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  1. Totally safe. There will just be extra empty space left over. Ccub implemented a switch to allow the empty space to be utilized for a second (up to) 512K BIOS.
  2. I would love to see Wireless N or AC adapters in a nice kit like TinkerMods provides.
  3. $30.95 for a working used one on e-bay. item # 163970266426 I bought a xbox mainboard from this seller without any issues.
  4. Also, while in your xbox.... If you have not already, remove your clock capacitor. New dashboards all update clock on boot-up via ntp. If your 1.0 xbox has not already started leaking from the clock capacitor, it will fail soon anyway. Best to remove the problem before it occurs.
  5. here is a great guide on SHARP TSOP flashing: ... Upgrading hard drives is easy once your TSOP is modded. I recommend Seagate Barracuda 2TB. They have nice 256mb cache to help loading times, but any size/spec drive will do. Up to 750GB are available in IDE. Anything larger will need a IDE->SATA adapter and an 80-wire IDE cable. I have used 2TB drives with 64mb, 128mb, and 256mb cache sizes. I noticed boot/load times got faster with each increase. Not enough to say anyone NEEDS 256mb cache. But for a new drive purchase, you might as well get the best. Especially since cost
  6. great find. I check my local thrift stores and flea market, but never have luck.
  7. The NZB arcade punks is hosting has one corrupt file. You can get a valid copy of the bad file from here: https://mega.nz/#!EE1jUI7R!gQH9SO1AorocCZNBQZh0Op5hszIjPmVgEOZQ7R_351c
  8. Can I get one of those from you? I have been patiently waiting over 4 months for samspin, but I want to get this project off of my to-do list.
  9. samspin: I am fine with waiting. I am past my deadline for the project anyway. So it's all on the back burner for now. But I do want to complete the project, so please update me when you are ready.
  10. I love my X3 with X3CP. Check the wanted threads. there are ppl all the time that want an X3CP.
  11. did you receive the order?
  12. documentation for this project is abysmal. I am getting into this dash for the first time and also having a heck of a time to get everything added after initial dash installation. Artwork is partially attainable via the built-in URL Downloader script. Unfortunately it does not have all the supported emulators to grab EMUs & Artwork. for. I tried to watch the setup video, but I could not even hear the dialogue to follow it.

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