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  1. Kung Fu Chaos is another game. It can be patched so the menus will be 480p, but once in-game, it’s an unplayable scrambled mess.
  2. FTP them or w/e method you want to use off your Xbox. They go in the “Compatibility” folder in HDD1 on your Xbox 360. Browse that and somewhere in there, I don’t remember off the top of my head, you’ll see a UDATA folder to put them in.
  3. I’ve seen someone letting isopropyl alcohol sit on the stickers and soak in for a bit to cleanly remove them for putting back on. Haven’t tried that method myself. I’ve only used a hairdryer to partly lift the stickers to get at screws.
  4. Perfect paint job for October. You've got yourself a real Spookbox.
  5. Wally12


    Same here. I've never had any luck finding those things.
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