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i have some time today to clean my xbox then i noticed something missing inside the controller daughterboard… browsing on ifixit took it a comparison.. is it the reason why my 2 controllers not working?? Thanks in advance

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Without the pics of the 'controller daughterboard' or more info I cannot see what help anyone here can provide.

However you say two controllers (official MS ones?) are not working which suggests its not the controllers with the fault.

You may be asking about the controller port(s) of the actual Xbox. From your limited description you might be talking about the Xbox v1.0 which uses 'USB' daughterboards for the controller ports.

Only the Xbox v1.0 had those so if your Xbox version is v1.1 - v1.6 then the "missing" daughterboards are not missing.

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There should be two connectors coming from the front of the console to the motherboard with yellow wires. The one on the left is for controllers 1 and 2 and on the right for controllers 3 and 4. These connectors should also be labeled as such on the motherboard.

Pic: motherboard_marked.d9d0519391ca94a1ada3d

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4 hours ago, ghost2916 said:

My 1.6 doesn't have the daughterboard. I know the 1.0 has it, but I'm not sure about other revisions. The controller ports plug directly into the mobo on the 1.6.

I suppose if it's not supposed to have it, then it missing is probably not responsible for any issues. :P

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