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  1. I have a softmodded Xbox. Imposible to buy a chip in my country, well I guess there is 1 guy who sells the Aladdin chip, but why do that when you have a sofmodded able Xbox? (mine came softmodded, old softmod but good enough). No matter, everything has worked so far, so we can leave this thread as "solution found" etc. Thanks to all of you guys.
  2. I did just that! But then I learned that you only have to plug the "green" cable into the yellow composite input and you will see a black and white crappy image, but good enough to use chimp once... sadly I had already made the composite cable, almost destroying 1 of my fingers in the process
  3. Thanks Kaos, I've already done that, because without it, I wouldn't be able to see anything on the sides. But no matter what I do I just cannot make the fonts, letters, etc look bigger, they are too small, because this dashboard is probably meant for HD TV's. I guess I would have to try to mod XBMC4gamers myself... Thanks Kaos, for your time and your always nice feedback Hector.
  4. Thanks for that info Nikey! By the way, what dashboard do you recommend for using with a CRT (4:3 480i) I have used Xbmc4gamers and even though is nice, it is way too big for my screen, I cannot see what button does what etc. I am using UnleashX and sure, is good for my 4:3 TV, but Xbmc4gamers seems faster and it also has those nice covers. I wish I could find something like Xbmc4gamers but with bigger fonts! Bigger UI etc! But I cannot seem to find anything like that. A patched version of Xbmc4gamers with bigger fonts would be ideal for me, and for anyone using a CRT honestly. If you know any dashboard like this, please let me know! Thank you all again for your time, Hector.
  5. Mmm interesting, because my 5400 sata is about exactly 2 seconds slower than my old IDE drive. That woud mean that it doesn't make much of a difference. Maybe using the Startech Sata to IDE adaptor we could gain those 2 or 3 seconds back using the Sata 7200 drive, so it could be just as fast as an IDE 7200 drive. I only have the chinese sata to IDE adaptor, didn't know about the Startech when I bought mine. Thanks for the input SS Dave, this is all very interesting to me
  6. Nikeymikey, why you say it may not be worth it, in your country 3.5 7200rpm drives are also more expensive?(they are here for some reason). Because now that I have been searching in my city, is hard to get one in a good price. On the other hand 2.5 5400rpm are everywhere and cheap, I am using a 500gb from a PS4 Slim I "used to" have, HGST brand. Still, now that I have been using the Xbox for a while, everything seems a bit faster, also, with the Maxtor I would get 6 seconds between the black screen (after microsoft logo) and entering UnleashX, with the adaptor and sata drive it takes 8 seconds. That's about it, and having 10 big games installed. I think is good Cheers and man I am so happy, sadly I am starting with a bad flu right now, crap... hahahha uuuhhhh...
  7. You mean that using a 7200rpm and a 5400rpm is irrelevant due to the adapter making any HDD equally slower?
  8. Yes Kaos that is exactly what I got! But then I just said, screw this, and pressed A and it was like pressing enter, and entered Chimp. There was no where on the Internet that would tell you about this, I assumed Chimp simply wasn't compatible with my HDD and never thought to just press A, which I did eventually and it worked, not witstanding the errrors. Thanks Kaos
  9. Nikey, do you know if using a 7200rpm Sata HDD makes a difference vs a 5400rpm Sata HDD? I am using a 5400rpm HDD and it is a bit slower to boot compared to my old IDE Maxtor 40gb. I mean now that I am going to start transfer all these games (which will take days) I rather know right away the truth about this. If it does not make a difference then that's great. Cheers Nikey and thank you for your feedback, and to all other posters I thank you also, hope my experience also help others!
  10. Kaos, I left 1024MB free and XBPartitioner allowed me to use all my HDD space (except that 1gb of course) on the F partition There must be some kind of explanation, I just know it works! Thanks Kaos!
  11. Yes! I did it! The trick was leaving at least 1024mb free and then created the F partition! And it worked!! ahahahaha YES I DID IT! FINALLY, you guys have no idea how much I have struggled to get to this point! In my country all of these things are super hard to come by, console included. Now I have 468gb on F partition
  12. Yes, I used it! And I made the F partition to use the MAX 469,249,38 MB but the problem is that at least on UnleashX, it shows only 258.560,56 MB free, a bit more than half. MMm, I am almost there though! What could it be! And yes I used the latest version
  13. G partition? I didn't know that existed. Is XBpartitioner an APP you use on the Xbox? or is it a windows program? Thanks Can you install games on the G partition? I mean I would like to have F for all the games if possible. Sorry for all the questions! Cheers! And thank you.
  14. Kaos thank you so much for you input. I did it! But now the problem is that I only have 123.408.50 MB free on my F partition! I have a 500gb HDD and I used the second option on Chimp (F occupies all available space). What could it be...? Thank you Kaos you are really welcome, and I am so happy to see you in this thread My best regards, Hector.
  15. What happened was that my Slave HDD was locked and chimp was unable to unlock it on startup, but I started chimp anyways and from within Chimp I unlocked the slave HDD and now I am cloning the master to the HDD! I don't really know how I did that. But I hope it ends up correctly. Cheers and thanks for the advice and the info.

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