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  1. Okay, I'll try the complete install first because it seems like the most "safe" option. However when it comes to flashing BIOS, the whole reason I made this post is because I want advice from a community who know what they're doing, I don't want to flash the wrong thing and brick my console. I've been there and done that before, it's a horrible feeling. Cheers though! I do appreciate you helping me!
  2. Sorry to sound like an absolute noob (I am hahaha), but which version should I download? PBL or non-PBL? Also once I've got this up and running.. Am I using it to reinstall everything to my hard drive (like I was doing with Hexen) or am I using it to flash my BIOS?
  3. I have tried doing the "Disk Upgrade" from Hexen about 5-6 times now. Still no change. I can't open XBPartitioner because it throws the error mentioned above. Also I don't know what chips I have, as I mentioned the Xbox was given to me.
  4. Hey guys, happy new year! A few months ago I was given an original Crystal Xbox. As someone who has always been on the Sony side of consoles, I admit, I don't know much about Xbox. However I was told that the Xbox was running EvoX (Can be confirmed, when I turn the Xbox on, there is an EvoX icon on the left hand side of the boot screen) and that the Xbox had a modchip inside. The Xbox has been sitting under my bed for a while and I thought today I would dust it out and upgrade the internal HDD. The IDE hard drive inside the Xbox was only 80GB and I had a spare 250GB IDE hard drive I

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