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About Me

  1. I have a bunch of games installed on my hardmodded (TSOP) Xbox and they all work fine except for Blinx 2. I'm using XMBC4Gamers and the Xecuter 5035 BIOS. Everytime I try to load Blinx 2 it just displays a black screen and softlocks, nothing shows up, not even the intro. IGR also stops working so I have to press the power button. I know my dump is correct so I am a little confused. I have had this problem before with 2 games. One was Animaniacs but swapping out the XBE with the European version fixed it. The other game was a PAL exclusive, SCAR: Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo, I simply changed the mode to PAL 50Hz and it works. Blinx 2 only had a global release so I can't swap XBEs and running it at 50Hz doesn't fix it. I also tried different resolutions between 480i, 480p, 720p but the results were the same. As a last resort, I tried looking it up but apparently I'm the only one with problems running this game so I don't know what else to do other than ask here.
  2. I didnt find a price check thread and wasnt sure where to post this. But wanted to ask how much would this go for? V1.0 Xbox with X3CE + X3CP front panel + 200GB HDD
  3. Hey Guys! I have a XBox 1.6 and I am using XBMC4Gamers I wanted to play Tomb Raider - Legends yesterday but the game doesn't start. After I select it I just get a black screen Do I need a HDD fix for this game? I googled, but I couldn't find any maybe someone has an idea what I could try
  4. I'm trying to put together the best collection of Xbox games that will fit on a 1TB drive so I can make a 1TB image to speed up my modding process. I can get 1TB drives much cheaper than 2TB drives and there are really a decent amount of Xbox games that MOST people have no interest in so I figured trying to squeeze everything out of a 1TB HDD would be a fun challenge. I wanted to post this first before I got too in-depth to know if: 1. Discussing something like this would be against the rules? I'm not trying to sell anything nor will I be sharing links to where I got any of the games being discussed. 2. If anyone would be interested in taking a look at what I have so far? I have all the Xbox games available to me on a google sheets document that I have recorded how critics and users have reviewed/ rated them and a list of the top games I have come up with so far to be critiqued. If this or something similar has already been done I'd love to see what someone else came up with and also bash my head against my desk for spending the last 2 or 3 weeks making this spreadsheet when I probably should have posted this first.
  5. chimp clones to new HDD with out problems but i get error 16 when i put in the new drive after cloning. i tried the 'fix error 16' button in chimp, it said it was good but when i put back in the new HDD i still get Error 16. The stock 10GB HDD i got with the xbox still works if i connect it. i then tired booting the xbox with the 10GB HDD then turning off the xbox and putting in the new HDD but then i got error 13. plz help i already spent like 70$$ on this shit. my xbox is soft modded i removed the clock capacitor i have a compatible HDD, 40-pin/80-wire IDE cables, a working SATA to IDE converter Thank you
  6. Have a tsopped OG Xbox with a barracuda 2Tb hdd, it works fine no problems but I decided that making a clone of the hdd would be a good idea in case the one installed failed. I tried using regular pc hdd cloning software but they don't recognize the drives, I tried using chimp but ran into a couple of problems with my xbox to hdmi adapter but eventually I got it working. Problem now is that it would take chimp to clone my hdd 3 days (doing bit by bit since they are both the same type of hdd) and I'm not sure if its a good idea to keep it on for that long. The hdd is almost full so it will be cloning almost the entire 2Tb, I have it in an enclosure in my entertainment center but its open in front and I've installed a rear fan in the cabinet to help with trapped hot air coming from the xbox. What do you guys think, leave it on for the 3 days or maybe there's a faster way that I don't know about, not a lot of info out there for this other than maybe something to do with fatxplorer but there isn't any cloning options I see in the program, I don't want to stop chimp unless I know there's a better way.
  7. I mean a window built into the actual hard drive, as well as into the case above it. I want to be able to see the platter spinning and the head seeking. Is it more vulnerable to EMF interference/damage with a section of the metal casing missing like that? If it's not a long term risk to the drive, how can I keep the internals safe while I work on modifying the metal shell before putting it back on?
  8. On a modded PS2 and Wii you can play games directly from iso images. This can also be done a Xbox. You just need some tools, some attach/default.xbe's the correct bioses and some dashboards. I have tried to follow a tread on xbmc4xbox and another one on emuxtras on how to do this. But I gave up as it was unclear to me where to get hold of the attach.xbe file and also if i had to re-flash my bios to make this work. I wonder if someone here can make a good tutorial on how to make this work. ( I use xbmc4gamers as my main dash, And i have two xboxes, one with evox m8+ and one with indbios 5004. ) Thanks,
  9. Hello again, I got another Xbox with another problem. It`s a box manufactured 2003 (so no 1.6 I guess) and it`s a SmartXX built in from 2004. There are several banks flashed with some BIOS files (see picture). There was only a 160GB IDE drive installed so I decided to change it to a SATA 2TB. I made a FTP-copy of the files from C and E. I used FatXplorer to prepare the drive and copied all previously saved files to the new C and E drives to the new partitions. After that I got error 21 after boot. The only working Dash is the EvolutionX but it won`t recognize the F and G partition as it should. I formatted F and G 927GB each but as you can see in the picture it shows only F and not even the correct size. I think the flashed BIOS version is too old. When EvolutionX boots up it shows Xecuter2 below the green xbox logo. Wich BIOS do I need to flash SmartXX and how do I flash it? I need your help again Regards.
