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  1. Looks real impressive, if it was available for Mac or Linux, I'd buy the license in a heartbeat, maybe twice even .
  2. You can use an FTP client that supports BOOST mode, Qwix, for instance. On the console you must be running an FTP server which also supports it, so either Avalaunch or UnleashX. BOOST mode usually maxes out the ethernet connection speed.
  3. I always wondered, is the bios setting for fan speed actually hard coded or not, and is it in all bioses? The Xbox was certainly designed to have dynamic fan speed, based on measured temperatures by the SMC. In an ideal world we could just tweak the fan speed multiplier or algorithm so we can have a higher baseline (if one prefers that).
  4. Xbox One Wireless controller can currently only be used with 8bitdo adapter (IIRC). Only 360 adapter is supported for wireless multi-controller support. Nothing preventing someone from adding One adapter support though, there seems to be open source linux drivers available these days.
  5. I've been a big fan of iND-BiOS until the news of Insignia hit the streets, and with no way to disable the Xbox Live block, I'm looking at options. Since then I've been trying out EvoX and different versions of Xecuter. For now I've settled on X2 5035 as it also has support for config file and after replacing the "Rox my box" logo with stock Microsoft, even looks alright . I realize it's of no help here since you're asking for 256 though .
  6. Interesting, xbdm.rar seems to contain some Avalaunch FTP code, possibly an early prototype or something since it does not include BOOST mode which is part of current Avalaunch.
  7. Nice finds @DobaMuffin! I found another hidden nugget, it only lists a few Xbox programs and some streams, but at least we don't need to wonder what's hidden in the xunlock folder . http://www.crusaders.no/~joker/old_web/xunlock/services.txt
  8. Looks like there's a lot of interesting stuff on there. Found something, would be interesting to get deeper but my simple tries (like index.htm, etc) yeilded nothing yet http://www.crusaders.no/~joker/old_web/JJ_TJ/qwix
  9. The partition table can exist either in BIOS only, or it can be written to the disk. In your case it seems like it may exist in BIOS only and needs to be written to the disk for the other BIOS to understand it. XBPartitioner can do this but you must use the old BIOS and make sure to write partition table only, don’t format the partitions. There’s a good chance something could go wrong though so I recommend taking a full backup beforehand (either imaging the entire disk or copying over the files via FTP). It may also be that the partition on disk is wrong and in that case the partition table needs to be removed. The boot into old BIOS (and let it use partition table from BIOS) and write that partition table to disk, then boot new BIOS. Also, if you write files when the partition table is wrong, it will corrupt the old data, it sounds like this may have happened so I hope you have a backup.
  10. @TL gamer I suggest you read Redump.org Wiki to understand what it’s all about. The DMCA claim is irrelevant because the redump team preserves all images even if they were to be taken down from archive.org. DVDs and other media like it must be preserved because they do not last forever. Either that or it will be lost to history.
  11. @TL gamer I know the redump format may seem silly, but its primary purpose is preservation. The idea is to preserve a bit for bit copy if the DVD. This will include data that is not used by the game itself, noise if you will, but it’s an important part of preserving that history. And who knows, one day we may find there was something hiding there in that noise, would be a shame to lose it.
  12. For Insignia, there are no restrictions on modded consoles, in fact, having a modded console will make joining easier. The one thing you shouldn't do is null your HDD key, because that will prevent you from joining. But any non-null HDD key will probably work. Then you need to provide your EEPROM (or the keys from it) so that your Xbox can be added to the database, otherwise encryption between Insignia and Xbox won't work.
  13. Aside from what was already suggested, you could try lubing it up with some lithium grease. Might help a bit.
  14. This happened to me too. I believe it happened because I updated the URL Downloader while running an older beta, something like 1.3.11? I always do it in this order, URL Downloader, then new beta. But perhaps I should do it the other way around. It was definitely the system/scripts/autoexec.py script that locked the system up (no IGR, no FTP, etc). Deleting it prevented further lock-ups (but I had permanently broken URL Downloader). After a clean install of latest stable, I downloaded the latest beta and updating the URL downloader worked fine. It was completely redesigned though (very nice!). I'll try later if I can reproduce the issue with my broken copy of XBMC4Gamers, I have a backup of autoexec.py so if I didn't mess around too much, maybe.
  15. Xbox One wired controllers are already supported. And if I'm not mistaken, the Bluetooth enabled Xbox One controllers can also be used via an 8bitdo adapter. I'm sure Bluetooth could be supported some other way as well, if someone has the motivation and time to add support for it. I don't think we'll see similar support as we do for Xbox 360 because there are no open source drivers for the Xbox One wireless dongle. It would be nice to see a single dongle that can handle Bluetooth from multiple Xbox One controllers though.

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