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  1. Just to give some conclusion, I just installed an Aladdin on this particular box and am just going to leave the chip and not worry about the TSOP. I did get a couple of XBlast modchips (very much recommend working with @N64 freak - solid deal and a solid dude) to maybe use to TSOP some other boxes (the Aladdin just happened to get here first). Thank you all for the great info and assistance!
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm Edge, I've been involved in various console scenes since 2001. I was a previous member on X-S and have to say OGX is the next incarnation with a wonderful sense of community, helpful users and great information. I'm honored to be here. I've been involved in a number of "preservation" scenes including Saturn, DC, and Gamecube and have done hobbyist development on a number of systems. Like many real life pulled me away from consoles, I had sold many of my modded consoles. My kiddo has gotten old enough now to take an interest in "retro" (retro to her at least haha) gaming so it rekindled my interest and now I'm building "complete" consoles for each generation (catered game collections with all DLC and patches all playable from a console). I recently got a mystery eBay box with lots of classic XBox items that got me started on the xbox path again and so here I am, needing some assistance and already getting some great help and finding great materials. Thanks for keeping the OG Xbox torch going!
  3. So I recently learned a valuable lesson about TSOP flashing when I flashed my 1.0 with iND-BiOS.Beta.Feb-11-05.67.bfm.bin rather than the non-BFM version of the bios. I was wondering what the practical purpose of the BFM (Boot from Media) bios is, and how one would even use it? I'm assuming it is a BIOS that something can load AFTER the Xbox as already booted and initialized all hardware?
  4. I'll give it a go and let you know! I'm fairly certain I have good flash ... it just so happens to be the BFM version(ugh... my mistake). I've got my Xblast's on the way, my Aladdin's just arrived. At the worst case the Aladdin will work just fine.
  5. Thanks again m8. I've got an Aladdin on the way to get me buy and am pursuing a XBlast from N64 Freak to do a perm fix.
  6. Thanks SS_Dave. You tipped me into something with this. It doesn't sound like I'll be able to reflash the TSOP with a Aladdin modchip alone. If I booted and removed the chip, the update would target the LPC port rather than the onboard TSOP, does that sound correct? Is there any way I can reflash with an Aladdin or is getting an Xblast the next option. I'm completely fine just using the Aladdin, but it would be great to be able to fix my mistake.
  7. Thanks for the informative answer KaosEngineer. It was my mistake just seeing the full 1mb size thinking that was the correct bios. I'll install a modchip and get it correctly flashed.
  8. Hi KaosEngineer. Thanks for your reply, I used iND-BiOS.Beta.Feb-11-05.67.bfm.bin, which is probably what led to my problem (I'm assuming I should have used the non-BFM).
  9. Hi Everyone, I've got a 1.0 with a Hynix with DVD drive that won't eject that came previously TSOP'd. It had an older version of EVOX flashed and then the two TSOP junctions were removed. It unfortunately didn't have the LBA48 configured so thus I wanted to reflash. When I used the BIOS checker I would get Unknown. When I tried to use Flash tools (blastos and evox) I wouldn't get anywhere with flashing as it was unwritable (makes sense) Today I reapplied the TSOP junctions and when I ran the BIOS Checker I was getting something back - identfying the correct chip and flash. I grabbed the 1mb size version of ind-bios, added a fresh config file to my c drive, started up blastos, and flashed it which seemed to be successful... until the restart. Now the xbox will start, power off, start, power off and then start again with a red/green alternating LED. Have I ruined my TSOP? Should I have done the 256K? I've got a couple Alladiin's on the way, is this recoverable? I'd appreciate your thoughts and guidance.

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