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  1. Kaosengineer - A few questions... firstly, I am softmodded. Does that play a factor? My partitions sizes were limited to 927GB. is there any tutorial out there outlining how to prepare or connect the harddrive to your pc? i already have the HDD raw copy program, the origins HDD image file and a 3TB HDD. I just can’t figure out how to partition it. I also swapped my idee HDD and back up my eprom, and installed the 3TB HDD I’m planning on using. Do I need to unlock my HDD before formatting? I really appreciate your help... I really would like the origins set up, and it’d really mean a lot to me to accomplish it. Thank you for any help you might be able to send me.
  2. Once a partition has been created, are you able to expand them? Or merge empty partitions? I wish there was a clear guide on how to do it. I have XBpartitioner installed just afraid to mess with important partitions.
  3. thank you!! I would really appreciate it. I’m amazed that so much work went into creating it and yet, there isn’t much information on the actual cloning process.
  4. Is there a link to the installation process of the Origins game pack that has been going around which is a 1.7TB HDD image? all I am seeing is that you need a program to clone the HDD But no other information beyond that. What do I actually do with it? How would I clone it to my Xbox HDD when I have smaller size partitions, does the program just split it? The Origins Game pack I am referring to is the ArcadePunks HDD image file that many people are using. thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, i recently softmodded my 1.4 original Xbox and added a 3TB HDD, however I am not sure I have all the space I was supposed to get. I understand Xbox should only recognize about 2.3-2.5TB however I am not seeing all of my space showing up. Furthermore, there’s several smaller partitions. Can I expand my existing partitions, what is the best way to get the most space out of my current set up? I could redo the whole process if needed. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks !

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