  10. This is just the start of a wackey idea for my Moded Conker themed OG Xbox.
  11. good afternoon all i upgraded my hard drive and want to use the old one for something totally different. is there a way to reset the HD and totally factory format the drive to FAT32? i unlocked the drive using the XBOX and plugged it into my pc. Using Disks i used the NULL KEY as a password to access it but i still don't have permission to write to or format the 500gig WESTERN-DIGITAL. so am i just stuck with an old backup of the XFAT IDE? please help
  12. I wasn't sure where to put this thread, but it is still Xbox related. I have a box full of IDE hdds that I'd like to sort through without having an Xbox run for hours to power them. I've been trying to find a guide or video tutorial on converting a 12V wall adapter or a usb device(if possible) to power the IDE drive. I e found one video that is pretty close to what I want and it suggests using a regulator and switch. I'm hoping for a simpler solution as I have a ton of old wall adapters lying around.
  13. Hi peeps, i just upgraded my 160Gb to a 500Gb Sata. New 80 wire ide cable etc, cloned with Chimp 261812 which took 6 hours to clone drive F where the games are installed........ Rebooted xbox and F is only showing 120Gb, so i used XBpartitioner to resize it which deleted all my games lol aggrrraaaaaaaaa..... Then F only was showing just under 300Gb ? The only way i could get my 500Gb was split it over F and G. My setup is Xbox v1.2 Softmod Rocky5 latest version Sata adapter the green one with the 2 capacitors and jumper on the right 80 wire IDE cacble 500Gb Sata WD HDD Thanks all for any advice, i really appreciate it.
  14. I’m attempting to upgrade to a 1 TB SATA HDD. I have the following: Xbox 1.4 Aladdin Advance modchip EvoX M8+ (EvoX.m8.ece.67.noDVD.UX.256.bin flashed from OGX Installer 1.5.4. MD5 4737a026fde9e799d9c7392d05971505) Seagate ST1000DM003 1 TB SATA HDD StarTech IDE2SAT2 adapter Gigabyte 80-wire IDE cable OGX Installer 1.5.4 (DVD-R burnt with slowest speed) I installed the SATA HDD and initially used the stock 40-wire IDE cable since the 80-wire IDE cable is a tight fit. I booted the Xbox with OGX Installer to setup the HDD. The DVD drive tries to load the disc but makes strange noises. It sounds like the laser head is stuck in a loop. It doesn’t do this when I boot the disc without the IDE2SAT2 adapter. After 30 seconds I ejected the disc as I didn’t want to possibly damage the DVD drive. I got the same result with the 80-wire IDE cable. I also tried the IDE2SAT2 adapter in master and cable select mode. The SATA HDD is listed in the Xbox Hard Drive Compatibility Chart, but I don’t think that matters since I’m using a modchip and the drive doesn’t need to be locked. The BIOS I’m using should have LBA48 support. What would be the most likely cause of this issue?
  15. OK, I'll try to be thorough here. I have a 1.2 XBox with an X-B.I.T. It had been stored in my loft for over 10 years. When I attempted to use it, the 120GB IDE HDD had failed. I re-installed my original XBox HDD which I must have also modded back in the day, and everything worked fine. I got a replacement 120GB IDE HDD and set it up as new using FATXplorer with the C and E file from the link mentioned at https://www.hazeno.com/guides/fatxplorer-2tb-preload Now, my XBox will happily boot from any disc that I put in the DVD drive, but when I boot to the UnleashX dash and pop a disc in the DVD tray in order to copy it to F:, the tray shows as Empty. It doesn't matter what disc I put in, it always shows as empty. Subsequently, if I launch the MS Dashboard from UnleashX, when the MS Dash loads I get the standard "Your Xbox can't recognize this disc. Make sure it's an Xbox game, DVD movie, or audio CD. Also check to see if the disc is dirty or damaged. Remove the disc to continue." I have iND 5003.67 and evox M8 Plus 137 flashed in the X-B.I.T.
  16. I recently obtained 3 xboxes, 2 version 1.0 that I originally modchipped at the same time with the same firmware and everything 18 years ago, and one that was "softmodded" but turns out to be a TSOPed version 1.3 according to guides or 1.2 according to OGXbox Installer disc display. I would like to TSOP the other 2 and get rid of the modchips. Each modchipped Xbox had a C:\backup folder with bios.bin, disk.bin, eeprom.bin, hddinfo.txt, and hddkey.bin files which I've backed up onto a PC. They both are using a Xenium modchip (no version on chip but it is white and uses a springloaded pogopin adapter) with Xenium OS 2.0.1. Xbox A - I was able to lock the HDD from the modchip menu, remove the modchip, and softmod. So it's ready for a TSOP. Xbox B - Attempting to lock the HDD from the modchip menu fails. I also tried locking the HDD from the EvolutionX V+3935 menu and it indicates it's locked. But removing the modchip and rebooting results in a "Your Xbox requires service" error with no additional error number in the upper left corner. If it helps, I also get the same error when attempting to launch the default MS Dashboard from the modchip menu, which I could do on Xbox A. When running the MS Dashboard from the EvolutionX Apps menu it loads fine. What is the best option to proceed from here to get Xbox B softmodded and ready for TSOP?
