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  1. I just removed an Open Xenium modchip I installed a few years ago since I could never get it to work, removed the HDD I was trying to use, and put back in my original HDD that has UnleashX softmod on it so I can just play some games again. Problem is all my games and emulators just vanished. I don't think I am using the wrong HDD because I see my game save files that I remember. How could that stuff just vanish though? I feel like it might still be there but maybe I need to do something else? I boot into Unleash X fine and can navigate around so it seems like everything is working. This HDD was removed before I installed the modchip, the two have never been in contact with one another. Am I screwed? It's nothing I can't get back but it is work.
  2. I'm so proud so far I'm a totall newbie to soldering but i just did my first succesfull total refurb of a transluent 1.4 box (full recap mobo, powersupply and DVD player, new cooler paste & pin header mod chip install) and it still works hahaha but i'm unable to find the location where the D0 cable needs to be soldered to the 1.4 mobo (i believe its called the Xbox motherboard D0 point) to let the Openxenium chip to work fully. I know i'm probly overseeing this but is there a picture where i should solder this to the the mobo? i see a lot of 1.0 and 1.6 YT clips but none for the 1.4 Thanks !!!
  3. hello, i'm looking for one or two hdmi mod to buy, first seen it is in this forum but seems the guy is not active anymore. on castlemania, i missed the stock reflow this weekend. if anyone have some for sale, im from france and would be happy to deal with ya. cheers
  4. Okay, what is going on these days? Where are all the modchips? We had the OpenXenium being mass produced and sold just a short while ago, but this chip can now be only found on eBay and what not. Stellar is coming, but it's a bit expensive. Why is the crap-ass Aladdin, which has some serious flashing issues and no bios management... OR more than 256k of storage, the ONLY chip that's still being mass produced? Am I missing something?
  5. I was looking through an old page on https://xbmcxbox.blogspot.com regarding a full list of emulators for the OG Xbox, it's an outdated list but one of the emulators mentioned is Final Burn 1.1 which apparently can play several games at full 60fps speed that no other emulator can do (Turbo Outrun, Power Drift, etc). Unfortuntely no download link is provided and I cannot seem to find this emulator or any subsequent releases anywhere to download, all I can find are links to 'Final Burn Legends' and 'Final Burn Consoles'. Does anyone know where I can get hold of this emulator?
  6. Hi, I’m looking for some advice on where to begin with modding my Xbox. I’ve had a read around the forum and seen loads of threads with issues like games loading slow off the new HDD, slow boot ups, error messages like DVD not found, etc and it’s making the idea of modding the console somewhat daunting, no matter how many videos I watch. I’ve fully modded a Dreamcast but that’s very plug and play and has no software exploits, etc so this is a whole new level. My question is, if this Xbox was put down in front of you today, what would be your mod method of choice? I had looked at using the Rocky 5 softmod and then FTP’ing the extras disc across to use Chimp but the whole “4 second window” for the hot swap makes me nervous. Is that the way to go or is there a better way? I just want to put a larger Hard Drive in there to store rips of the discs I own, taking the strain off the DVD drive. Cheers.
  7. Hello everyone, I've have been sitting on an Xbox rev 1.0 mobo that had an Xcuter 2.6? (I removed it and am holding on it.) The board doesn't power on at all. A little back story on it. My wife was gifted this on a facebook forum and didn't know what the working state of it was. The reason the poster choose us was the poster said something about this would be great for someone that tinkers and gets consoles working again. They said the console worked the last time they tried it a year ago (I'm skeptical about that.) So when the wife came in with it insted of being smart about it and trying to power it up, my giddy nerdy "whats inside" got to me and I tore into it. I knew instantly that someone was in it before me as the footpads were removed and one missing. Pressing on discovered it had a Thompson drive, a 120 gig HD, and an Xcuter chip and the wires to the 3 switches they snaked through the front by Controller port 1. I never removed any of the wires, the wiring harness was soldered into the ports on the motherboard that you would normally solder them to. Everything looked fine as there was really little to no dust on anything (wife tells me the part of town she picked it up from was definetly upper scale neighborhood.) All caps look very healthy, no bulges, no rust tops. I put everything back together, pluged it in and.... nothing.... at all. So i sat on it for a few days, and in that time found a friend that just so happend to be sitting on a rev 1.0 that he was gonna try to mod back in the early days. It was missing the top cover, came with another thompson drive and its original 10 Gig HD, nothing else. I was able to swap out the board, removed both boards clock caps, cleaned up both boards (91 Isopropyl is my friend and nothing less) and horse hair vacuumed. Cleaned the power supplys, checked everything using info and referance pics from this site. I tested both power supplys and DVD drives and all work very well. One power supply is Delta and the other Foxlink. I tried the power switches of both cases and they both work no prob. Fast foward a little, I now have one beautifuly hacked Xbox and one thats sticking me in the eye mocking me to figure out. So my ultimate question to you restoration Guru's is: where should I start to get an idea whats plaguing this board from firing up? Bad/borked BIOS? All traces are clean visably, nothing looks cut into. I am not sure whats the best starting point to diagnose this as a legit DOA mobo, or can it be brought back using the right tools..
