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  1. Hello everybody. Sorry for my English. Fantastic Rocky5 work, original reborn xbox, I love it. I loaded the roms with boxart and video, I updated the system and loaded Artworch. I still have 2 problems: 1) Rom N64 from the list error, first I solved by modifying "create_rom_lists.py" as indicated in a post in the forum, then I updated to the latest version of EMUSTATION and I can no longer find the folder to replace "create_rom_lists. py "? Can you tell me where it is? 2) ROM information is not displayed, I checked in the folder E: / Players / XBMC / emustation / synopsis /.../ are
  2. I purchased xbox just released, then 360 and ONE just to play Halo (also with XLink Kai). The original xbox I modified it with hardware I think in 2005 (I had to buy two kits because I'm a beginner), it was super with XBMC. Now after years I am very happy to be able to dust it off thanks to XBMC-EMUSTATION (dashboard !!!). Thanks to everyone and a special thanks to Rocky5 !!! Well done !!!
  3. I have Mayflash Arcade Stick F500 Elite, is there any way to make it work? Thanks Rocky5 for the wonderful work, reborn xbmc. Greetings from Italy

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