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About Me

  1. HI I just got a new xbox with smartxx v1 or v2 bot sadly it does not wanna boot into smartxx os/ does it hava a os like the opx? can I reflash it to get it back than? Eject and power does boot into evox Gruß
  2. This is a 1.0 Xbox that was found with a dead 110v PSU, most likely plugged into 220v. I swapped the PSU with a good one. When I press the power button I get rapid flashing green light, no fans, no boot, no FRAG. It had a leaky clock cap with some messed up resistors near the cap which were replaced from a doner board after cleaning the area, no change. Traces look ok. I swapped the 5 1500uf caps with new ones, no change. Power at the first N FET input is 5v when the power on button is pressed and around 1.8v on the output. I swapped the fet from a doner board, no change. Voltage on the two resistors near the yellow power button cable show 3.5v and drop to around 2.5v when pressing the power button. Not sure where to go from here...
  3. As the title says, i am after someone who has a broken X3cp, Specifically i am after a replacement button from the front of the panel. I have a Crtystal panel but unfortunately over the years the write protect button has fallen off and is now missing Is there anyone out there who has one that i can buy from them for a reasonable price??? Or even someone who has a 3d printer that can print a replacement button??? I know its a long shot but i hope theres someone out there who can make my xbox look perfect again
  4. Hi does the spi2par2019 for the xenium work with the newheaven oled? or should I stick with a normal lcd? OLED-Modul Gruß
  5. HI my replacement fan does not wanna spin I upgraded the ram and that was it üduring the top onece it worked and on the bottom ones I did not notice it. It did never got too hot or something like that. I used diferent fan still nothing. and if no fan is connected it is 11 Volts
  6. I recently bought a "working" stock v1.0 with a duke controller off Ebay, but turns out the seller's head is empty because they shipped it with zero padding and it now FRAGs, awesome. The thing is, it came with an HD AV pack which looks like it goes for a good bit more than what I paid. So, is this a win/resell or what? Not sure the console is too good for parts.
  7. Greetings, I am encountering a problem on Xbox. The Xbox app does not detect the gaming service. I have no idea what could be he issue. Could anyone please help?
  8. 1.Does too much Flashing reduce the life of the TSOP? 2.also someone said: the bioses that load from hdd (like ind-bios Cerbios etc.) They reduce the life of the TSOP is it true?
  9. Bought two of these years ago but never installed them. Motherboard died recently so I replaced it, softmodded, installed SSD. Trying to get TSOP working. Have a ghost case so I’d like to remove the DVD drive, caddy and HDD mount.
  10. Don't feel like taking off my panel to check, but I coulda sworn I saw a pcb in front of the ir window on my Control Panel. Do I just have to get a compatible remote?
  11. I ran the halo 2 game disc once made a profile, installed the dlc from a hdd ready download. Original hdd had the dlc already. The installed files match on the 1 TB drive so the install is good. 3 out of ten times when a dlc game is picked in the pregame lobby I get a "Failed to load map" error. Also when I try to join a game that is dlc it occurs as well. When I host a dlc game it works but not every time for the other person I get 1 or more players failed to load map. This occurs with xlink kai as a direct system link connection works every time. Not sure if it is xlink kai computer settings or what?
