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  1. The next thing I would try, even though you are using composite cable. I would go to the MS Dash board and turn off 480p, and try it again.
  2. Thanks, for the help. I'm sending a unit to a friend in London, He is getting the converter locally. If you buy a cheap one you may not get a good long term solution. I suggested 500 watt and he went for 1000 watt. well that will last along time, it's not being stressed. I looked at the circuit boards on the xbox psu's and they all say like 127v 50/60hz so I guess his purchase will work just fine.
  3. Will this work? or is the 50/60hz going to still be an issue? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07SZCPQY7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_x7K0EbXM3Z6V0
  4. Mine all have unleashx dash with a custom skin, the skin doesn't show the time or date, so I have never seen it.
  5. OK I have about 9 xbox's. I have taken the clock capacitor out of all the ones that are 1.0 - 1.5. Have I never looked or cared what date or time it is -- NO. Just wondering why you care?
  6. Well seems like 1. a/v cable or TV problem 2. not to be a smart ass but a blinking green led sounds like it has a disc in the dvd drive.
  7. I guess the real question is....Can XBMC control the xbox fan speed. Then you could make it match your dashboard speed. I do not know the answer...
  8. Hi, I know what your talking about, I use unleashx dash with fans set at 2x for better cooling, then when you run Ninja the fan speed goes to normal, Not off it just seems like it because your xbox gets quieter.
  9. jhark

    XBox 2 Hdd?

    I made one a few years ago, with interchangeable HDD drives.
  10. I know what you feel.. I looked at my fun area and realized I have 89 xboxes... it makes my head spin?
  11. I have seen where someone put a round sticker on that white plastic part to block the magnet inside it from grabbing onto the disc centering spindle so tight. Then it ejects just fine.
  12. The xbox game is Arctic Thunder, here is a picture of the output. Do you think is a TV setting? UnleashX is set to 480p= yes 720p=yes widescreen. I'm guessing the TV might not be switching to normal and stuck on widescreen. Thanks, Joe
  13. the exact part is TVR 20241X You may have to google the datasheet on that part and find a equivalent part on ebay. one rated for 200 or 220 VRMS should be fine if you are in the USA using 120v. If that is a Europe PSU i'm not sure what the part number is. Or if in a bind you can tare apart an old plug strip sometimes you can salvage one or more out of them..
  14. Its a Metal Oxide Varistor, It looks blown to me, you will need to ckeck the fuse also and replace one or both as needed. It protects against over voltage spikes from the mains power. If you razor blade the plastic cover off it you will most likely see it is burnt and cracked.
  15. Even if I bid 19,001.00 I will still get out bid.... LOL

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