  8. Hello All, I have what seems to be a fully working Xecuter 2.6CE in a Revsion 1.6. XBMC4GAMERS and games are working, but I can't seem to find anywhere in settings where it shows the bios version or that it even recognizes the Xecuter 2.6CE mod chip. If I hold the black or clear button on controller during boot, it just loads normal to XBMC4GAMERS. Same if I hold the power and eject button at same time on startup. I do NOT get a "Xecuter Rox My Box" logo on startup screen, but only "Microsoft". Is the "Rox My Box" only a X3 thing? I get a "Evo X" in top left corner of the same green xbox loading screen. Just curious if my bios could be a better version or if I should just leave it all as is since it is working. If I select Bank1 or Bank2 on the switch on front of unit, both load fine and work, but seem identical. Where do I find what bios version I have? Thank you!
  9. I cant seem to find these anywhere, or if I see a friendtech pop up it costs $1,200. I am from the us. Technically an amature solder-er could upgrade the ram, but from what I understand there is an interposer board between a Pentium 3 -> xbox cpu socket so no ammount of soldering skills would fix this. All I can find about the interposer is a guy who is building one but have not seen any updates for about 6 months. Understandable with the current global situation. https://www.retrorgb.com/xbox-1-4-ghz-interposer-board-by-kekule.html -> https://ko-fi.com/chimericsystems I understand these things are rare, and will continue to get rare-er until they are $10,000 + or just dont exist. Is there anyone who can sell a fully loaded system w/ cap replace, hdd upgrade, ram upgrade, cpu upgrade for a reasonable price? Is there development in this scene? Everything I have found pretty much stopped in 2018, then briefly flared when Chimeric Systems talked about an interposer board, and then died down likely due to the virus. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. Sorry for opening another topic so soon, with the other one un-replied, I just needed to know how to properly manage the upload of roms and emulators on a hard-modded Xbox with Slayers 2.7 as default dashboard. Basically, I got a lot of roms and some good new emulators (alongside the ones which were already installed with the dashboard). Where do I put each roms (they're a lot of stuff)? Do I need to make folders like "Nintendo 64", "Nes", etc.. asking you this because there's a "Roms" folder in "F:" drive but many of the files can have the same name (as they're usually in .zip format). Do I have to place the roms in specific folder of the emulator or there's a specific setting to follow ? Should emulators be uploaded in "Emulators" or "Games" folders ? thanks
  11. Hello all, I am new to xbox modding. I am just trying to learn more about the software side of modding this console. I have experience modding just about every other console and am now getting into the original xbox. I've installed an openxenium mod chip, and have ordered a 2TB hdd, ide to sata converter, and 80 wire ribbon cable. I'm just trying to get a feel for what the current methods people are using as a lot of information is outdated. Thanks for reading this.
  12. My brother gave me his old xbox v1.4 halo edition (w/ the green case) that he tsop flashed many years ago....he didn't have a hard drive in it but I have an unmodded xbox here w/ a hard drive. thought I'd put the hdd from the unmodded stock xbox in the the tsop flashed box and see if it'd boot....it comes up w/ error 16..so I burned a copy of hexen 2020 to see if I could get that to load.....it's stuck on the splash screen (the xbox logo; x on top of the word xbox) w/ the text linux under it and the purple evo x logo in the top left corner; i've attached a picture of it)....is this 'cause the hard drive is locked? is there a way around this, i'd like to be able to use the xbox. Thank you.
  13. I updated two games, counter strike and mech assualt. As expected my trainers no longer work with the game updates. my xbox is soft modded and i can access the hdd via ftp. How can I go about removing them? thank you in advance for any help, it is appreciated.
  14. Hi everyone! I am looking for a place where I can download games and then ftp to my xbox. Can´t find a legit page
  15. is upgrading the hdd the main reason for doing a tsop flash/modchip? will a basic softmod allow me to ftp and install dlc and do basicly everything but upgrade the hdd?
  16. I have a few skins on my Xbox which I think were installed by default (they're not in my E:/Skins folder). I'm trying to change the UXSplash.jpg for the GreenShapes skin, but I can't find the skin on my Xbox. Anybody know where I can find it? It's the skin like this:
  17. Hi all, I am new to the Xbox modding scene and I just finished bridging my 1.4 Xbox. Next step is to flash the bios but I wanted to run the Xbox Bios Checker, but can't seem to find a download site. Where can I find the latest version of Bios Checker? Thank you.
