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  1. Ccub

    Best Bios for 1mb 1.0 Rev

    Actually I've bought it already done&implemented but it's pretty practical and I can recommend it.
  2. Ccub

    Best Bios for 1mb 1.0 Rev

  3. As in the title, my xbox is TSOP'ed and splited with a switch for dualboot.
  4. I use a Hitachi 1 TB HDD and it is very noisy, but then I've realised that I removed all 4 rubbers from under the case, I did put them back and now it seems to be a little bit more silent bc of the vibrations.
  5. Just try one from there: https://archive.org/download/xbox_eng_romset It's checked and working.
  6. Have you tried some different copy of this game? Also, I don't think that it is caused by vga cable, but it won't hurt if you try with second one if you have a second one of course. The last think that comes to my mind is trying with another bios, just be careful when flashing bc you can brick your xbox when u pick wrong one.
  7. Yes, You are right, under the visual aspect they are basically the same game
  8. Every game is different, one can run at 480p and other at 720p, you don't have to edit every game with hexeditor if it works properly. Just try doing this with this game bc you have problem with displaying it, try different resolutions idk which one could possibly work, this solution is just an idea...
  9. Maybe try forcing resolution through hexeditor
  10. Nice, so N64 is my only hope.
  11. Hi! I have a topic to start. I'm already happy with my og Xbox upgraded with another 64mb of ram, but I would love to have it modded with 1.4 Ghz Tualatin. My console inside is 1.0 revision motherboard and was manufactured in Hungary, it is also modded with dual tsop and xblast. Do you know if somebody is still doing that upgrade? I've already PM'd to N64 freak but I'am waiting for his reply, so meanwhile when I am waiting for that reply I decided to find out if there is someone else for that job besides of that, I've read that he is only doing 1 Ghz, not 1.4 Ghz anymore - but I already have two proper tualatins so maybe I'll convince him. The only other person I know that was doing this is Trusty but I don't know where could I contact him. My soldering skills are very little, that is why I'm looking for somebody.

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