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  1. Naah it’s pretty straightforward for me, but I’ve been messing around with pc’s since windows 3.1 But simply formatting directly under windows or linux would be easier for me at least. @amak79 although the 40 wire works, it doesn’t offer reliable operation. You can expect to start seeing issues, for example XBOX not booting or games hanging etc… Standard 80 wire is usually not long enough for proper routing. There are a few longer ones on the market. Chimeric systems offers a replacement cable with the proper length and connector orientation. https://chimericsystems.com/products/custom-xbox-ide-cable
  2. @sweetdarkdestiny can it be that the problem is simply a lack of a file system is causing the problem? Because I don’t see this issue happening for everyone. Makes me wonder if just formatting it to fat32 would also work to get past the bootloop problem. Formatting it to fat32 is easier then installing fatxplorer.
  3. Had similar issue when upgrading my HDD to SSD. Problem is that your HDD is not recognized by the XBOX because it is not formatted correctly. The xbox gets then stuck in a bootloop, reading the dvd over and over again. First format the drive to FATX using fatxplorer on your pc/laptop. The tool is part of the ogxbox installer iso set. One disk contains some useful tools. If this doesn’t work try to replace the startech ide adapter under warranty. They have a tendency to break down DOA/DOI. But this should give different issues if I’m not mistaken, you should get the service error on screen. So I’m pretty confident it is just a matters of pre formatting the drive prior to installing
  4. Just checked mgs2 is indeed 4:3 only https://en.everybodywiki.com/List_of_Xbox_games_with_alternate_display_modes try switching the console 4:3 output
  5. I had the same issue with doubling on my LG OLED with Beyond good and evil. Not sure if I fixed it, I was just testing it quickly after installing an SSD. I think it got fixed with changing the output from 16:9 back to 4:3, beyond good and evil is 4:3 only. Can it be that mgs2 issldo 4:3 only?
  6. It’s a 1.6, so clock cap is not a concern.
  7. Hi Alcatraz, the first picture is taken in the wrong place. The chip should be on the left. You should definitely clean your XBOX . I'm definitely not an electrical expert by any means but it looks like one of the caps is bulging (the middle one in the row of 3 on the left). This is a sign that it ready break. Maybe good to take a look at all your caps first. I recently upgraded my XBOX. I used the OGXBOX installer 2021. It comes with a few handy tool, not sure if it is better or worse. First thing is that you need to arrange the HW - SATA HDD - IDE to SATA adapter (startech works, but there are probably a few others out there) - 80 wire IDE cable First make sure your modchip has the latest bios that supports bigger HDD. There are bioses available that have features like bigger HDD, no DVD and forced 480P enabled. I would first connect the HDD to a computer to format it using FATXplorer. OGXBOX installer has the tool bundelled with the how to install. For me this was needed because I couldn't format it directly on the XBOX. Then install HDD in XBOX and boot the Hexen or XBOX installer DVD. You can choose to reformat it once more, not sure if it is really needed. Anyway use the installer to install your dashboard.
  8. @SS_Dave thanks, your pics are really helpful. I also took a look on JBLPCB and damn these prices are low. If I compare it to a company in the Netherlands I pay about double if I take only 1 board then what it would cost me in shipping on JBLPCB alone. The boards are like 30 cents each if I order 5. This makes me reconsider the Teensy option as I can get the board + parts for ~30 euro's give or take. I know another person that might be interested, so I can at least offload 1 board and parts. Do you mind sharing the design from bracket in the 2nd picture? And which USB cables did you use?
  9. @LampreyI’m in the same boat. Also looking for the OGX360i. Already contacted the usual suspects, but they all stopped at least for now. Making it myself would be too expensive/much work. I decided to go the OGX360-t4 route. It is relatively straightforward, would cost me slightly more for 2 controllers but without the hassle of soldering and getting all parts etc. I don’t think I ever need more the 2 controllers. @SS_Dave how did you mod the controller port so it accepts usb? I would love to replace the front controller ports with USB ports. I’m struggling a bit on the how, because I want to keep everything original. I was thinking on printing a replacement part for the bit which is holding the current controller ports. I was planning to use this usb connectors. But I’m not a mechanical engineer nor do I have a 3d printer. I probably need a few iterations which would make it a bit of a hassle. Other option would be to make a cable where I connect the white connector of the current port and to use the usb adapters from chimeric. I still haven’t found a female connector for the white connector.
  10. Turned on the xbox, started to work again. Was think it might have been the ide cable all along. Swapped it with an 80 wire, tested some games and resetting to the dash a few times to see if it would overheat. Temps stayed nice below 60. After the 2nd reset the dash wouldn’t load nicely, I was missing a lot of games. Reboot gave a flashing red/green light. So swapped the ide-sata adapter, and it is running fine now. One minor thing I found is that if the box is closed to tight that the fan cannot turn over. So also the cause for the overheating is found. @SS_Dave @KaosEngineer thanks for the help
  11. Thanks, learned something new today I just received a message that a replacement sata to ide adapter is already on its way. In the meantime I also ordered a new IDE cable, this time it's 24 inch, hopefully the extra length will make routing it a bit easier
  12. @KaosEngineer XBOX is a 1.6b hardmodded with the apple X. I contacted the company who sold me the IDE adapter, hopefully they can send me a new one pretty fast. Do we understand why the 80 wire is needed for sata hdd? Does it have to do with SATA just putting more data over the cable and when you add the dvd it get’s overloaded during booting? I have the no-dvd bios, don’t know if changes anything.
  13. Off course testing the IDE adapter in reverse will not work because I don't have SATA male cables for it to work. I'm making a backup of my games and will see if formatting the drive works
  14. I think my XBOX overheated last night while playing Max Payne. The xbox crashed and a flashing orange light was visible. The power button did not respond at all. What happened is that I just installed a newly printed case on the startech ide adapter. After putting it together I decided to startup a game. First thing I noticed was how silent it was and I was actually wondering if the fan was even turning. 5 min later it crashed. After letting it cool for some time it doesn’t want to boot anymore. I get red/green light flashing after a few seconds. I connected the SSD to a pc and I can access it without issues wit fatxplorer, was affraid that me pulling the cable out might have damaged the SSD. It doesn’t want to boot to ogxbox installer dvd with SSD connected, but everything works fine with original HDD. The ogxbox installer gets into some bootloop, teal logo is visible and disk makes noise every few seconds. Different HDD gives same problem, it was not formatted to fatx because it contained valuable data. So basically there can be a few things wrong: ide adapter bad, ide cable all of the sudden needs to be a 80 pin or somehow the boot partition got corrupted. I should be able to test startech ide connector by connecting it to my pc via sata with original HDD (ide) right? so basically the reverse from what I do on the xbox. What is the best way to rule out the SSD? I prefer not to format it again, as I spend hours and hours copying/unpacking all the games. The unpacking part I can skip btw now. Is there anything else I need to check?
  15. For me the 40 way cable works great on a 1.6b. I can still run stuff from the DVD drive. I did install the EVOX_M8 forced 480P no DVD bios (512 kb version), can it also be a bios thingy?

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