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  1. Any tips / tricks how to open the Wii2HDMI adapter plastic case without destroying it in the process ?
  2. Thanks for sharing Maybe a silly question but, I would like to know what's the big / noticeable difference between the PBL version and the noPBL version ?
  3. @Benur75 If I understand right, I need 2X 2TB HDD : 1X 2TB HDD to download the Xbox_Origins_2TB.imgc file, and another 1X 2TB HDD to transfer the uncompressed "image" using HDD Raw Copy Tool, right ??
  4. @sweetdarkdestiny "X-Disk if you understand german" I don't read / write German BUT I can learn. If you have a working link to download it, It would be nice "AiO Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.53" There are many versions: Full, Lite even Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.6 in Portuguese. "there some nice Spanish installer too" AFAIK there are 2 : BDI Borg Disk Installer v1.37 (Updated regularly) and ZXB Installer (Little old but good)
  5. @SS_Dave Could you share with us the "method" to TSOP Flash the Atmel Chip ??
  6. @SS_Dave It's almost clear now 1. I have many Original Xbox Game Disk from your list (Tony Hawk's pro skater 4, 007AUF (The working one) and Splinter Cell). Let's choose Splinter Cell. 2. Looks like you create your own TSOP Flash Program/System. Could you share with us your creation ?? (Link) 3. For the last part, I will choose the 2nd option: direct from the Xbox and select the BIOS from list.
  7. @SS_Dave ? ? ? Sorry, I still don't get it. First, I have an Xbox NTSC-U Version 1.0 Second, for that Xbox, which Bios do you recommend ? Third, from WHERE I select the Bios file I want to flash; I only copy 007AUF to the Xbox !? Fourth, WHEN do I have to solder/bridge the TSOP Points (R7D3/R7R3 in my case)
  8. @SS_Dave " I don't even softmod to TSOP flash. Add the links as required 1. Copy 007AUF save hack to the Xbox 2. Load 007AUF and run the game save. 3. Flash TSOP. " Could you elaborate a bit more what exactly do I have to do between steps 2 and 3 ??
  9. Thanks for the update ! I was still using BDI 126
  10. Is this the chip you hotswap ? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3pcs-lot-SST49LF080A-33-4C-NHE-SST49LF080A-49LF080A-49LF080A-33-4C-N-PLCC32-new-original/33002810382.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.103257d5v8MyV6&algo_pvid=3e6e104d-e704-4d12-9d3e-4127504eb352&algo_expid=3e6e104d-e704-4d12-9d3e-4127504eb352-2&btsid=3b884b0d-9961-4002-bbf3-f2e39c5aa286&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5,searchweb201603_52
  11. Thanks for your answer. I've got the leaded solder (0.8 & 0.5) I've got the flux. My soldering iron is temperature adjustable. I only used once to fix a couple of cold solder points on my Xbox Power Supply (V 1.0) The temperature I used was 450F; according to you looks like it was a little too high. At the end, my Xbox Power Supply PCB did NOT look "burned" like the pictures above.
  12. This project looks very interesting but sadly I don't even understand half of what you are talking about. I read the instructions and step 2 & 3 are in perfect chinese for me: 1. JTAG PROGRAMMER: Model ? Picture ? Where can I buy it: Amazon ? Aliexpress ? Link ? 2. APPLY 3.3V POWER TO THE ALADDIN PCB: From where: Motherboard ? DVD Drive ? Xbox Power Supply ? Picture ? 3. PROGRAM CPLD: What's this ? 4. UrJTAG PROGRAM: Will it work on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bits or I have to go back to Windows XP ? How to use this program ? I only found this video from 2015: h

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