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  1. Yeah, totally the same game. Edited list and removed Petit copter. Thank you for your contribution.
  2. It means there is update with some kind of content or bug fix you can install.
  3. Added Fusion Frenzy and WWE WrestleMania 21 as Full exclusives.
  4. Added Alien Hominid to "Content" exclusivity (DLC with new levels).
  5. Update. Added exclusive content for Aggressive Inline game.
  6. Update. Added BC mark to backward compatible games.
  7. Tho you can't list as dlc or patch if game does't exist in first place? There was no Warlords version for Xbox and no "patch" even for new HD version. Even now you can't play this version with 2019 release. If base for you is just blackgrounds and story, ok base game is the same. But it's like saying all DDR games is same game. Or DoA 2 Ultimate is not exclusive even thought they use new DOA3 engine. But it's same core game. I can follow your logic, but it's not relatable for me.
  8. You not right. It's not same expirience at all. From guy who played both. I'll add quote from gamefaqs here. - Hard Mode added with a special rank you can gain only on that mode which requires absolute mastery; - All armors are replaced (which were recolors) with unique designs that have special stats like a Ninja Armor. - There's a Green Orb system which is really fun and unique. Basically randomly when killing enemies a Green Orb will spawn and you have to 'fight' to absorb it. You cannot move or attack while 'fighting' for it. If you win, you get one in stock. If you have 5 stored you can expend them to become fully invincible and healed for a few seconds. While this seems overpowered its a really cool system that rewards planning one when to use it. If a foe (or boss) wins, they become super buffed. If you beat a buffed enemy however, they drop more XP. So if you want you can buff a boss/enemy and Issen them to death for massive XP gains. - Evil Doll enemies, extremely powerful foes that are extremely hard to defeat for newcomers but give a ton of XP when beaten. They can also haunt you like a Nemesis if you don't kill them. - Charge attacks. You can charge in 3 levels, each giving a different move with different properties and rewards (in terms of what orb type you receive). Some launch, some knock back etc. - New areas. - a complete subquest revolving around unlocking a tower that houses a miniature 'bloody palace' with a secret boss and powerful armor as reward. - item locations remixed as well as new enemies and enemy placements. - unique unlockable costumes. - And the biggest one imo: allows you to skip cutscenes. P.S. Even green orb system is enough to make game alot diffferent.
  9. Genma Onimusha is updated version of Onimusha: Warlords. Never released outside of Xbox. GBA version is not same game, only same name. Can't count that. Never played GBA version but some portable "versions" of games even have different story but share same name with console version.
  10. There is 2006 PAL version of Guilty Gear Isuka. And it's fulll english. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mborgerson/xemu-website/master/titles/AW/001/cover_front.jpg
  11. Hello. I'm playing now PAL version of Guilty Gear Isuka. I'm not good enough to unlock everything, but i want to make with trainer/find save file. Maybe anyone can help me with this problem?
  12. Edit. Removed Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams since it's the same game as Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut for PS2
  13. So i had problem with game X-2 Wolverines revenge. Could it also be problem with HDD fix requirement?
  14. Hello, so i made this list with all exclusive games/content for original xbox. Types of exclusivity: Full - there was no re-releases of this game. Console - there is PC version of this game. Content - there is bonus content available only for Original Xbox version. 6th generation - there is version for next generation consoles or re-release, but no versions for other 6th generation consoles. LIST IS HERE Made it for myself but decided to share list to get more information i have missed. If you find any mistakes or I missed something - please contact me. Also im looking for Original Xbox games with regional content. For now i know two. Dead or Alive 3 with new moves and costumes for Pal version and Airforce Delta Storm aka Deadly Skies with new planes for Pal version. If you know any other - contact me please.
  15. No, it just crushes xbox. I had 1080i enabled at MS dash, disabled it and tried to boot up game, xbox restarted two times in row. Next i used composite cable and got black screen.

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