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  1. i didn't check the googledrive link to see what all skins are in there but here is a small collection i have https://1fichier.com/?x9fadv16law9balp9xel
  2. there is a version the IND bios that has support for XISO, this is pretty much a software version of an ODE, the key feature of this is its 100% free, no hardware to buy or install, it may transfer games quicker via ftp or fatxplorer, it also allows those few games that have long file names to boot and play on the xbox, i haven't tested this out yet, but i just put together another xbox for testing purposes and im thinking about flashing the IND bios and testing a few of those games soon
  3. try your xbox on another TV/Monitor, i have a cheap little vizio i think its a 20" that looks really sharp and clean with all my xbox consoles, but i also have a cheap vizio 65" tv that has the same vertical jail bar issues that you have, i have tested cheap component cables, the official microsoft hd av pack as well as a few different wii2hdmi modded adapters and they all had this issue on that tv, also changing your TV's contrast and brightness settings will allow you to tone down those jail bars to where you can hardly see them
  4. hello all, im playing some Forza Motorsport the NTCS version and the collection of trainers i have only has a couple PAL versions for this game and they don't work with my version of Forza, so im trying to figure out how to make my own, i have setup an old laptop with windows xp and found a version of the XDK and installed it, can anyone help me out with this? should i try to make a evox trainer or some other format that is compatible with xbmc4gamers ? thanks in advance
  5. okay that didn't work either, im almost betting the modded version of the x3 bios is working because its missing some of the calls for the config live, seems like only bios's will boot are the ones that have nothing to do with config live, my fpga is messed up on this chip. its weird but i guess it is what it is, no way for my to fix this, maybe ill keep the modded version 2914 on the first 1mb bank and just use 4 256k bios's on the other 1mb bank. thanks SS_Dave for trying to help.
  6. after trying to flash v3294 to the first 1mb bank the xbox just shuts off now, i tried to flash it twice and the same result, so i flashed that modded version 2914 and it boots, im not sure whats up with this chip, but im going to try and flash that modded version on the second 1mb bank and see what happens, then maybe try to flash the x3 original versions
  7. okay so i just flashed IND-BIOS 5003 256k to all 8 256k banks that the xbox booted just fine in any bank i want, so maybe the flash is still good and its something to do with the fpga thats not allowing the x3 to flash a 1mb bios to the second bank or to load the x3 config live OS, i really have no idea how to attempt to fix that, im sure its not the same as JTAG on a cpld.
  8. v3294 just like the first bank, i tested that v2914 it worked then i reflashed v3294 back to the first 1mb bank, so i know both of these bios files are good, also i tried th x3 erase and it just reboots my xbox, nothing comes up on the screen, i tried it under the file browser in xbmc4gamers and unleashx same result
  9. that works, thats the first 1mb bank, my problem happens when trying to flash the second 1mb bank
  10. ok, in flashbios when pressing the power and eject buttons enabling the backup bios, i try to flash a 1mb v3294 and the xbox just shuts down on banks 5,6,7,8 switch's set to 0ff,on,off,off,off, i tried this again and it was the same issue, i think the flashchip is messed up and may need replaced to get this chip working again. i still need to test flashing a 256kb bios to each one of the banks to see if that is in fact the problem with this chip, something could be wrong with the FPGA as well, somethings not allowing the x3 config live to boot up, it should load automatically when flashing a new bios and it should load when pressing the white button at boot, i also tried pressing and holding the white button just before the xecuter logo comes up, still not working. any idea if this 2mb chip can still be purchased ?
  11. my other x3ce chip is in a v1.6 running the v3294, im going to attempt to use the x3 erase tool and see if i cant get the second 1mb bank to flash, i have the first bank working, i think something is wrong with the flash chip on this x3
  12. hey i took a look at the files you shared, i am able to flash the x3 v2914 "my xbox is a v1.0" and im still not able to boot into the x3 config live, i hold the white button on my original xbox controller when pressing the power button, but it just boots the bios and loads my dashboard, im thinking this chip is messed up somehow
  13. i have an original "purple X3" that is messed up, the X3 config menu is broken, but im able to still flash BIOS's to 512kb and 256kb banks, not sure whats wrong with my chip, but i think it was installed wrong from the person i bought it from and i think they corrupted the FPGA somehow
  14. yeah i know, i have purchased a few 49lf080a a few months ago, i just had an issue with flashing the CPLD, now that i have that figured out i think i should be good to go. im going to pull out my old willem programmer and get to flashing and test one of these out on a v1.4 xbox today.

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