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  1. the exact part is TVR 20241X You may have to google the datasheet on that part and find a equivalent part on ebay. one rated for 200 or 220 VRMS should be fine if you are in the USA using 120v. If that is a Europe PSU i'm not sure what the part number is. Or if in a bind you can tare apart an old plug strip sometimes you can salvage one or more out of them..
  2. Its a Metal Oxide Varistor, It looks blown to me, you will need to ckeck the fuse also and replace one or both as needed. It protects against over voltage spikes from the mains power. If you razor blade the plastic cover off it you will most likely see it is burnt and cracked.
  3. Even if I bid 19,001.00 I will still get out bid.... LOL
  4. I never lock my hard drives on hard modded / TSOP boxes. They always work fine.
  5. You are on the right track... I have deleted the dashupdate.xbe on some games and they will no longer run. So I create a shortcut using the shortcut maker and name the shortcut dashupdate.xbe point it to the default,xbe and the game works.. I also deleted the whole demo folder on a few games and found that they will no longer play. so I created a 1 sec blank video XMV and re- name it for all the xmv files in the demo folder... and boom that game works. what do you think.. ?
  6. I have had this problem you described with doing the on/off thing then staying on the third time. For me it was always a bad EEprom flash (Not TSOP) I was using a homebrew programming cable and pony prog and something went wrong. And thats what it started doing after I mess it up. I was able to fix it by trying over and over hitting "Write EEprom" in PonyProg at just the right moment during the power cycling. Once the EEProm took a good flash it powered up normally.
  7. Output Current +12V: 8A Max Load(15A Peak Load) Output Current +5V: 8A Max Load(10A Peak Load) Output Current +3.3V: 8A Max Load(10A Peak Load)
  8. My 16' flat bottom jon boat with a Mazda RX7 engine connected to a jet drive. Digital steering and throttle controls.
  9. Its a 24pin ITX power supply off eBay with an 20pin cable attached. 12VDC in and ATX standard out. I may have to move a couple of wires around to match the xbox pinout.
  10. My current project is this slim xbox. -No DVD 128Mb Ram Upgrade -2Tb Hybrid SSD Drive -Low Profile Laptop CPU cooler -Xbox A/V output removed internal HDMI out added -Custom Bios -Integrated wireless controller support -Arduino Controlled LED lit Jewel and ports -Power supply upgrade (now runs on a 12v adapter)
  11. I just have fun doing standard mods and crazy mods.

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