helps with display settings. For what it's worth, I ran the Extras disc version on a 1.6 softmodded console, and ran the HeXEn 2018 version on a 1.1 hardmodded console.

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