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  1. I never lock my hard drives on hard modded / TSOP boxes. They always work fine.
  2. You are on the right track... I have deleted the dashupdate.xbe on some games and they will no longer run. So I create a shortcut using the shortcut maker and name the shortcut dashupdate.xbe point it to the default,xbe and the game works.. I also deleted the whole demo folder on a few games and found that they will no longer play. so I created a 1 sec blank video XMV and re- name it for all the xmv files in the demo folder... and boom that game works. what do you think.. ?
  3. I have had this problem you described with doing the on/off thing then staying on the third time. For me it was always a bad EEprom flash (Not TSOP) I was using a homebrew programming cable and pony prog and something went wrong. And thats what it started doing after I mess it up. I was able to fix it by trying over and over hitting "Write EEprom" in PonyProg at just the right moment during the power cycling. Once the EEProm took a good flash it powered up normally.
  4. Output Current +12V: 8A Max Load(15A Peak Load) Output Current +5V: 8A Max Load(10A Peak Load) Output Current +3.3V: 8A Max Load(10A Peak Load)
  5. My 16' flat bottom jon boat with a Mazda RX7 engine connected to a jet drive. Digital steering and throttle controls.
  6. Its a 24pin ITX power supply off eBay with an 20pin cable attached. 12VDC in and ATX standard out. I may have to move a couple of wires around to match the xbox pinout.
  7. My current project is this slim xbox. -No DVD 128Mb Ram Upgrade -2Tb Hybrid SSD Drive -Low Profile Laptop CPU cooler -Xbox A/V output removed internal HDMI out added -Custom Bios -Integrated wireless controller support -Arduino Controlled LED lit Jewel and ports -Power supply upgrade (now runs on a 12v adapter)
  8. I just have fun doing standard mods and crazy mods.

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