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  1. I'm an absolute cretin and have wanted to go for a paint job similar to the look of the official Mountaindew xbox but instead of neon green i'll have it as neon orange or something. What would you guys recommend?
  2. Only issue im really having is that the A button doesnt register with light taps, I have to press and hold noticeably to get it going. Is that wiring or just how I put it together causing that?
  3. Hopefully my soldering/wiring was good enough to not get my ass electrocuted or start a fire. Works now
  4. Is it possible to do a full on cable replacement? I'd like to have the cable as intact as I can get it. EDIT: If there doesnt happen to be a method of replacing the wire or any spare wire sellers out there, what steps would you recommend for identifying/repairing the damage section of the cable?
  5. 2 of the 3 original xbox controllers I bought a few weeks back off of a ebay arent working, everything feels fine but the xbox doesnt seem to realize theyre plugged in even if I swap out the break away cables. Not really sure what could be causing this other than a guess that its the wire itself. Any tips on how to repair or replace the issue so these work?
  6. Seems to be starting fine now, thanks man! Removed the four you marked as well as one that seemed a little tall along with the unnecessary one you pointed out.
  7. Im absolutely certain I cut that but ill get a picture of it in a minute, trying to recover a family members bios rn
  8. Does it with the old stock drive/cable I've noticed however my mod chip no longer lights up? Think I got a bad one?

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