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  1. It's only job is to keep the time saved while unplugged for a short period of time so you don't have to set it every time the power goes out\move it to another room.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Prototype-Xbox-Development-Kit-With-Extras/143246533634?hash=item215a28a402:g:KHQAAOSw9kxcx5ms Prototype Xbox Development Kit XDK "DVT4"Console works, is in great condition especially given rarity and age, DVD drive functions and reads disc's.Never opened all asset tags intact. "Note: not all DVT4 units have the prototype tags just the early run models, which this unit is."
  3. No problem! Here's where I put mine and how it now looks in the skin I am using. <Item Action="LaunchDVD">Launch Disc</Item> <List Text="Games" Sort="On" Auto="On"> <Path>E:\Games</Path> <Path>F:\Games</Path> <Path>G:\Games</Path> </List> <List Text="Emulators" Sort="On" Auto="On"> <Path>F:\emulators</Path> </List> <List Text="Game Management" Sort="Off" Auto="On"> <Item Action="SavesManager">Game Saves Manager</Item> <Item Action="E:\Apps\DVD2Xbox\default.xbe">Copy Game Disc</Item>
  4. I also just recently modded an xbox..Aladdin xt plus2\2tb drive on a 1.0. Is there a way to have an emulator option in unleashx? I made an Emulators folder in e f & g and got nothing the only thing that worked was putting a folder in e:\apps and going into xbox\admin apps. Found my answer. Add this to config.xml on c:\ <List Text="Emulators" Sort="On" Auto="On"> <Path>F:\emulators</Path> </List>
  5. Is it a cheap Chinese set? Make sure it's not routed close to a power cable causing interference?

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