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  1. I'm running emustation on my softmodded 2tb xbox. I have 2 questions. I have Ninja Installed on f drive and running. I've added a mortal Kombat pack which created an additional games folder on F. I've already filled up G drive with my Xbox roms. I want to add more Xbox roms but do I create a Xbox games folder on F? I believe I can't add them to the folder already there with the mortal Kombat stuff for Ninja. Advice needed guys. The other part I need help with is the installation of Final Burn ledgents in emustation. Is it better to install as an emulator or just use the emustation fbl roms folder?
  2. Did you have issues with coinops not running? I transferred mine over to my build but games don't load. I think it has something to do with my settings in flash fxp. Any advice?
  3. Was going to reflash the 3294 bios to bank 1234. Any suggestions for another bios for 5678?
  4. Yup holding it down even before the rock my Xbox message appears.
  5. Was able to flash the X3 with the 3294 bios to bank (5678). Unfortunately I'm still unable to get the Config Live screen by pressing the white button on my controller.
  6. Did you ever sell the chip and adapter?
  7. When I press the power and eject buttons I get the flash bios screen. I don't really mess with the switches. Hopefully today I should be up and running.
  8. Thanks for the advice! Found this on You Tube. Hope link is allowed if not please delete.
  9. I have an xbox with a X3 CE chip installed with the attached bank switches. I was able to update to flashbios 3.0.1. Bank 1234: on on off off This xbox does not get passed the Xecuter boot screen when I short press the power button (chip enabled). If I long press the power button (chip disabled) I get code 13. If I long press the power button with an original xbox game in the DVD drive the game runs no issues. I am also able to reach the flashBios screen by long pressing the eject an power buttons together. I bought this xbox a while back and have been trying to make it work properly. I believe I'm missing another bios file but I'm really not sure. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Looking to purchase power button for og Xbox. Would like power button with blue LEDs. If anyone has one available please message me. Thanks
  11. No never backed it up..
  12. Is there any way to restore a hdd after a config magic mess up? Was working on the EEprom of a soft mod hdd. Messed up rebooted now get error 5. Is this xbox unusable now?
  13. Where exactly do I place the PSX pack update(PlayStation Folder) within Ninja? Does it go under RomConsules/Oldconsole/PlayStation? I'm running Ninja Massive with update addon pack 2. Any help welcomed. Thanks

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