  18. Hello, So, I am completely new to this and have watched hours of videos on YT and read many forum posts trying to figure this out. But, I am not succeeding in getting an emulator to run on my xbox. So, here is what I have and what I've done. I purchased an already softmoded xbox a year ago that has UnleashX on it with all the Xbox games loaded and emulators running (Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation). I FTP'd all the roms/games from that xbox to my computer . I have a second xbox that I have softmodded using Rocky5's method and I have installed Emustation because I prefer the way that looks and the way it is setup. I have a 2TB drive installed that seems to be working fine and I have a F and G partition that are about 960GB each that I want to put my games and roms on. I have transferred about 8 Xbox games to the F drive and they are working. I have used the "other settings" menu to redirect Emustation to look for roms at F:/Games. I moved the emulator (and the emulator roms folder) and media folders to the G drive and redirected to those. No matter where I stick the Sega Genesis emulator roms, when I scan (either a complete scan or selected one), it doesn't see them. What the heck am I doing wrong? I have tried the roms in what I thought was every logical folder with no luck. So here are some questions... 1) What should the folder structure look like? Where do the roms need to go and do I need to move my emulator folders back to the much smaller E drive? 2) I know some emulators like specific roms. Could it be that even though these roms work fine under UnleashX that they are not compatible with the emulator loaded on Emustation? If so, can I just install the emulator that is running on my UnleashX Xbox on my Emustation Xbox? 3) Can I utilize both the F and G drives for my games and roms? It seems that Emustation will only let me direct to one drive for roms, in this case I have it pointed to the F partition. Please let me know if there is any other information that is needed. I assume I am just doing something boneheaded and stupid, I just can't figure it out. Thank in advance!
  19. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy some spray paints online within au? old case is looking a little sad thanks.
  20. Hi - wasn't sure where to post this and thought I'd post it here seeing as you guys focus on cases. I'm looking for the front facia part that says "xbox" and attaches to the dvd drive drawer. I fixed a drive that I thought was unfixable with a new rubber band and a good cleaning with alcohol. Now I'd like to find a replacement part in the UK - anyone able to point me in the right direction - can't see them on ebay or amazon. I have an original black xbox so I need the part in black. Thanks for any help.
  21. Hi - I am trying to rebuild an xbox hard drive - I have the eeprom - a meant gave me an old Dell IDE drive - I know HDM v. 1.9 will work on it as I used it a few years ago. Does anyone know where I can get the C and E drive files for the rebuild? Thanks
  22. my xbox was the first console i bought with my own money. a few days ago it stopped working (cant recall the error) so i took the opportunity to upgrade the hdd. i kept a backup of the eeprom and i used the xboxhdm with the usb to sata cable. worked somewhat fine, i got a "funtional" xbox with the dashboard. but i feel like im missing a bunch of things for example: fable wont run (comes back to dashboard) coin ops does the same i no longer have an option to clean the cache neither i have the option to launch the m$ dashboard (i used to) i have no idea what im suposed to do. 1.6b xbox, softmod only. im currently loading the hexen2019 in hopes that it has a "select this to INSTALL ALL THE THINGS" and be done with it.
  23. Make yourselves comfy this is kinda a doozy I am totally new to the OGXB modding scene. I recently picked up a Crystal Xbox at a used games store, and the guy there told me that it had been modded and has some emulators. He really doesn't know very much about modding so he couldn't give me a lot of info about what had been done to it, but since it was only $50 I snagged it. He even threw in a free game as well, so I went with the 1st Splinter Cell, (which I knew would come in handy for the Linux exploit if/when I needed to run it) Now that I can dig around in it here's what I DO know: It is a 1.6 XB (kernel 5838) It has EvolutionX 3935 It says the BIOS version is UNKNOWN (not sure if that's just from it having EvolutionX) It is an NTSC model (from Canada I believe? The power supply on the back says 100 V - 127 V ~ 2.1A ... 50/60 HZ) What I DON'T know is: Has it been softmodded or modchipped? (Haven't had time to disassemble it to check, not sure if there is a way to tell without disassembly. However I DID notice that the Linux save file for the SC exploit is already on the console, not sure if that means it has been only been softmodded though) Can I switch from EvolutionX to UnleashX? (just preference, figure it will depend on if it is chipped or only softmodded) AND is there a way to run backups without swapping a HDD? (I do plan to swap it sometime once I have some fun money, the Lock is still Enabled) EDIT: I also don't know about the state of the clock capacitor, being a 1.6 I know I need to check that I also CANNOT go to the MS Xbox Dash from EvolutionX (ERROR 21) RIght now the Xbox works well (although I probably need to replace the rubber band in the disk drive soon because sometimes I have to give it love taps to open) but I really just want to be able to run emulators (which it already does) play backups, and do an HDD swap sooner or later. Since I bought this console already modded in some capacity I just don't know exactly what's been done to it and what I will be able to do since it is a 1.6. Any help is really appreciated
  24. Hey everyone I found this website and I figured I share it the name is arcade punks here is an link to there xbox files https://www.arcadepunks.com/original-xbox-file-archive/ merry x-mas og xbox.

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