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  1. Yup I have one of those but they don't play well with 1.6 boxes. Gives you an irritating purple tint on the whole image output.
  2. And this is how the X2VGA looks on a 1.0 and a 1.2 xbox. No purple tint and very crisp and clear image quality even for a cheap PIXTURE PC VGA CRT monitor.
  3. Yeah I have the official HD pack component cables and it works perfect...no purple tint on the video signal when displaying in either interlaced or progressive resolutions on a consumer HD CRT tv. And I've tried the NEOYA X2VGA adapter on two 1.6 boxes and both have the purple tint. Pics below might not show how evident the purple hue is but in person especially on whitish backgrounds the purple really stands out. I know it really isn't a major issue in the overall Xbox enthusiast scene since these X2VGA adapters are very rare nowadays and I dont think there were any clones made...but I was just curious if this issue was ever fixed in the last 15 years or so and I may have missed it. Well at least for the benefit of the 2 or 3 people out there who have 1.6 boxes and are planning on getting one of these rare adapters...beware of the purple tint. Lol.
  4. Hi awesome Ogxboxers, So I got another query here and I'm not sure if it has been answered already....so basically I got one of the first versions of the NEOYA X2VGA adapters (pic below) and have to say it works flawlessly on my 1.0 and 1.2 boxes. Image quality especially on a decent PC CRT monitor rivals that of the Dreamcast VGA box. But when I try it out on my 1.6 I get a purple tint on the whole image. I've played around with the dip switches on the adapter and the issue persists. So my question is has this ever been resolved possibly by flashing a specific BIOS to the modchip? Or did 1.6 owners who also bought one of these awesome adapters had to live with it for the last 15 years or so?
  5. Finally got it working...phheeeww! I thought this box was a goner lol. It was just a matter of reseating the DVD ide and power cables! The guy who did the IC replacement for me apparently forced in the DVD power cable onto the MB the wrongway. Dunno if the dude was tripping on me or what. So popped in an installer disk and switched to NTSC and viola! Anyway all good now for this 1.6 for my collection....a million thanks Dave and to everybody else who posted advise in this thread!!
  6. Yeah currently going thru the whole laundrylist of items to troubleshoot this error 7. Just kinda wierd the DVD drives aren't reading.
  7. Oh ok gotcha...but now the wierd thing is the DVD drive doesn't seem to function...it wont open with the eject button and when I try to manually force it open and put an installer disk in it doesnt seem to read...even tried a second donor DVD drive..still not functioning and goes straight to error code 7. I mean the pins on the IDE connector on the MB look okay:
  8. So it looks like the video signal is outputting in PAL but I have an NTSC xbox and TV. Could it be because the donor IC was from a PAL unit? Regarding the error 7...I've tried using different stock IDE cables and another HDD but still same error code. So I guess I'm stuck.
  9. Update: Hi Dave the IC finally came through the post yesterday...yes after 2 months! (Thats how bad postage is down here lol.) So yeah anyway, I had my friend remove the old one and solder in the donor IC and so I powered her up and now encountering a new problem or two actually. Video below: 20210318_170926_001.mp4
  10. So let me recap: if the HDD on this one is already locked...it should be okay to bridge the required TSOP points on the MB...disconnect/cut the chips green wire...and then run the SPLINTER CELL flash hack without needing to softmod it anymore?
  11. As always the support here is awesome and really appreciate the replies. So yeah I haven't been able to focus on the xbox since I posted the question here...but regarding the HDD..I checked on unleashx dash and it says it is locked. So I'm assuming it is locked specifially to this box even though it is chipped? I mean I don't think it is possible to be locked with another XBOX's eeprom now can it? Apologies I really don't know the history of this box since it was just handed to me.
  12. Hi guys, So I was given an Xbox 1.0 from a friend that is chipped and has a 120gb HDD. Unfotunately the chip does not have support for HDD larger than 120gb and I am unable to flash the chip's BIOS (evox says it is not flash writeable). I'm basically in a bind to find a guide on how to softmod this box and tsop it from a modchip because I don't know what type of chip it is and how to disable it. Pictures below: Apologies for the very dusty MB, lol! As always any guidance will be highly appreciated.
  13. So a friend handed over his old no longer working Xbox 1.0. Basically your typical frag..2 to 3 reboots then the Red - Green lights with no video or audio. I opened it up..sure enough the clock cap was still there so took that out and here are some pics of the top and bottom of the MB: So I'm concerned with the first pic...is that trace rot along the lower edge of the mother board? I think thats exactly the bottom part of where the clock cap was...and there was a bit of acid there which I cleaned up before taking the pic...so could this be the cause of the FRAG? If so what are my options to bring this back to life? By the way this box has never been opened or softmodded.
  14. Hi guys, I can confirm that this device works if you want to make a one to one clone of your XBOX Sata HDD: ORICO 6629US3-C-V1-US-BK USB3.0 to SATA Dual Bay External Hard Drive Docking Station I was able to successfully clone my my 1TB WD HDD for backup purposes: Cloned that with the same exact model. The actual amount of storage used was a little over 700 GB and took under 4 hours. Plugged the cloned HDD in and worked like a charm no issues. Great thing about it is the offline cloning function...so no need to connect it to your PC.

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