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  1. So I tried that and it cought fire. The wires I installed are melted but I dont see anything else obviously wrong. Is it possible to get a replacement psu or should I just buy a new xbox.
  2. I cannot seem to find it or an equivalent part and I dont know how to read the data sheet. From what I looked up its a surge protector. If I always have the xbox plugged in to a surge protector could I bypass it?
  3. THAnK YOU. I did a continuity test and the fuse is blown. the metal oxide varistor is cracked. I dont see any part numbers or voltages or anything. how do I find the right replacement parts?
  4. My OG xbox wont turn on. Not a single bulging or leaky cap. I was going to replace all the caps but I noticed this and I dont know what it is, how to tell if its bad or how to order a new one. It looks kinda burned on the top but it just appears to be the rubber and not the part itself. is there a way to check it with a multi meter. The part I am asking about is the one in the first picture

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