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  1. i have 2 *.stl files (stereo lithography) you can stick them on a usb stick, you need to use a slicer program with the correct settings for your printer and maetrial (and you don't have one...) they are nice toys to play with, quite cheap as well now. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4125319 will be available when i am allowed to publish it.
  2. the last one modified i have hard soldered the mode select wires, since i only use hdmi or component. previous one i had placed 2 contacts on the hdmi port so when i plugged in a hdmi cable they connected. would like to show you pictures but my box here has reached 20mb and do not know how to delete...... i would strongly advise you not to solder, did that with the first one i build internally, the solder will break, not immediately, but it will. I have drawn the component in autodesk inventor. i have made it free to download on thingyverse, but just made the account so have to wait 24hr. If you know anyone with a 3d printer, you can use that file to get it printed, the hdmi port will fit above the av port and can be screwed down with 2 longer screws, the back rests on the plasic aroud the cooler for the gpu. where are you from?
  3. they are no resistors, they are coils, it is those items that do the filtering I will be posting my 3d printed part on thingyverse, just made a new user there. with the 2 parts i post over there you have a support for the pcb of the wii2hdmi and a help piece for grinding the holes. need to wait 24 pours before i can give the link.
  4. just installed a wii2hdmi internal in a 1.1. had a lot of vertical lines at first... you absolutely need to solder them behind L4A2, L4A3 and L4A4, after placing the wires behind them had a crisp and clear image. The only problem there is the limited space for your soldering iron. i have removed the shielding from the av plug to generate some space.
  5. Would it be possible to use this device to connect a generic arcade controller to the ogxbox?
  6. Is it possible just to read out the smb bus with an arduino and display the resolution and cpu/mem usage?
  7. connextions for mode switching. connections for av inside, this is a version 1.2
  8. it took you a while to find that, it seemed logical to me at the time that you connected them like they should.
  9. I have posted this over a year ago in the tutorial submission section, it fits inside the wii2hdmi case cleanly, the picture you used is only as a markup where to cut.
  10. Try to measure the resistance of the path from chip to chip at first, no experience with this chip. At least at one point it is better, the manufucturer can supply you with a datasheet, I only have 1741 printed on it and havo no clue wat the chip is.
  11. Try to measure the resistance of the path from chip to chip at first, no experience with this chip.
  12. Next weekend I will see what mine gives internal and external.. Just to see if there is a difference, i will open one up and take a picture from where it is build in and how it it connected.
  13. Ther are 3 75ohm resitors on the board in the y-pb-pr lines, They are also in the xbox itself, if i solder them inside the xbox i let the there and solder before the resistors from the xbox itself. You can try to brodge them, normally an output has 75ohm, with these resitors together with the ones inside it is 150... They are the 3 black components marked 750 on the board, please reply the result.
  14. I am not 100% sure but when i plug it in to a smaller set it works fine, with the large i have black screens. This only occurs with games that are in 480 and are 4:3. Have no other solutions to test yet. Will receive a converter from n64 to conduct tests.

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