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Found 24 results

  1. after a very very long absence from the xbox i would like to bring it back to life and hope to find some support and news here about how things are going in the xbox scene right now. Marco
  2. Nice to see the OGXbox still receives some love from all around the world!
  3. Hey guys, finally blew the dust off my old v 1.0 hoping to have some fun and meeting new people.
  4. Good day all, long time gaming enthusiast, first time modder here. Love what you all have done to keep the scene alive. I've already learned loads from browsing the forums through Google searches, although I would definitely still like to get a better handle on how everything works from a software perspective. Before Covid struck I was basically a clean slate, not even knowing what common terms like TSOP or kernal meant. While I feel I'm still far from knowledgable about any of this, I've put in a lot of legwork over the last few months to teach myself as much about console modding and repair as I possibly could, not just with Xbox but across all of my consoles. I currently have 4 OGs, a 1.0 that I'm currently working to set up, a 1.0 that's fragging on me, a soft modded 1.6, and a 1.6 who's LPC rebuild I botched that I know have to preform a trace repair on.. I definitely need to invest in some LPC Rebuild boards for next time lol
  5. Hello everyone, I just bought my very first Xbox console ever a month ago. Yup, 20 years too late to the party. Never owned a 360 or Xbox One either, although I just ordered a refurbished 360 Slim two days ago. Have otherwise been a PlayStation fanboy all this while, although my primary console of choice these days is the Sega Saturn. Anyway, greetings from Malaysia! Are there other Malaysian members here?
  6. I purchased xbox just released, then 360 and ONE just to play Halo (also with XLink Kai). The original xbox I modified it with hardware I think in 2005 (I had to buy two kits because I'm a beginner), it was super with XBMC. Now after years I am very happy to be able to dust it off thanks to XBMC-EMUSTATION (dashboard !!!). Thanks to everyone and a special thanks to Rocky5 !!! Well done !!!
  7. I just joined the forums.
  8. Hi All, Glad to be here! Great to learn and share info with other xbox owners. Still have a 1.0 and a couple of 1.6s. I've successfully TSOPed a couple of xboxes and softmodded several. I guess one of these days I'll try to install an Aladdin XT in one of the 1.6s to see how that goes. Anyway... thanks for hosting the forum! MMx
  9. Salutations! Many, many moons ago I mowed several thousand million lawns for a PlayStation 2. I loved every bit of it. Great memories, awesome games, years went by and the damn thing still works. I went into the army and after returning home from my second deployment I picked up all the consoles I grew up with and finally an OG Xbox. Man did I miss out. So, lesson learned there. Now I use my Xbox with unleash X to mainly play Battlefront I and II. I'm used to using my Pi 3 B+ for most of my emulation needs but then I discovered emulation on the Xbox and I am more than impressed. I would love to do a 2TB emulation box so I can share the "classics" with my son. I honestly don't think I have enjoyed a console as much as the OG Xbox in the last few years. I love modding things and learning about all the tech specs and limitations. All in all glad to be a part of this community!
  10. Hello everyone, im new to this mod thing but im not new to electronics.. I have a degree in Aviation Electronics (avionics) and enjoy tinkering with many retro consoles in my spare time.. Thanks for Reading and thank you all for the community..
  11. Found this site before the weekend, bought some hardware to tinker with and required searched for some help on Reddit. I was helped mostly by Kaoz, so he's the reason I'm posting here I'm currently looking for the best possible video output. I own an OSSC but am not sure if I should go for the official Xbox HD Component cable or N64's HDMI kit. Tips?
  12. Hi all, new to the original xbox scene, but been modding something or another for more years than I care to admit!. Decided to get one a while back, which I soft modded with SC, then it went into the 'collection'. Had a few other projects on the go which sucked up any spare cash, but now have 2 more originals, both hard modded, 2 Mad Katz wireless controller's, etc, etc. All I need to do now is reinstall W10 on the PC, so I can burn a update DVD (Haxan?), and get them all 2 terrabited up!. Anyway, back to the dirty work (full refurbs). Thanks for having me here!.
  13. Glad to be part of the group here
  14. I had no idea this forum existed until someone on facebook suggested I come have a look. I've been rocking the good old black box for quite some time now, soft modded it well over 10 years ago and now finally getting around to upgrading the internal hard drive and leaning all about TSOP etc.
  15. Hi, I have two xboxes collecting dust for a few years, first one modded the hard way using a LOT of wires soldered to the main board and a second one using a evox modchp. Since my kids are starting to show some interests for classic games I thought I would do my part as a responsible father and support them the best way I can :-) Since I have not been part of the org xbox scene for quite some time I need to catch up..a lot! Cheers, Johan
  16. Longtime moded xbox user here. Great to find another online community still active. Long live the xbox.
  17. Just joined and looking to get back in the original xbox scene, so will propably be pestering you guys for a bit Great job with archiving the old xbox info!!!
  18. Just here to check out all the neat things this site has to offer.
  19. Hi, I have been modding Xboxes for a number of years now. I can't believe I just found this site. I thought I knew of all of them lol.
  20. Name: wouter Location: netherlands I am a gaming enthousiast. I have a rack made from an old bed for evening fun with friends. On that rack I have 8 22" televisions with 8 xboxes to play games on a lan connection. I always try to get the best display quality possible, currently all is component. It is a lot of work to connect this. Currently making wii2hdmi connectors fit the all mighty xboxes, with succes. Will post a tutorial!
  21. Proud owner of Xbox Crystal 1.6 with ALLADIN XT+2 reports in.
  22. I am new to these parts but not to Xbox. I have had modded Xbox consoles for years. Glad to find this community and I hope to contribute in my spare time. I'm currently running a version 1.0 TSOP. I've upgraded the HDD to a 700GB 7200RPM SATA HDD and added the IDE to SATA bridge with a 80 wire IDE cable. I don't remember what DVD Drive I originally had in this one but it has a newish Samsung Drive in it now, works great. The inside I left mostly untouched save for a bit of cleaning and new thermal paste (Arctic Silver). Anyways everyone, see you around!
  23. Hey guys, Been modding the OG xbox for a little over a year now. Owned one back in 2004/2005 but knew nothing about the process. It wasn't until about a year ago my cousin bought cheap build off ebay and showed it to me. I told him I could figure it out and make it even better as I knew he was missing out on some good stuff. That's when it all began. My first modded system was a 2 TB softmod. It took me a few weeks to download the right tools and pool some knowledge from a few dedicated websites (I know a bunch of those guys are here and I thank you) in order to figure it all out. It wasn't long after i began learning to mod chip and TSOP (which has since become my go to method). I'm still learning new tricks each day and here to both learn and help people just getting started out. I've been doing a lot of case mods as well, and have some ambitious projects coming up that I look forward to sharing with you all. I can also be reached on the XBMC4Xbox forums under the handle Skeletor64.

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