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  1. I just cleaned my belt and no bueno , she sticks. I was planning on ordering a belt and crossing that off the list of problems. Are you saying that may not work either , that's just great.
  2. ok ill get her apart and take a look re soldered and I am back up and running thanks to SS Dave you made my day Ryan
  3. Not sure what happened but on startup the screen froze on the boot menu with evo x insignia. now It tries to start twice and either dies or flashes red green with no screen output. Machine is hardmod with alldin xt plus chip using lpc board ver 1.6 stock hd Is this a dead hd or something else? I thought it was a bad dvd drive ( sometimes it wouldn't eject) but am not sure. I was planning on a 2Tb upgrade but was enjoying learning FTP into xbox of games I wanted to play first knowing I was going to need more space. I hope I don't have to start from scratch .
  4. I am using a cable I bought from eBay This cable has been redesigned to work with the original Xbox and tested thoroughly. These are made with a genuine Xbox 360 composite/component cable and a brand new Original Xbox AVIP plug. The cable is Genuine OEM Microsoft brand. They used really high quality, double shielded, cables for the 360. These cables are arguably, and in my opinion, better than the monster cable for the OG Xbox, which sells for almost double what I'm asking for these. The picture quality is the same as the Monster but these cables don't grip so tight that
  5. Hi so I would love to play any games I can in 720 on the XBOX I recently hardmodded . Ver 1.6 Alladin xt 2 + chip stock HD . I have figured out how to play XBOX games in HD using XBMC for Gamers and was not able to play my KIXXX in 720 even though the setting are there. I select the option but it doesn't seem to "stick" as the resolution looks low. Maybe I cant play In 720 I don't know what I can and can't do with my basic setup. What are my limitations? Thanks.
  6. What did you change the display appearance settings to ?
  7. So today I got my composite with toslink cable and hooked it up to the TV . My dashboard works fine but when I insert a xbox game the screen is jumbled badly. Is there something I can do here ? Im assuming the cable is fine . It shows up as HD A V pack . I only had the standard A V pack before and am looking forward to seeing an improvement. Hardmod 1.6 Thanks Ryan
  8. While using xb partitioner on my stock HD nothing shows up in the extended partition list. I thought there should be 2 g there ?I plan on getting a larger disc drive and adapter and cable but for now I would just like to learn how it works with stock HD .I watched a video on this and it shows there being available storage in the extended partitions . F and g show 0 available on mine. Is this right?
  9. ok then mine is locked and I see the option to unlock . is there a certain process to unlock? or just select to unlock and that's it?
  10. Hardmod is done on 1.6 but I still have the stock hard drive , should it be locked or is there something I need to do? I have recently install kixxx emulator but have it in apps in the boot dash that hexen installed as I don't see how to put in emulators folder. Works fine just wrong location, how do I move into emulators folder? Still learning how this file system all works.
  11. Theres just so much to learn in here and I see how far people are going on modding. Its impressive and exciting to see. Its sucking me in Damn it.
  12. I started with a softmod then I did the hardmod and that's cool but there's so much more I am seeing its making my head spin.
  13. If it has a green clock cap its a 1.6, that's what I have. I don't know the other color but not green or removed is best on all except for the 1.6 green capacitor version. forgot where to look to see in your photos I do not know how to tell the other versions but there is a way to. Some searching for it will be required . Wish I could help more I hope its just green then you'll know its a 1.6. Then you'll be wondering if its a 1.6a or 1.6b though that doesn't really matter. Good luck Ryan

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