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  1. Hey gang. So I’m wanting to upgrade my Hard drive and am about to install a project stellar mod chip with HDMI bundle. I have a version 1.0 motherboard. Any suggestions on good hard drives for me? I wanna download as many games and emulators as possible so I’d prefer a bigger hard drive. Also do you think a ram upgrade would be necessary?
  2. Hi everyone, I just bought a hardmodded PAL XBOX one year ago with 2TB HDD full of games, I haven't had the chance to test all of the games yet, but there are some games that I tried and couldn't load them of the HDD. 1- Conflict Desert storm 2 NTSC: Although I changed the region of the console using ENIGMA to NTSC, but this particular game when trying to load it, ot skips all the logos and vidoes at the beginning and goes straight to the main menu, and when trying to start a new game I get an error that the disk is dirty or something like this, tried to download another version from VIM'S LAYER with the same issue, the PAL version worked. The odd thing about this game is when I tried also to play it on my modded PAL XBOX 360 at gave me the same error, but worked ok with my other modded NTSC XBOX 360. 2- TAZ WANTED: Freeze at the first loading screen 3- Loons: Also freeze after starting new game 4- Tomb raider Legends: No intro video, I suspected that it might be due to the game being NTSC, tried to look for the PAL version but only found that this game has one version for NTSC and PAL. That' all I tested so far, had problems also with 007 Nightfire, and 007 Everything or nothing but all was solved when I swithed the region to NTSC with ENIGMA. Any help or any ideas regarding the above ?
  3. I have 2 XBOXes v1.2 and v1.6 with Rocky5 softmod v1.1.6. I was messing around with the NKPatcher and nulled the HDD drive key on one of them before backing up the EEPROM and now it boots up to error 05. It seems I need to format it using the hotswap method, xboxhdm v1.9 and a backup of the Dashboard from the C partition, which I don't have. Can I use the files from the other XBOX? EDIT: I'm probably looking at it fro the wrong angle... when using the hotswap, won't I get access to the backed up EEPROM in the E partition? Can it be used to restore the HDD?Or is it better to just format it and start from scratch? This subject is still pretty new to me.
  4. I’m attempting to upgrade to a 1 TB SATA HDD. I have the following: Xbox 1.4 Aladdin Advance modchip EvoX M8+ (EvoX.m8.ece.67.noDVD.UX.256.bin flashed from OGX Installer 1.5.4. MD5 4737a026fde9e799d9c7392d05971505) Seagate ST1000DM003 1 TB SATA HDD StarTech IDE2SAT2 adapter Gigabyte 80-wire IDE cable OGX Installer 1.5.4 (DVD-R burnt with slowest speed) I installed the SATA HDD and initially used the stock 40-wire IDE cable since the 80-wire IDE cable is a tight fit. I booted the Xbox with OGX Installer to setup the HDD. The DVD drive tries to load the disc but makes strange noises. It sounds like the laser head is stuck in a loop. It doesn’t do this when I boot the disc without the IDE2SAT2 adapter. After 30 seconds I ejected the disc as I didn’t want to possibly damage the DVD drive. I got the same result with the 80-wire IDE cable. I also tried the IDE2SAT2 adapter in master and cable select mode. The SATA HDD is listed in the Xbox Hard Drive Compatibility Chart, but I don’t think that matters since I’m using a modchip and the drive doesn’t need to be locked. The BIOS I’m using should have LBA48 support. What would be the most likely cause of this issue?