  12. Does GSSMT Tool compress folders to .XZ_?
  13. Hello to anyone reading this. My probably is I'm a noob who found an already chipped Xbox at a thrift store, an I'm trying to figure out if the modchip is going bad or if I'm doing something wrong I think it's a Xecuter 2 lite from my research. When I found this Xbox it was in working order, but the hard drive failed not long after I bought it that was back in 2020, so I set it a side for when I had the time to fix it. So now I've been trying to flash the new bios on the chip, but every time I get a "not writeable error" on it. I've tried the Slayer disc and Hexen 2018 and 2021 but nothing is working. also if I disable the chip something called gentoox pop ups. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Anyone have any info regarding DosXBox running and how well does it work? Also wanted to see if it could be possible to run within as part of Emustation. Not sure how updated it is, but I did find this: https://digiex.net/threads/dosxbox-v4-0-hcl-download-pc-x86-emulator-for-xbox.13735/ older link https://www.xbox-hq.com/html/modules.php?name=Xbox_Homebrew&op=view&gid=11
  15. Hi all, So I've gotten back into the scene taking a break from my RaspberryPi VirtualMan builds to setup some ogXboxes that I had in the garge taking up space. I now have two Xboxes: One with Rocky5's Softmod with a 2TB HD; the other a 1.4 hardmod with Cerbios latest version and a 3TB drive. I noticed that PAL games (Alien Hominid, Panzer Elite Action, Pool:Shark 2) don't run on the hardmod, but do run on the softmod. So how is region free handled on the original modded Xbox, and why would there be a discrepancy? Inquiring minds want to know. I don't mind getting all techie either. RussLB P.S.: Some PAL games DO work, e.g. Metal Slug 4 and 5, Taito Legends 2, Yetisports.
  16. Why does NFS freeze on this xbox and not from the one i ftp over .. what does it need tot boot up?
  17. It's a chipped (Aladdin Advance) Rev 1.0 OG Xbox. It's quick soldered (not using the pins, D0 grounded to (https://imgur.com/a/jdytwmN), I removed clock capacitor as well it didn't leak. I tried it without the chip on. Same problem. Put new thermal paste on both cpu and gpu. Same problem. I don't know if it's the modchip or the Xbox is actually broken.
  18. I fixed my water damaged xbox today with a lot of help and pointers from some of the guys here. Basically my xbox was water damaged a few years ago, after a long time drying out I turned it on and it would only stay on for about 20 minutes before shutting itself off. I never really planned on fixing it as I have many replacements but today I noticed that the fan was dead and I replaced it, now it seems to be working fine. What led me to do this was another issue, I had forgotten about the damage earlier this week and booted the console up to grab some files, anyway the console shut itself down a few times while I was going about some other things around the house. I don't know much about electricity, basically just hot, neutral and ground, that's about it. So I was thinking about how I had this damaged xbox plugged into a power strip with several other consoles and whether this damaged xbox could damage other consoles sharing its powerstrip if used. Now I have been told by the higher ups here that it is not a problem, but I would like to know why. Basically how does a (specifically 1.6) xbox deal with electrical problems, whether it is a short, water damage, any electrical issues. What prevents it from damaging other consoles that share a power strip or power plug? I know the xbox does not have a grounding prong so what prevents any excess charge traveling to other systems? My xbox had a dead fan which I would assume shorted out from water damage, how does that factor? (specifically a 1.6 xbox) Many thanks guys for all your help and I hope I am not being a pain.
  19. I bought an OG xbox and around 10 games. The discs play fine. Upon loading them to my HDD about 5 of them do this weird video flicker thing and are unplayable. I tried downloading the same 5 off of sites (isos and xbe format) and FTPing them and USBing them via FATXplorer. Nothing I do seems to work. https://streamable.com/92nl7k Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? Thank you.
  20. I've been trying to repair my Xbox this week after accidentally blowing the 110V PSU on 220V . I've got to make it work with a PC 200W ATX PSU yesterday, but this morning, it started to FRAG. I noted that the 3.3V line has gone down to about 2.85V when the PSU is connected to the motherboard and the PSU turn off after a minute or so. I'm pretty sure that there is a short somewhere in the 3.3V line. I noticed that the Nvidia MCXP3 chip is getting very hot when the PSU is connected, I want to know if this is common, because if not, I suspect that the short maybe inside the chip, which will mean that it is dead
  21. so here's the thing I can't launch my games from the DvD drive it spins and initializes but won't launch games.
  22. Thank you in advance for any and all help provided, If I unlock the HDD can I then connect the HDD to a enclosure and be able to transfer my HDD backup from my PC to the HDD? Can the PC read/detect unlocked HDD? FTP takes a bit long than I would like to transfer data. Would FATXplorer work in this case?
  23. Hi I just stepped into this does anyone have some info about this Controller?
  24. Does anyone have a collection of Xbox UnleashX skins they could spare?

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