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  1. I messed up. Was fiddling around with configmagic trying to lock the HDD on my chipped Xbox 1.6 so I can transfer and use the HDD on my softmodded Xbox. I followed this guide here: https://www.biline.ca/xbox_uxe_hd2.htm I was able to update the EEPROM as stated and locked the HDD so it can be used on the softmodded Xbox. That worked fine. But now my chipped Xbox turns on but no picture or video whatsoever. I don't know what to do next...
  2. Wow! It worked!! I don't know why it got stuck the first time I did it...but after doing the hotswap and reflashing it ACTUALLY worked! I can't thank you enough! OGxbox forums...just amazing!
  3. Ok will do..wish me luck...lol! Edit: By the way, when you say installer, you mean when I get in the menu of the flashbios app I was using right? Then I can safely swap out the SST?
  4. Oh right! Told you I was a noob lol! So yeah luckily a friend of mine had a chip he just ordered but hasnt installed it yet in his xbox: So is this compatible with the modchip in my xbox? And do you have any handy guides how to do this hotswap process? Thanks in advance!
  5. Yeah it doesn't even allow me to open the DVD drive. The box lights up 2 times and then on the third it gives you the flashing red green lights. I don't think this chip is socketed so I don't know if your other solution is possible (or maybe I'm wrong?):
  6. Yeah that was the BIOS I clicked on. Unfortunately it was stuck during the flashing process (second pic) for more than 15 minutes which isn't normal so I said f@ck it and shut the Xbox off. So yeah now it FRAGS and most likely the chip is dead? So now I'm stuck with a dead chip and wondering what are my options. Is it possible to just disconnect the chip's BT to ground and softmod the box? But problem is I bought this used and this isnt the stock HDD and I dont have the lock keys for it...so pretty sure I'll be getting an error code. This is just so frustrating...but appre
  7. welp looks like the modhip has conked out...xbox reboots upon powering on and getting fragging. No video. Is this chip salvageable or do i need to replace the modchip?
  8. Crap...its been stuck like this for 10 minutes now...is it safe to just shut it down? I clicked on the bios that was highlighted in the previous pic
  9. Oh crap theres a whole list of bios...which one should I use?
  10. Hi guys so I did as advised on here...I cut those two green wires that were soldered to the front of the MB and soldered the BT to ground similar to this pic from another poster: So all good the modchip is always ON now! But....I still can't flash it on EVOx. Still says Flash not writeable. Am I missing something?
  11. Really appreciate the responses guys! Now again, I'm no modding expert and a rookie at soldering...but from what I gather...remove the 2 green wires and link the BT point to ground are the main things to do. Got it. Question though regarding the BT...why are there other pics on google showing a different solder pad to link the BT as to the one showing on the pic from Boloski? Same chips though.... Second what BIOS is preferred on this kind of chip? Planning to upgrade from the 300gb hdd to a 1tb. Thanks again guys!
  12. Hi modding noob and first time poster here..just need some help with the IGR function on this xbox 1.6 I bought used. Everytime I try to use the button combination for IGR the console goes back to the logo then the screen blanks out. I would then need to do a hardboot to get back to the dash. Another thing I noticed is I need to hold the power button for at least 2 seconds to get the chip to load the custom bios or else it would just give out an error code. Plus for some strange reason the chip isn't flashable according to evox, though I know these aladdin chips should be flashable? I

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