  5. Price is £450 roughly €531.35 roughly $568.69 Worldwide postage UK postage is £19 European postage is £52 , €61.40 Rest of world is £60 , $75.82 Payment using PayPal friends and family or direct bank transfer. Posted using Royal mail special delivery tracked. - video of dashboard and game https://youtu.be/ZuqVQGjiZso - MakeMhz HD+ installed for 480, 720 and 1080 HDMI output directly from the xbox. Direct digital video to TV with no lag. - Output resolution depends on the game. - 873 xbox games installed. - Full list of games at; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13iIkqvOGbBIjKKRK9LlJaX-uMq9POzIBSDXzHZ8R1qo - With official xbox S gamepad - Case fan replaced with a quieter Noctua fan. - New five meter HDMI included. - Power cable included. - Case and controller S fully disassembled and washed in sink. Controller cable and one thumb stick replaced. - CPU and GPU thermal paste replaced. - DVD drive cleaned, re-greased with new belt. Tested and working. - The rubber on the controller sticks has light wear. - Case is in good to condition with some light marks. - OpenXenium with Cerbios 2.3.2 alpha bios installed. - In Xbmc4Gamers use the d-pad for menu navigation. - HD+ settings can be changed by booting xbox using the eject button and using the PrometheOS settings, or launching C:\ElpisHD\default.xbe through file manager. - Xbox games with support for high definition or enhanced definition output; https://consolemods.org/wiki/Xbox:Games_with_Alternate_Display_Modes - In game reset button combinations; Reset game = left and right trigger + start + black Back to dash = left and right trigger + start + back Soft reset = left and right trigger + black + back Shutdown = left and right trigger + d-pad up + back - Some games might have graphical issues when using I.G.R. back to dash and playing another game. It is recommended to power cycle when switching games. - Megadrive and SNES emulators installed with games. - Several homebrew games installed. - Power on xbox with eject button to access XeniumOS boot menu. - DVD2Xbox can be used to backup games from disc. - For questions please ask in #xbox https://discord.gg/QRcXapTC
  6. Come on people its been more than 25 years. I am tring to recover a game save on hdd without the key. I just bought a usbadapter that came in today. no problem. I then went to download something to view the unique file structure. I had to pay $25! Now it turns out that I still need the HDD key. I tried both the generic ones for Western Digital and Seagate with no success. YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I HAVE TO MAKE AN ENTIRE PROGRAM JUST TO UNLOCK MY HARD DRIVE AND KEEP MY GAME SAVES. ARRRRGGGHHH. YOU NERDS USED TO BE ON POINT. Whatever dude.
  7. My Xbox is running a 160 GB IDE from 2007 or something. I needed to ask this about 3 years ago, I used Crunchbite's (on Homebrew Discord) 8 GB Etcher image to prepare the new drive then iirc I used the XBox Formatter to make the partitions (which automatically set the cluster size to 16 KB) then I copied all the C:\ drive content from the original 8 GB HDD via FatXPlorer and also transferred some games and homebrew. And at that time when I was using the stock HDD my Xbox was giving me constant 10-11 mb/s on my diy crossover cable connection to my laptop. After I put that new HDD in I didn't notice that right away but the max transfer speeds I get are around 3-7 mb/s on the same crossover ethernet cable. Is it related to the cluster size or is the HDD just bad or on it last legs?
  8. I have an unmodded japanese xbox (rev 1.0) with a dead HDD. I also have a working HDD from a USA xbox (rev 1.6) that has a softmod on it. If I extract the eeprom from the xbox with the dead HDD, can I use fatxplorer 3 to unlock the working softmodded HDD, then relock it with the extracted HDD password from the eeprom? Or would the xbox not read the new HDD because the model and serial numbers don't match the original eeprom? I've found one tutorial on how to setup the new HDD with the extracted eeprom but that tutorial uses a spare xbox and will format/clear the new HDD, which I do not want since it's already formatted correctly and has a lot of games on it. Any help would be appreciated
  9. I'm having a strange issue. I flashed my TSOP with EvoX M8 plus and upgraded to a larger 120 gig IDE drive. I used FatXplorer to create a "games" folder in the F partition and moved some games over. I can see the games in UnleashX and EvolutionX dashboards, but they won't launch from the file explorer. The xbox just boots back to the dashboard. I can't launch from the games tab either. I used the same 2020 TruHexen disk that I used for my 1st xbox. The SATA drive on that xbox works fine on all my xboxes, but the IDE drive simply will not launch any games in my TSOP xbox or two other openXenium xboxes. I've used multiple 40 pin and 80 pin cables, and I've reformatted the drive multiple times. Is it possible that FatXplorer isn't functioning correctly and I need to FTP the games over? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm running into a similar issue with another SATA drive. I'll create a "games" folder in the F partition with FatXplorer, but that partition looks completely empty from file explorer. Why on earth can't I properly format two drives, load games onto them with FatXplorer, and launch games from them? I don't understand why it worked in the past and now it's not working. I need ideas.
  10. The xbox cracking scene released quite a few hdd fixes and patches for games.. These are normally just patches to run on default.xbe's. I wonder if anyone here have a collection of those to share. I am especially looking for r-fchdfix ( fight club hdd fix from Riot (ntsc) ) and a hdd fix for shin megami tensei nine.
