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  1. yes mate, the file is in the right place..so i don't know what to do next
  2. thanks for you help HDShadow. I'll have another look to see if i can find an Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano download somewhere It looks as though it was only released on PS2 in North America
  3. Hey guys, i have XBMC Emustation installed, and find that one or two games such as LMA Managers games and S.C.A.R (Squadra Corse) will not display in NTSC. I am having to go into the dashboard settings to change to PAL to get them to to display (576i only). Is there a way that individual games like these can be set up to automatically run in PAL whilst leaving the system as NTSC.. Many thanks
  4. Anyone able to get S.C.A.R (Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo) running in 480p?...can't get the game running on my softmodded machine...Thanks
  5. Hey good people. I have just added the PS emulator to XBMC Emustation. I have added Kula World (a .bin file) via USB, but it doesn't show up when clicking PLAYSTATION . I can access it via file manager and clicking on the emu and selecting Kula World that way..what am i doing wrong?....cheers
  6. There's a higher texture pack via the xbmc Emustation downloader
  7. Has anyone tried the high resolution pack for Richard Burns Rally..does it work well with 64mb Ram...Thanks
  8. David McKenna

    S. C.A.R.

    Squadra corse alfa romeo....has anyone got this game working on a soft modded Xbox. I have the xbox set to NTSC M, and played with various settings, but the screen just goes black when i try to run it..Thanks
  9. great job, wish i had 128mb .
  10. Mine is soft modded. So glad to have finally made a hit
  11. My Xbox is a hybrid with bits from here and there. The motherboard is v1.0. I could only get a decent clear picture using a hybrid component (modded 360 component cable)..going HDMI had been a waste of time as lines across the screen and speckly dots rather spoiled things, as did other component cables. No such trouble with this one, though i did have to reduce the contrast and backlight on the TV a little Edit, the manufacturing label on my Xbox tells me it's a v1.4. XBMC Emustation tells me it's a V1.0
  12. David McKenna

    Cover Art

    Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone knew what the ideal size of the default.tbn should be. I'm currently replacing each image that varies from 12 Kb to 28Kb as they are poor quality. Some images i have replaced are as big as 2mb some as little as 180kb, there doesn't seem much difference between the two image wise. Thanks

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