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  1. Just a bump from a happy buyer. MadMartigan plays it straight, ships well and fast and is a great guy to work with. Don't hesitate if you are after anything he is selling.
  2. All consoles sold! Thank you to my buyers - please contact me if you need any references.
  3. Hi There! I have 4 ultimately identical original Xboxes, all with clock capacitors removed, all TSOPed less for one has a Aladdin XT due to a bad TSOP flash, all with a IDE-> SATA, 80 pin IDE cables and a 1TB Drive. The drive comes pre-images with Xbmc4gamers and a variety of content (the drive is nearly full). The DVD drives in all 4 are non-functional and in some cases removed completely. Each console comes with two controllers, power, AV and a IR adapter. The drives have a full backup of everything stored in a folder (eeprom, hdkey, bios dump, etc.) and raindrop installed so you can re-flash with your preferred bios / bios configuration. They are excellent base consoles to get into a modded OG Xbox if say you wanted to put a much larger drive and the newly released bioses. I'm in the US and will only ship to the US at actual cost. I'm asking $150 per bundle. If interested please DM me and I will throw them on eBay (for both of our protections) and we can close the deal! Thank You! Edge-`
  4. Thank you for your responses as always @KaosEngineer. That makes a lot of sense on the different boot behaviors. I'll check out the LPC port. Unfortunately I don't believe the shop used the xblast in between chips, they just did the soldering and that was it. They did also put new thermal compound on the GPU/CPU so there is always a chance for damage there too. The pad lifts were in the corner, it looks like A0 and BA1. I'll move forward reflowing the LPC and maybe try doing this in reverse - removing each ram chip and then trying to boot xblast and doing a ram test starting with the one that had the lifts. I gave the board a rubbing alcohol scrub last night and looked at each ram chip under a magnifying light and the chip with the lifted pads does look a bit offset, so again that would be a good one to start with.
  5. Just an update, I'll take any model motherboard with 128mb chips, new caps, TSOP write points restored, and new thermal paste on the heat sinks. I'm still looking for a seller. I'm in the US.
  6. I recently took a non-functional 1.0 board with 128mb of ram to a shop and asked that they move the extra ram to another working 1.0 board. Upon getting the unit back I'm noticing some unique behavior and most importantly that it won't boot. I do have an Xblast Lite chip connected, D0 goes from the point on the back to the correct location on the chip. The chip is installed with a header. When I boot with the chip connected, I get a reboot twice and then the Flashing Red and Green. When I disconnect the chip from the headers I get two reboots and a Red and Orange light. Anything I should have the installer checking out specifically with the above in mind? It looks like they had some pad lifting issues.
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm in the market for a 1.0 motherboard that has had the extra ram up to 128mb chips added, has had all the caps replaced, the clock cap removed, the TSOP write points restored, and CPU thermal paste replaced. Essentially a nicely restored 128mb 1.0 motherboard that won't give me any trouble for! Optionally it would be nice to have the LPC pin headers installed in the case recovery is needed. I know there is a lot of time in that request between the caps and the ram, so please name your price. I'm in the US.
  8. Hi Dave, the same behavior with the drives connected. The same drives and cable that was working the evening before which leads me to believe there was something heat/stress related to the components. Some additional troubleshooting I've done - tried with a new IDE cable, tried a different working power supply. One thing I do notice is the GPU fan doesn't seem to be turning even it finally ends at the red / green flashing so I'm sure the GPU was getting warm if that was faulty.
  9. Hi Dave, I do not, it never gets to that point. It starts to boot (green light) and then turns off, tries to start again (green light) and then turns off, and then tries to start a third time and just flashes red and green at that point, this is all without any video output.
  10. I've ordered a cap replacement kit, I think I'll take that route on all the caps just to rule it out. It use to be pretty versatile as most TSOP's are - even if I didn't have a configured hard drive I could boot from the DVD-ROM. It seems to be fragging before it can get to that point.
  11. I have a 1.0 with 128mb installed that is TSOP'd that without any of my own intervention started to frag (green light off, green light off, red green flashing). The only even prior was transferring games overnight via FTP. I'm not sure if something overheated or what but the xbox had frozen during the transfer and upon rebooting is when the frag started. I'd love some advice on how best to troubleshoot the issue. I installed a xblast lite to see if it was a TSOP issue and the outcome is still the same. Any ideas on what I should try next? I'm not noticing any caps that look out of sorts.
  12. Just to give some conclusion, I just installed an Aladdin on this particular box and am just going to leave the chip and not worry about the TSOP. I did get a couple of XBlast modchips (very much recommend working with @N64 freak - solid deal and a solid dude) to maybe use to TSOP some other boxes (the Aladdin just happened to get here first). Thank you all for the great info and assistance!
  13. Hi Everyone! I'm Edge, I've been involved in various console scenes since 2001. I was a previous member on X-S and have to say OGX is the next incarnation with a wonderful sense of community, helpful users and great information. I'm honored to be here. I've been involved in a number of "preservation" scenes including Saturn, DC, and Gamecube and have done hobbyist development on a number of systems. Like many real life pulled me away from consoles, I had sold many of my modded consoles. My kiddo has gotten old enough now to take an interest in "retro" (retro to her at least haha) gaming so it rekindled my interest and now I'm building "complete" consoles for each generation (catered game collections with all DLC and patches all playable from a console). I recently got a mystery eBay box with lots of classic XBox items that got me started on the xbox path again and so here I am, needing some assistance and already getting some great help and finding great materials. Thanks for keeping the OG Xbox torch going!
  14. So I recently learned a valuable lesson about TSOP flashing when I flashed my 1.0 with iND-BiOS.Beta.Feb-11-05.67.bfm.bin rather than the non-BFM version of the bios. I was wondering what the practical purpose of the BFM (Boot from Media) bios is, and how one would even use it? I'm assuming it is a BIOS that something can load AFTER the Xbox as already booted and initialized all hardware?
  15. I'll give it a go and let you know! I'm fairly certain I have good flash ... it just so happens to be the BFM version(ugh... my mistake). I've got my Xblast's on the way, my Aladdin's just arrived. At the worst case the Aladdin will work just fine.

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