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  1. Thank you guys! You honestly don't hear that a lot anymore, people would be surprised how much it actually means to hear that from people who aren't your family. lol I love my Xbox. I honestly haven't been more pleased with a console and it's functionality than this thing. Now all that pops up on my YouTube are the Arcade punk 2TB image videos. Needless to say I think my box needs a bigger drive. I just picked up an IDE to SATA adapter (Kingwin 06) and will absolutely be looking into flashing my box.
  2. Salutations! Many, many moons ago I mowed several thousand million lawns for a PlayStation 2. I loved every bit of it. Great memories, awesome games, years went by and the damn thing still works. I went into the army and after returning home from my second deployment I picked up all the consoles I grew up with and finally an OG Xbox. Man did I miss out. So, lesson learned there. Now I use my Xbox with unleash X to mainly play Battlefront I and II. I'm used to using my Pi 3 B+ for most of my emulation needs but then I discovered emulation on the Xbox and I am more than impressed. I would love t

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