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  1. No, it just crushes xbox. I had 1080i enabled at MS dash, disabled it and tried to boot up game, xbox restarted two times in row. Next i used composite cable and got black screen.
  2. So i tried this solution and it didn't work. Still black screen. But i tried to use component cable with all HD settings disabled and xbox just restarted without black screen.
  3. I had one connected before. So i need to connect it again and turn 480p and etc off? Tnx i'ill try that/
  4. Tried to update bios, no use, really strange problem =/ I think I'll just give up and use PS2 for this game. Tnx every1.
  5. Everything already disabled in EvolutionX dash and at MS Dash there is no options for any hd quality.
  6. So i fixed my dvd drive. Got myslef copy of the game and still nothing. I don't understand. No other games had this problem.
  7. Tnx. Now i know Pal version does't work too. =/
  8. UPD, No luck finding PAL version. Any1 got other ideas?
  9. Well i have NTSC version and i cant find PAL anywhere. Ill try to find one and check. Thank you.
  10. Hello. Recently i tried to install X2 - Wolverines Revenge on my 1.6 hardmodded xbox and got black screen right after launch. I know there is an issue with 1.6 and HD output with some games but im using composite cable and CRT TV. Really cant figure out this problem. Any1 can help?

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