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  1. I'm not even sure what rev it is, so I'll have to crack it open and let you know :-)
  2. Temps are below 55, usually around 30-45 if i remember.
  3. Softmodded xbox Was working perfectly fine until a few weeks ago, when it booted in to xbmc and the screen froze. Rebooted, got a little further before freezing. Rebooted again, put a dvd in and it froze when loading the DVD menu. Not sure what is going on, but loaded up midtown madness 3. Got through the menu system in to a game, was taking a corner and the picture froze, engine sound still playing and my controller vibrating constantly. Any thoughts? I'm thinking caps or on their way out
  4. I had no idea this forum existed until someone on facebook suggested I come have a look. I've been rocking the good old black box for quite some time now, soft modded it well over 10 years ago and now finally getting around to upgrading the internal hard drive and leaning all about TSOP etc.

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