  11. Please help! I have just installed an new 40gb ide hdd and a pc dvd drive (just to get my modded xbox to boot) I put the OGXBOX Cerbio installer dvd into the drive and it booted to the ogxbox menu It recognised taht i had a new HDD and asked if i wanted to format it which i did (i can now see C,E and F drives) I then flashed my alladin modchip v1.6 with the cerbios bio which worked. but when i try to install a dashboard off the dvd it just hangs and wont do anything,just says please wait and empty progress bars. This means the xbox wont boot unless the OGXBOX installer disc is in the drive as there is no dashboard. Have i missed something? What am i doing wrong Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Hi guys. I have a Xbox 1.0 with cheapmod (LPC Based SST49LF020) (Bios: Xecuter2 4983.67) and after i won't turn on the console for 1 or 2 days i always end up with Error 07 HDD Timeout. I tried out with 3 HDDs and i always get the same results. The interesting thing is if i unplug the IDE Cable and plug it back it boots without a problem, but after 1-2 days it's starts to act up. Any idea?
  13. hello everyone i finished rgh 1.2 my falcon 360 everything is working except the dvd drive it dosnt seem to make the console glitch it just stuck in loop so i removed anyway i was thinking of cooling the memory so i added a thermal pad and heat sinks to these , (ps not my picture ) and after that it doesn't recognize any hdd connected i try the hdd in another console its fully working i removed the pads same problem what can be the problem ps i got a new psu since someone told me that maybe my old psu is faulty (after i added the pads i didnt try the console with old psu so i dont know is it the new psu that killed the port or is it pads or somthing else ?) and its much higher watt 203watt i try it in a diffrent console before trying it on this console and didnt have problems
  14. Hi guys. Looking for some help here. I’m new to this. I’m working on my first modded Xbox. While I wait for my chip to arrive I wanted to set up my hard drive. I’ve been trying to read a lot and watch videos to understand but I’m getting stuck. My plan is to run Cerbios with Dragon4Gamers 4tb. I downloaded the 4TB torrent. I was going to set up my HDD using FATXplorer and the Hazeno downloads for C and E drives. I have an 8TB hard drive to install. I do not have a working DVD drive for my Xbox so that eliminates using OGXbox installer disc. I can hook my hard drive up and see it in FATXplorer, when I select that drive to format it shows 7.62 TB after I select it and go to my partitions it only shows 3.64 TB and if I try to up it it says that’s the max and I need to free up more space to increase it. Where am I going wrong? That’s not enough space to install the Dragon4Gamers
  15. i have a hardmodded og xbox made in 2005 with a upgraded 120g hdd. the hdd is worn down recently and disk error ocuur from time to time. so i want to replace the hdd. i purchased a 120g IDE hdd made in 2000s, but it has never been used. i disconnet the old hdd and connect the new one to my console, drop the hexen 2018 disc into dvd drive, power on the console. it is supposed the hexen will detect the unpartitioned hdd and display something like this but actually, the screen is stuck at this: if i replace this new hdd with the old ones(both the original 8G HDD or the 120G HDD which i have used many years), the hexen UI can appear within 30 seconds, so it is unlikely that the hexen dvd is problematic. So what may be the cause of the stuck scrren when connected with the new HDD?
  16. I've a softmod 1.6 where I'm trying to fill the 2TB replacement HDD with all my game backups. I'm finding FTP painful so thought I could connect the HDD directly to windows PC and access through FATXplorer. When I try and connect the SATA 2TB xbox HDD to my PC through one of the SATA connections, when I then boot the PC, I get an Asrock BIOS message that there's a locked HDD attached and to enter the password. I've tried 32 x 1, and TEAMASSEMBLY without success. I then read my original eeprom_original.bin and entered the original key and that was no better. Do I need to hotswap the HDD? I don't think my PC does hotswapping.
  17. Is this even something you can do? Or would I waste my time trying? I have two xboxes waiting to softmod>tsop, the disc drives in both are fugged so I can't use my mechassault disc. I'm wondering if the softmod can be performed from a digital copy of the game on the hard drive + hard drive copy of the exploit game save, all while running on a modchip.
  18. Hey guys, looking for some ideas to troubleshoot the red HDD activity LED on my X3CP. It stays on and is not blinking to show activity. I just did a DVD drive swap from a Samsung to a Hitachi, and I repasted the CPU/GPU. Made sure the jumper on my startech sata adapter is set to Master. not really sure why its staying on all the time. You guys got any ideas? After messing around with swapping DVD drives, I have figured out it's my 80way IDE cable that's causing the issue. When I swapped out the cable the LED worked like it should. Does anyone know a fix for this? The IDE cable I'm using is the perfect length, so I really want to use it. I noticed some jumper pins on the back of some of the DVD drives, the Hitachi and Philips drives have these pins, are they used for serial connection or are they master/slave jumpers?
