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  1. Well I have one ram upgraded, gives me a lot of fun. Would be nice to have second xbox with tualatin
  2. Yea I'm desperate, wanted one from N64 some time ago - didn't have cash, now I have cash but there is no option to buy one from him.
  3. Looking for cpu & ram upgraded mobo
  4. Is there an option to install display while using TSOP?
  5. LG - 8050L is the best but very rare, was added only to 1.6B versions and only to the "chosen ones". Reads all DVD and CD drives as the only one from the original readers.
  6. I think you can patch multiple xbe files using xbe patcher
  7. I would love the trick to play pc maps on xbox. Keep talking
  8. Is thermal adhesive a good option? I heard that it could even break the chip while detaching.
  9. I want to replace whole cooling so I'm looking for some good options. I searched the internet for Vantec ones but they are long gone. Anyone know some that could fit in screw holes?
  10. any glitches/bugs with other games? I would like to try this in near future.
  11. Alright then. I thought you would need your original hdd that your xbox came with.
  12. Yea, I'm waiting. Shame it probably won't work on modded consoles :c
  13. So to play those games you had to downclock the cpu? I was wondering if they benefit on fps.

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