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  1. did you also try the games with your XBOX on PAL (switch with enigmah)? Also do you have the same dashboards installed on both consoles?
  2. Once every 6 months should be sufficient. What I understood is that data corruption becomes a risk after 1 year without power. So you should be save with 6 months. You only need to power on the xbox, but I would advice you to also play games. It has no impact on the SSD, merely for your own fun Currently XBOX uses UDMA2, this means that the data transfer speed is limited to 33 MB/s. The HW of the xbox does support up to UDMA5 (100MB/s) with the exception of the IDE cable. Recently a new BIOS was released unlocking UDMA5. You need an 80 wire IDE cable and a IDE-SATA adapter thats supports UDMA5. The startech adapter definitely does, other brands might support it but can also be UDMA3 or 4. At the moment both cerbios and evoX (titan) support udma 3 and up. One note, although bandwidth increases by 3x, it doesn’t mean your loadtimes decrease by 3x. It seems to be fully game depended and different nr are going around. I at least noticed mafia loadtime to decrease with 50% (from 10 to 5 secs)
  3. Although a HDD speed is higher the the bus and thus extra speed on paper shouldn’t matter, in reality it does. It shaves of a few seconds depending on the game https://www.retrorgb.com/og-xbox-storage-upgrade-shootout.html nothing world shocking . Combine this with an UDMA5 bios and you give your XBOX a nice speed boost. One thing to note is that SSDs do need to be powered on from time to time, otherwise they’ll start to lose data
  4. @PolzyFTW first of all, don’t worry! Your games and emulators should still be on the XBOX, might be that the xbmc4gamers dashboard got removed. Do you boot from the modchip? 1.6 xbox uses a modchip, typically pushing power button boots the alternate dashboard and eject button the default dashboard (or other way around). So that would be the first check. If it still boots to original dash, just install your preferred dash back with ogxbox installer or hexen. Download linkscsn be found on this site. Burn the img to a DVD r using imgburn. I’m not familiar with hexen, but ogxbox installer is pretty self explanatory.
  5. I’m planning to build OGX360 with 2 port usb design [email protected] Biggest struggle was finding the usb hub controller without overpaying 100x and without shipping time of + 1 year. Luckily found one on ebay. Now it should almost be parts complete at mouser (after 8 months waiting) and cost is 60-70 euro per board for 2 players.
  6. Decided today to install the Titan patch which turned out to be a lot more work then intended. First problem was that the freshly installed dash after formatting would nog load properly, it could also no longer boot from disc for some reason. So reformatting it is. Afterwards I was not able to install the new titan bios (or s as no other bios for that matter). It would fail on the step were it extracts the bios zip file and copy it to the HD. Looks like a similar issue as @futurepr0n reported earlier. Manually copying the bios did the trick in the end. Now for the performance improvement, I did not benchmark a lot of games. But Mafia at least went from 10 secs loading to the taxi driver mission down to 4 secs. So that at least has a huge improvement. Small sidenote is that the game is now on 480i iso 480p.
  7. 20% improvement on loading time is always a plus in my book;) But I realized I did not do enough research. IGR is missing and I forgot I have 2 partitions. So 2 reasons to wait for a later release of bios.
  8. @oysterjetski I have exactly the same question. I would love to install titan m8+ to enable udma5. But it is not fully clear if I would need to format my HD. There are a few people commenting this, but it is not clear to me why. Is this due to the larger sector size?
  9. I’m not here to get advice on the cheapest way to run psx games . I was merely interested whether the XBOX could emulate them well and if you’d need to make some modifications. I have no intention to do this anyway, but I know that the xbox struggles with N64 emulation. And since this is the same gen as PSX I was wondering if it would be the same for PSX games as well. Cheapest solution is to buy a PS2 phat anyway, they are roughly the same price and it can play both PSX and PS2 games without emulation
  10. does it play psx well? Or do you need to 128mb and cpu mod to get decent performance? I have also a modded PS3 which I could use for the same purpose, but disk space is full and it has a hard limit of 1TB. Only added benefit of iso is not having to deal with the dvdmueller thing. I don’t enough disk space to process everything in one go, so had download to my nas, copy files to my pc to extract the iso and ftp everything over to the xbox. I have to redo this another time again because some games are corrupted, probably caused by the ftp-ing. And yeah I realized too late I could just take out the disk and copy directly via usb-sata connector.
  11. What would you actually want to put on there ? I don’t even own 8tb of data I think. Maybe if I add all my games for XBOX, PS3,4 and 5 I might come close… anyway nice that you can put 8TB in an XBOX. Is there anything known already about the ISO support? Is it the standard iso or is it xiso? Would be great to just download the games directly from a well known location which stores a lot of internet data directly to the XBOX.
  12. Sega does not have a region lock chip. It uses different shapes for the cardridge slot. You need to file away some plastic pieces to make it region free. 2nd thing is that they have hardwired jumpers on the pcb to control language and region. Technically you should also replace a clock so it runs at the correct frequency of 59.94. I don’t the exact number but it was something like 59.8 hz when you switch your PAL console to NTSC without replacing the clock. Making it region free is really easy, just requires you to cut some traces and to solder a couple of wires. Some people use switches to toggle between the options. I use an arduino and switch region/language with the reset button
  13. @Bowlsnapper faster as in speed not only framerate. So also the music is faster. Everything is linked to the clock speed video chip. So a lot of games run better on NTSC consoles edit here is a video with a comparison https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WzoyF70Jkho
  14. Does SNES really have separate for SNES and PAL? There is no setting in the emulator for PAL/NTSC? Reason for asking is that I know that on SEGA most ROMs are multiregion. For example SONIC runs 20% faster on NTSC consoles when using the same cartridge on a genesis vs EU megadrive. There are only a handful region locked in SW, Streets of rage/bare knuckles is probably the most famous one. You can also make the console region free with a soldering iron and a Arduino nano. So I wouldn’t be surprised if nintendo applied the same tactic.
  15. I was using a pound cable for both my sega MD and the XBOX (and future n64). It is not great for the Sega, highlights are clipping. Also adds some input delay(1-2 frames). This week my retrotink 5x arrived. First of all it looks so much better, and noticed games just run a tad better due to lack of input delay. Now waiting on the XBOX component HD cables (modded X360 component cable). Can’t wait to use my xbox with the retrotink. Should also make the interlaced games run great. I was also considering the HDMI mod, but it’s just a bit more the I was willing to shell out. Chimeric cable waitlist is too long, I’m still nr 1200 or something after 3 months. Didn’t want to wait a year to get some improvements. the retrotink cost obviously much more then a HDMI mod. But if you have multiple retro consoles than it can also be a solid solution.

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