  19. OK, new modder confused here. I've been spending my time fixing up dead and half dead boxes, and thought I'd see how setting up a new hard drive works with a hardmodded console. I used the OG Xbox Install disc to TSOP to Evox m8+ nodvd, wiped the stock HDD and installed UnleashX and the default apps, and it boots fine. However, now when I swap a different drive to set up (either a 10GB drive from another Xbox, or a WD 80GB drive) the box fails to boot from DVD. I've tried with two different DVD drives, but it's always the same... even the seeking sound the optical drives make are the same (they keep going forever in an identical repeating "pattern" until I switch the console off - no, not impatient, waited for 5-10 minutes). When I switch back to the original HDD, the system boots up fine from it, and also boots from the DVD drive - and the DVD drive sounds "healthy" again compared to previous attempts. I tried powering the bigger new HDD with an external power supply, since I noticed it was pulling more power on the 12V rail (thinking maybe the old PSU is just at its end), but this makes no difference. I've also tried jumpering the drive to cable select and master+slave, but still nothing. The original drive is a Seagate, both replacements were WD. Is there something I've overlooked?
  20. Hi all, Hoping to get some help on this one as i'm really stumped. Problem: I'm restoring an Xbox and trying to get a fresh built HDD paired with a motherboard using nulled (1's) key, but still getting E06. Steps I've taken: 1. Built a fresh drive using XBHDM, locked the HDD with all 1's, and verified it boots correctly into a working soft modded xbox with nulled HDD key in the EEPROM (all 1's). 2. Read the EEPROM of the target motherboard using PiPROM, edited the eeprom.bin file to null the HDD key with 1's and written this back to the EEPROM. 3. Read the EEPROM again and verified its indeed now all 1's in the HDD Key. 4. Installed the newly created and locked HDD from step 1 into the target motherboard. 5. Error 06 Other info that may or may not be relevant? * HDD i'm building is an original 8/10?GB Seagate drive, but i've also tried two original WD drives in step #1 and the same issue arises. * Target motherboard revision is a v1.1 Any ideas whats going on here?
  21. I want to change the hdd of my xbox with an ssd, because the optical drive is not working, but I know that I need the EEPROM to trick the xbox into thinking that the ssd is its original drive, but I dont really know how to do it without installing a custom firmware on the hdd and then be able to use an FTP to get it (the stock firmware doesn't allow the xbox to connect to a pc via ethernet). Then the only other way to do that is "hotswapping" but it requires an old computer with IDE connections but it's a bit difficult to find one. so if there is another way of doing this,let me know to try it Thank you in advance
  22. Hello, yesterday I was using XBPartitioner 1.3 to edit the partitions, but the tool was on the HDD and I wasn't using the HeXEn Engineering Disc. After i rebooted the Xbox it gave me error 16. I tried burning the files for the HeXEn disc but it wouldn't boot into anything and just kept giving me the same error. Earlier today I tried to connect the HDD to my PC and it gave me a password screen for the drive. I tried both passwords from the hddinfo.txt I have from my backup of the drive but it didn't work and said "HDD is locked." What should I do now?
  23. let me start out by saying recently ive been wanting an OG Xbox to mod. last friday at work(im a trash man) a resident was throwing one out. took it home and the inside out looks like it was hardly used. i got all the parts to mod except i'm still waiting on the game. I had bought it but amazon or whoever the seller was sent me the ps2 version when clearly the picture said xbox. anyway, i did some research on replacing the HDD. I know i would need the SATA to IDE. do i plug that into the board? i was thinking at least 1 or 2tb drive. which one is known to work in an og xbox so i'm not buying the wrong one? Thanks in advance
  24. I just need to know how to wire these LEDs up and what the resistor values are. I can't find any place that is either still up or still hosting photos.
  25. Got a modchip installed in a xbox 1.4 that can be turned off when short pressed power on. What’s the easiest way to upgrade to a 2tb that it can be locked so it still boots factory? Chimp or just use a slayers disc format the new drive then lock it. There is nothing on the original 8GB that I want or need. Do I need to back up the eeprom?

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