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  1. No, I just checked and all the games were not working, I just said F it and starting over, thank you for the help though. These kids better be waiting on me hand and foot when this is finished, what a pain in the @$$ on an easy console......lol
  2. I have cleaned cache and HDD is 2tb. There are a lot of games. It worked once but there were issues and had to redo it. Now it's not working at all. I'm really trying to avoid a complete reformat....
  3. I will have to look more into it. I don't remember setting a path just installed it in E: apps
  4. I have deleted it 3 times now. I'm using the test version.
  5. Yes I did and then I go to the applications and launch it from there. It pulls up the main screen of the application and states it has something like 1139 game titles is say yes and then it asks me would you like to continue, I say yes, progress bar comes up and within 3-5 seconds disappears.
  6. Here is the issue I'm facing. I have the Xbox Artwork installer test build and it's in E:/Apps when I launch it it acts as it's going to go but then the box disappears and I cannot run it, any ideas?
  7. Yes, Hardmodded with OpenXenium, bios is evox_m8.bin Not sure what igr settings are
  8. Is there a way to exit a game in xbmc4gamers other than the 2 triggers, back and start? when this is done it restarts the console. Thank you
  9. What issues were you and he having? I have yet to see any issues.
  10. If it becomes a headache, get one of these and plug it into one of the 4 HDMI ports you have. I got one and quality looks much better on my TV https://www.poundtechnology.com/original-xbox-v2
  11. Well after de-soldering the board and soldering the wires, I was able to get this up and running. 1.6 boots directly to xbmc4gamers. Thank you Dave for all your help!
  12. So it's just 5 wires and cut a trace? Seems simple enough
  13. Attempting a OpenXenium 1.6 mod and there appears to be an issue with the LPC board. I had it all completed and OpenXenium screen came up but after about 1-2 minutes (sometimes less) the fan will speed up, orange light flashes and Xbox powers down which appears to be either a overheating issue or there maybe some solder splatter I cannot see. I'm more than likely going to remove the board and wire it instead, or at least this is what I would like to do. Is there a diagram out there that shows where the header pins should be wired? I have looked and have not seen anything. I do have another board but would rather wire it if this is possible. Thank you!
  14. yeah, its modded so I will keep it unlocked.
  15. 16 files was what I had left of the first batch of stuff and it says 5 min to transfer, this would have taken half the day otherwise!

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