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  1. Internal I had some succes with using a feroid ring and looping the power wires through it 10 times and adding an extra ground wire next to it, but that is a hit and miss, the 1.4 is the most difficult.
  2. He did not get past it from internal power. The problem is caused by a ripple on the power supply voltage. The easiest way to get rid of it on an external solution is to make use of an USB power supply like the one from your phone. Just couple the ground leads and connect the 5v pin to the red wire of an USB cable. A 500mA charger should be more than enough.
  3. have you allready checked the settings of your tv set?
  4. I think eeprom read and write to another xbox is the fastest and easiest way to go. Just get a pcor laptop with serial port, make a simple cable, just 4 wires needed. Start ponyprog, dump the eeprom. Read another eeprom and change the hdd key in that one to your old one. If you have the cable it is done in 5 minutes. But first check if your power and eject button are really arriving at the Pic micro controller and if the Pic has power.
  5. I do not know which format was used in the past to burn the disc's. But is would be a waste of disc's to reburn them, I have over 250 burned disc's that work on an original. I know that without firmware modifications a pc drive will not work. But every DVD drive has the same mechanics in principle. I think, with adjustments, it should be possible to connect the mechanics of a pc drive to the board of a xbx DVD drive.
  6. As stated in the started question... It is working, it is reading disks... But only slayer/hexen/AID, audio cd and DVD movies.... It is not reading Xbox copies and Xbox originals. I have the DVD yellow cable connected to an original drive. It is not the problem that I don't have spare drives, just want a slimline DVD drive to work. Will try to connect the DVD drive print to a lens and cradle of a slimline to see what happens, after I compared the voltages and all with a scope...
  7. Would it be possible to take the pcb from a Xbox drive and hard wire it to another optical drive then... If you have a DVD reader it might work...
  8. I have placed a laptop sata DVD drive in one of my xboxes... The point is that it does work, as I can install a hdd with Aid, but game back-ups or originals do not start... Why is this and what can be done about it? It is a Sony optiarc Inc. AD-7560S. Help would be appreciated.
  9. There is another way of coming back from an error 16. Just bought one a weak ago with the error. I installed a harddisk in a tsop Xbox and installed it from there and locked it. Read out the eeprom from that Xbox and used the hdd key from that file to flash to the other Xbox. Works like a charm now.
  10. At first, the way your post appear do not make them more readable..... I have one Xbox that totally refuses all of my sata converters, no Matter what I try.... On another Xbox it works fine with Samsung DVD, but hangs with Thomson DVD. Also had some issues with bad caps on the Mainboard and power supply. Try changing all the parts except for the Mainboard at first, to determine if it is really the Mainboard.
  11. I have almost the same issues here. Try to see what happens if you swap the hdd together with the DVD drive. I have had a lot of issues with Thomson drives....
  12. Try to use the hexen disk, maybe you have a problem on your hdd and need to rebuild it.
  13. Never got them working to....
  14. Look at the pictures at thingyverse. The wii2hdmi pcb fits in the part that is visible there. The other shared part is a helping piece to make the holes for the audio out and hdmi connector on the right position, with minimal margins. Good luck, still need to order some chips to make a 128mb machine.
  15. First check the traces for corrosion. Every Xbox I have seen with power button issues and random booting/shutting down had trace issues, some where not even visible. If your trace is broken, the input for the Pic chip is floating around and chooses to boot/shutdown completely ramdom. Easiest way to check is to use the beeper on a fast multimeter, one point on the switch and just slide across the feet of the Pic chip and you should get a beep at one feet, if not then there is a trace broken.

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