  17. Repaired a v.1.6 modchip installation that used DUOX2 - likely flashed with the wrong data and the other bank didn't work for the 1.6 either (did on a 1.0 - which was the way it was fixed). Is it possible to add a larger hardrive to store the games I have (from discs to the HDD) - and still be able to use the original (starting without chip) function - if needed. I have the impression you can't just swap HDD:s and be done with it.
  18. I received a modded OG Xbox from ebay recently. It's got the original HDD in it, so that needs changing, but I've no experience with this process. I have a stack of old HDDs but they're all SATA, can I use a PATA-SATA adapter? Do I need to use specific software? Can the Xbox format it itself, or do I need to do this on my PC? Also, I'm guessing quite a lot has changed in the decade I've been away from Xbox modding, and I'm sure the software on this one is ancient too. Anything essential that's come along since that'll need adding to this? Mostly I just want to fill up an HDD and get on with it, I don't have any particular interest in HDMI mods (I'm using a CRT) or media players etc.
  19. I recently did a softmod on a 1.6 console and installed an old IDE 320gb HDD I had from an old PC build. I tested the HDD's health first and it seems to be performing well so I cloned my exisiting Xbox HDD and installed the softmod. I've backed up around 70 games to the new HDD and while most seem to work fine I was playing Burnout and the system froze. This was during my first race. Is this a sign of a potential problem with the HDD or something else? Looking at the S.M.A.R.T information on the console i'm now seeing a few questionable readings:
  20. Hello from the Yorkshire Dales. As many others have discovered, James Bond: Everything or Nothing won't run when ripped from disc to HDD without some sort of patch. I've found tantalising mention of this patch in a few different places, but all the links are years old and dead. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? And if you could tell me exactly how to install it when I've got it, as if I'm a complete idiot and don't know anything, that would be super helpful too. Many thanks!
  21. Xbox v1.0 I installed a new 2tb HDD in my modded Xbox from like 2005 and installed the 2TB XBMC origins image to it. It boots into the dashboard fine but my F drive shows nothing and G says unavailable. I can load Hexan tools and see the G there and all the games in the games folder fyi. Thanks for any help!
  22. Hello guys, This is my first post on this great forum, lots of info and input is amazing! The reason of this probably repeated post is that I want to upgrade my HDD to a 1TB or 2TB HDD (what's the max capacity I can go with my motherboard?), I watched lots of tutorials and seems the way to go is using OGXBox (downloaded and burned version 1.5.3 to a DVD, also have TruHeXEn 2021 on another DVD disc if needed) my questions are mostly regarding how to proceed now, I got this console from a very good friend some 15 years ago, and it was modded as it alwas played back up DVD's, I opened the console to look if there was any physical chip or mod to the board but couldn't find any or I'm too dumb to detect it, seems like it is only soft modded? Current BIOS and Dash versions are attached in pics along with more pics of the motherboard so I don't know if you guys can see any mods performed to it. I already purchased the SATA to IDE adapter and performed the 80 way/40 pin IDE cable conversion and everything seems to be working after that I was able to play my backup DVDs and play from the original HDD as well, so basically which route do I follow now? because I don't want to perform something that might brick the console by interfering with the already installed mod, also is there any specific model of 3.5" SATA HDD I need to choose?, I know there's like a list of working/locked HDD so do I need to consider that when purchasing my new HDD? I was plannig to get a WD blue or Seagate Barracuda. Thank you very much for all your help guys!
  23. I have an old Xbox that has an Xecuter 2 chip installed, it still has the stock HDD so i'd like to upgrade it to a 500GB SATA. Weirdly I cannot physically see any chip soldered to the board, I can see some yellow wires going out the front of the console so i'm not sure if this is where the chip is located? (see pic). In any case I have downloaded the HeXen 2018 installation disc, and I have the necessary parts required to convert from IDE to SATA. Is this disc capable of setting up a HDD with this chip? I took a couple of pics showing my kernel and the fact my current HDD is locked:
  24. some game saves are tied to the individual xbox's hdd key. so wouldn't nulling the key mess up some game saves?
  25. Hello, So while softmodding my V1.0 Xbox i managed to fry the original HDD. I was lucky enough to be able to get the Eeprom from the old hdd before it fried but i haven't bee able to find a guide on how to build a new drive. I had originally bought an 80 wire IDE and startech IDE to SATA adapter and have a 2tb hdd ready to use. Can anyone guide me on what i need to do to create a new Hdd?

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