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  1. Looking to purchase power button for og Xbox. Would like power button with blue LEDs. If anyone has one available please message me. Thanks
  2. No never backed it up..
  3. Is there any way to restore a hdd after a config magic mess up? Was working on the EEprom of a soft mod hdd. Messed up rebooted now get error 5. Is this xbox unusable now?
  4. Where exactly do I place the PSX pack update(PlayStation Folder) within Ninja? Does it go under RomConsules/Oldconsole/PlayStation? I'm running Ninja Massive with update addon pack 2. Any help welcomed. Thanks
  5. Been trying to find good links for MameOXtras and the newer addon updates for Ninja. Unfortunately all the ones I try are not being seeded and stop abruptly. Any help welcomed.
  6. Did some more reading and found out how to set it up. Thanks https://postimg.cc/1grBHQsW
  7. I read I had to set up the emulator in the custom launch list within Emustation. I really don't see where the list is for modifying. I have Xbmc4gamers on my other xbox and Ninja is very easy to get to. Emustation does not show standalone emulators without some tinkering.
  8. I installed Emustation on F drive and have set up most of my roms and box art. I also installed Ninja Massive in my F drive under Emus. How can I run Ninja Massive from Emustation? Do I have to exit the Emustation dash and then run it?
  9. I honestly taught the yellow was 5 volts.
  10. I bought some LED strips from Amazon but install didn't go as planned. LEDs only stay on in one color and lights are dull. I'm getting power from the extra molex connector from my recent hdd upgrades. Here is a list of used products. WS2812b Addressable LED Strip 60 LEDs per meter. Sp002e Controller. https://postimg.cc/r0Jbg0yk https://postimg.cc/Yvdvc8XG
  11. I did what you said drive F worked and could save games to it but not G.. I had gotten theses 2 2 tb drives from facebook marketplace and was told they were ok.. I think there are issues with both of them. Going to order new drives from Amazon. Cheaper is not usually better.. Thanks for all your help SSDave!
  12. I changed ide cable and was able to clone drive. Now the new problem. I tried to install app to F then G but can't.. Ftp into xbox and it also doesn't let me create any folders. Partition info: E: 3,242.45 F:. 492,741.63 G: 949,989.81 Have repartition with Xpartitioner V 1.3 twice. Noticed ER (error) initially on F drive and repartitioned. Have tried this with 2 drives. Same results.
  13. Cloning C and E.

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