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  1. The funny part is that i spent weeks trying to fix the problem, even managed to remove the modchip too or three times and reworking the soldering points, at some point, i almost killer the system by removing a small component by accident and almost losing it. Thankfully i recovered it after searching around the floor for a while and put it back to it's place, ehehehehe.
  2. I solved the problem... The previous owner, for some reason, set age restriction do kids only. I spend more than a month trying to solve such a stupid problem, i feel kinda ashamed, hehe, but at least now it works.
  3. I recently acquired and old Xbox 1.1 with a a hard drive and disk drive both dead. It came with Aladdin XT2, so i switched the old hard drive to a new 80GB one and managed to install a new dashboard using an old computer disk drive i had laying around. Everything seemed to work fine and the console booted with Unleash X, but almost all games i tried installing on it's hard drive won't work. Dashboard tries to launch them, but the console simply resets to it's main dashboard. Not all games failed thought, 4x4 Evolution 2 and AMF Extreme Bowling started and worked fine without problems, but this is more of an exception than rule. It's weird, cause all emulators worked, and i was able to play Quake 1, 2 and 3 homebrew ports with no problems at all. Can someone please help me? Thank you!
  4. Nice to see the OGXbox still receives some love from all around the world!

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