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  1. For Xbox games the 128mb upgrade is useless. The only place it made any difference for me was with console emulation, specifically the N64. Most N64 games would play horribly prior to the upgrade and quite well after. If you are mostly using the Xbox for playing Xbox games you aren't missing out on anything.
  2. Had no idea this was a thing. I guess the feature was disabled on my 3TB drive. Thanks for the info!
  3. Of my 3 consoles, I have a 3TB WD Green 3.5", 2TB WD Blue 3.5", and a 2TB WD Blue 2.5". All 3 have the Xbox Origins image from Arcade Punks on them and none have ever given me any issue. The 3TB WD Green drive was also a recycle from an old PC I was retiring, so was at least 3 years old when I repurposed it for the Xbox. All 3 are using the typically recommended Startech IDE-SATA and whatever 80 conductor 24" IDE cable was available on Amazon at the time. To add another detail, the WD Green console also has the IDE cable reversed (blue plug in HDD instead of motherboard) with no problem.
  4. Outside of a few parts that were slow due to limited people seeding, my download was faster than many I see. On a 300mb cable connection I downloaded it in about 9 days of 24/7 downloading with no filters set that would limit me. I also had to start over once when I realized I made the bonehead move of starting the torrent on a mac which didn't have enough space and I somehow ruined the file moving it and couldn't get it to resume where it left off. Either way, well worth the download and have now used it on all 3 of the modded consoles I have.
  5. The Origins image is exactly what you are looking for. 760+ OG Xbox games in that image plus thousands of emulator games from every platform imaginable. It uses Xbmc4Xbox as the dash as well. Benur75 was spot on with the app info after download. The history behind that image after I did some reading is that it was from a guy who put it together and was selling imaged hard drives. Someone took one of those drives and dumped it using HDD Raw Copy Tool and seeded it as a torrent. I found a thread (can't remember where anymore) where the dude that created ti was pretty pissed and talking shit
  6. For the most part, yes. Temps may be slightly lower but negligible and the cooling fan is louder than any HDD I have ever put in an Xbox no matter 5400 or 7200rpm. The biggest benefit of an SSD which is speed is entirely lost on the Xbox because it is limited to the maximum speed of the PATA interface. Also, don't forget if you are going to go SSD you must use a SATA to IDE adapter and unless you can find a very old one an 80 conductor IDE cable is required for the drive to function properly.
  7. Sounds like a Halo edition. I hear you on MAME also. I grew up when every mall had an arcade that was always packed and the graphics on those games were years ahead of what home consoles could offer. It gave me the chance to finish some of my favorite CoinOp games from my childhood that I never got to finish because I didn't have the funds to keep pumping quarters in until I reached the end.
  8. Got to agree as well so long as you are going the TSOP route. I hardmodded a skeleton 1.0 and clearing the solder out of the filled LPC port was not as simple as it should have been even with flux, a Weller temperature controlled iron, and proper Chemtronics solder braid. Easily took me well over an hour to clean all the solder out and then another 30 minutes or so cleaning all the flux from the process off the motherboard before getting to the modchip install pinheader and D0 which took about 5 minutes. I've only done one, and know how to solder so the one I did may have just been stubborn, b
  9. I wish they were a dime a dozen in the US. The only ones we typically get here are the ones that found their way over the border from Canada. The only translucent ones we find are the green Halo boxes and those aren't all that common anymore either.
  10. Dude, I don't even want to know how the cat managed to soak that much of the xbox to cover 60% of the metal shielding in piss, but the mental image was pretty funny. As far as what to do, this suggestion will help with the xbox as well as anything else the cat has urinated on. My last cat started peeing outside of her litter box in her old age once her bad hips made it difficult to climb in and squat. For your use, I would remove the motherboard and shielding from the case, wipe down the shielding and case with distilled vinegar diluted with water, use a scotch bright pad (rough green side of
  11. Never even seen that stuff before but it should do the trick without anything being visible. Thank you!
  12. Lol.....I know and I was really hoping for a different answer than that. All 3 boards are set in the dim position (where the white mark is covered) and the picture below is the result. The controller ports are fine but the LEDs on the front button are insanely bright. The setting in XBMC when set to "OFF" dims it to a reasonable level, but the moment I start a game it goes right back to the original brightness as you would expect since the dash is no longer in control. If there is no way to control it through software or BIOS, I'm thinking about removing the front panel and using electric tape
  13. I wasn't sure where to put this, but here goes. I installed a XeniumICE massive bundle by Nemesis recently in a Halo blue console and a skeleton black (transparent gray). Everything is connected including the wires for the dim function on the controller ports. It looks absolutely awesome, but because the console is transparent the front panel LED's are brutally bright in a dimly lit or dark room. So bright that they distract from the TV while playing. This wouldn't be an issue if I was using a solid color console as the LEDs aren't directly visible, but that isn't an option. I found the demo t
  14. It is confusing why this worked when a hub was used. The only difference between a hub and a switch is a hub broadcasts all packets to all ports always and a switch will only broadcast until it locates the port with the other devices on it. Once the port the mac address of the device you are trying to communicate with known, packets intended for that device will only be forwarded to that port. If you only have two hosts on a network hub, everything will be fine. If you have 8 hosts on a hub you will see plenty of latency due to collisions where packets need to resent multiple times to reach th

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